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  1. Odorizzi vs Rosenthal For me its simple. Rosenthal if only for the possibility of multiple appearances/chances during a given week. Assuming the team will be in position to use him.
  2. If the right deal happens to pop up I’m sure PM would not think twice. Pretty sure a majority of GMs are stating the same obvious comments. It’s that time of year......when the fans want that last piece. ST must be a few days away.
  3. Re: Scouting. Minasians guys. Plenty of criticism to be had or reap the work that his team may be putting in. I don’t expect every move to be a diamond but Perry and hires brought in for this type of thing. No?
  4. 2 mil for a platoon/4th OF. Not going to get worked up until we see the PTBNL. Maddon Ex.
  5. A potential super utility prospect (Angels #whatever prospect irrelevance) for a bottom of the rotation SP'er. Depending on the money seems like a competent transaction.
  6. Not really too concerned about 2022 rotation. 1 year deals will be available then also. Braves rotation prior to their stability (prospects arriving) if I remember correctly consisted of the Bartolo Colons, RA Dickeys, Brandon McCarthy, etc....... Not apologizing or honking for this move, just maybe theres a bigger plan any of us understand.
  7. Cards / Rocks Arrenado talks may be an avenue (*3 team) to shed a large contract and get a less expensive one in return with a usable roster piece . If you believe the Twitter guy and his sources. *Disclaimer for a Friday morning bored thought.
  8. Speaking of the trade market. Any chance the Halos and Jays make sense? R. Stripping/ R. Grichuk
  9. I read Sonny Gray alot but not sold Cincy would just hang it up in the NL Central which like the AL West seems weaker on paper. Jon Gray on the other hand from the Rocks I may believe. Not sure it’s better than anything out in the market unless you can bring another piece with it to fill a hole. Márquez suggestions seem like the Castillo thoughts earlier in the off season and would wipe out the farm. Not sure our new GM is ready for all in mode, in his first year.
  10. Never really expected Bauer. Especially at his price tag. I like that the Jays got Matz. As it probably takes them out of any more 2nd tier SPers. Options remain decent with flexibility to fill other holes. I can’t complain too much when this free agent class wasn’t filled with top tier options.
  11. I appreciate this move for the simple flexibility it brings. Decent. This also gives me a slight thought that maybe Archer isn’t a far reach of an idea. Or that shortening the game may be the Bauer out clause. I just don’t know how I feel about that yet. Should calm the nerves a bit for the does he pitch / do something fans.
  12. Taking this signing for what it is. A deal of $1.5 mil for 1 year for a veteran back up C. I may be in the minority but I don’t believe it takes the Halos out of the Contreras potential trade. I do believe it reiterates that a position player aka Realmuto or any big name free agent won’t be the focus of the large chunk of money being spent this offseason.
  13. FWIW....this tidbit on JC. Ramirez has perhaps shown a bit of a spark in Mexican winter ball, where he carries a 3.48 ERA with 29 strikeouts and eight walks over 41 1/3 innings.
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