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  1. 5 hours ago, Rally Gorilla said:

    Welp, Youttube.TV won't be carrying Angels games permanently.


    I had Hulu Live in the past and didn't like it as much as YTTV, but I just switched back....

    Was just going to sign up to YouTube TV next week. We just cut our cable contract. I hear nothing but great things about YTTV and was really looking forward to it. We didn't like Hulu when we had it a few years ago. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, Jay said:

    Is this real or just another of those scare tactics we see from time to time with TV providers?

    One of my complaints with YTTV is that there is no RSN here in Boise, yet we pay the same amount as others who do have an RSN, such as FSN in So. Cal.


    This is real. Sling TV just lost it too. The streaming services don't want to pay additional fees to cover the games the networks have paid big dollar rights to air. 


  3. 40 minutes ago, beatlesrule said:

    For those of you that want players suspended, how would that happen exactly? How can you prove which players knew about it and which didn't? Which players benefited from it? Is it the assumption that every single player knew what was going on and no one said a word? In that case, do you suspend or terminate the contracts of all of the Astros players? There is no way in the world the players union would just sit back and let that happen.

    How the players don't get suspended is beyond me. 25 games at the minimum. There is more than enough evidence showing the players fully bought into this. If someone didn't know what was going on, their head was up their ass. It's why you had Fiers selling them out. It's total crap that altered the results of the 2017 season. 

  4. I don't know what option they really have. To compete now, you have to sign him at all cost. He would not only be the leader of your staff, he would give this club so much needed identity. I love Trout but he doesn't bring identity to this team. On the other hand you have better have a damn good backup plan if you walk away. They would have to sign Bumgarner and/or Ryu/Kuechel. Problem is these guys aren't leading rotation's anymore and still lack that identity piece this team needs. One way or another, i think the Angels are screwed.  

  5. 12 hours ago, Hubs said:

    I’ve never been a fan, but am now wondering if they sign Cole and fail to get Wheeler, would they be better off trying to get Donaldson or Rendon.

    With Fletcher and La Stella, along with Rengifo, Thaiss, Ward, Cozart, they have infield depth....

    Signing a premier hitter (especially Donaldson, who would not require a long commitment) may be just the thing to put them over the top. 

    They have depth but it's not quality depth. These guys listed above are sub-par band-aids in a time of need.  The Angels lineup lacks thump after the 5 hole. I'd be interested in making a move for Rendon but Donaldson is a hard pass. His prime is past and the Angels don't need to be paying for what he accomplished years ago.