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  1. Even if he is overarated, he'd be a big nice piece of improvement in this rotation.
  2. The cap is an issue. The price in prospects is an issue. Not getting Trout into the post season is an issue. Bauer needs to happen. And, Grey needs to happen. Sandoval shouldn't be starting. Six SPs are needed for insurance. Bauer, Grey, Bundy, Heaney, Canning & Barria is more like what it will take to get there and go deep. There are values to help in the BP out there too. Coach them up. The loss in prospects can be compensated for with wise signings. Dahl for instances could have lengthened the timeline in RF possibly. Reddick could too. Pujols is gone after this year. Upt
  3. Reexamining Boyd would be something. He looks like another Bundy to me. I have read that Detroit is down on him.
  4. Even Strat simulations with cards made using real season statistics don't result in accurate replay results. To many variable with dice rolls and card pulls. It's not realistic. Then to do a simulation based off cards made from projections.....non of these result are worth anything more than the enjoyment of playing Strat. It means nothing. Could be fun though. Should join a league.
  5. So, did Strat make the Cards for this using last seasons statistics or did they make the coming seasons statistics up with projections to run this simulation?
  6. Eppler can only bring in people that want to come or people that other people agree to send. Three upside SPs, plus a swing SP, plus an Allstar 3b, plus a plus RFer, plus some RP help...……..he did a lot with what he had to work with without having to sacrifice much more than money. A+
  7. A flyer on Jerad Eickoff. I believe his issues are repeating the delivery. The coaches can make a definite impact on this guy.
  8. Not much because we are taking on Myers contract. Something redundant perhaps.
  9. Lamet, Hedges & Myers...……...I want this. Relieve SD of Myers contract.
  10. Lamet walked guys at an average rate in 2019, similar to Ohtani's 2018, 3.7/9. What is intriguing about Lamet is he got better as his recovery season from TJ progressed. His SO rate increased and his BB rate decreased. I think this guy is under rated and would love to see him become an Angel. He's a tall lanky guy too. I think his upside is easily a No. 1.
  11. Go get Price, but get the deal to include them taking Upton. Work the deal out so Betts (with extension done) comes with Price, however that has to happen without Adell. Get one of the Bum, Kuech, Ryu. If enough money is left, go get Donaldson or Rendon. IMO. Crazy but …...who knows.
  12. DFAd. Young, some speed, plays a decent defense at 2B. Fall off last year, but only what......25. What are thoughts on Peraza as a possible flyer to fill 2B.
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