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  1. See link and read the post of the user Spacemoth. I admit I am triggered and have started making my rounds around the MLB forums I guess as a means to shame this guy, Spacemoth as his username goes, for saying at least a little of the negative backlash the Astros are getting from the media and fans of other teams has to do with "racism". I am just one of those people who can not stand when that word is used when it does not apply. And such an ignorant and wrong time to use that word is one of those. You know a fan is in self defense/reflect the blame mode when they use that word. As if Houston has more minorities than New York or LA. As if they are better at gender rights. As if they are better at being diverse. I would not like what the Astros have been accused of doing and as strict a punishment be put on them no matter who was on the team, to say its a race thing, yet again, boggles my mind when people throw that word around. You know these Astros fans are getting desperate when they start saying crap like that! I know I shouldn't get so triggered, I know its the interwebs, yet I feel the need to share how dumbfounding Astros fans arguments are getting, regardless if they are typing that out hotheaded and not thinking before they do. To do it at all makes me shake my head.