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  1. Apparently he rarely goes 6 innings because of TB's strict policies for pitchers.
  2. Last year, I would have agreed with you. But this team desperately needs an ace, and Snell would fit that bill perfectly. They need a solid SP more than they need an OFer who can hit. I say this as someone who really, really likes Adell and wants to see him succeed as an Angel.
  3. What happens between you and Brandon stays between you and Brandon.
  4. Wouldn't get it done. Just because they're ranked in the top 13 in the Angels' org doesn't mean they're the equivalent of those rankings in other orgs. It absolutely would require Adell, and possibly Walsh on a sell-high basis.
  5. It is true that the onset of social media has made it easier to discover the personal and political views of athletes.
  6. @Mark68 gets hangry when he can't get his INO.
  7. My direct supervisor is a Black woman who makes the most amazing mac n' cheese you'll ever have. It's a staple of her family's Thanksgivings.
  8. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mysterious-metal-monolith-discovered-rural-utah-n1248777
  9. Tank is a great teacher. He can get people to write essays based on a simple one-sentence prompt.
  10. I'm excited until he makes a move that makes a lot of sense at the time, but for reasons beyond his control, the move doesn't work out. Then he should be fired for not being omniscient.
  11. I'm guessing it's still the honeymoon stage, but most fans seem perry excited about the new GM.
  12. Vladdy Jr. threads should have a trigger warning.
  13. He's played 31 total MLB games in the last two seasons, and before that had a marginally better than average OPS. Does he have an upside that he hasn't tapped into yet?
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