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  1. *Health care as a right, not a privilege *Taking climate change seriously *Fixing systemic racism Have at it, cons.
  2. I thought his MAGAritaville lyrics were top-notch tdawg. I was jealous that I didn't come up with them.
  3. Tommy John? The Angels should invest in these for all their pitchers.
  4. I'm a really great interviewee, and I'm likeable.
  5. Based on the MAGAs who responded to that tweet, it's the "Fitty effect." Or, it could be because black people love to hear Trump say, "I've done more for black people than anyone else, except possibly Abraham Lincoln."
  6. Rasmussen is notorious for being one of the least accurate and most biased pollsters. Also, LOL at anyone who believes Trump gained the support of 21% of black people overnight.
  7. Dang, he's going to try to talk Trout into redistributing his contract to the rest of the team.
  8. No, we stick with this thread and it's up to MT (the thread creator) whether the title remains the same.
  9. Someone who's less lazy should Lou together a bunch of tdawg's best all-time posts.
  10. Chuck, it's not like the people who have left (or threatened to leave ... tdawg is still pending) are all crazy whackos. Most of them are quality, down to Earth posters. And several of them didn't even post in the Spin forum. If I had to guess, I'd say it has to do with the times when a slightly political thread gets posted on the main forum (because it's related to the Angels or MLB), and there's that "golden hour" before the thread gets inevitably moved to the Spin Forum because it gets too political. I've seen you become very, erm, insistent about your right-ring views in those threads
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