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  1. I'd suggest you sit down with a black person and ask about their experience with racism. You'll be surprised how prevalent it is.
  2. Hey, at least he didn't use the word "deplorable."
  3. (Not a joke.) I'm probably voting for Mark Charles.
  4. I sent Chuck a very compelling PM for keeping the Spin forum alive. If he kills it, you can blame me.
  6. Judging others is a tricky subject. Yes, there is the Scripture about pointing out the splinter in your brother's eye when you have a plank in your own. But there is plenty of encouragement in Scripture to speak out against those in authority who perpetuate unrighteousness and injustice. Jesus never took "sinners" to task, but he constantly called out the Pharisees for their hypocrisy. In case you're wondering, I will equally take Democrats in authority to task for invoking the name of Christianity. But the Republicans are in power right now, so my criticism is more focused on them. Of course you can be a Christian and support Trump, Chuck. There are plenty of Christians whom I love and respect that support Trump. Many of them are more mature in their faith than I am. I can believe someone is misguided in their political views (which often link with incorrect views in their faith), but that doesn't mean they aren't a true Christian.
  7. Which principles from the Bible does Trump align with? I'd love to hear you expand on that opinion. Mike Pence is a pawn. He was picked by Trump to seal the evangelical vote. Everything Trump does and says regarding Christianity is to "look good in front of Christians and Catholics so they can get their votes." As Christians, we shouldn't be OK with people disingenuously using our faith to get our vote. Also, in some ways, Pence is worse than Trump because Pence fully embodies the "good, Christian man in politics," yet he's just as deceitful and pretentious as Trump.
  8. After this who would want to sign up to be a person of color in America? Tough job for sure.