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  1. Funny, the Cardinals have always had a solid farm, despite almost always being at least in contention for the post-season. It's called having good scouts, something this org never seemed to get, to the point of even employing Squiggy as a scout. It's also called not ignoring foreign scouting.
  2. That's a no brainer (for me anyway), Grover Cleveland Alexander. I forgot that Frisch managed the Cardinals to the 1934 WS title, but left his mark as a player for the NY Giants, although being traded to the Cardinals the year after in 1927.
  3. Jimmy Bob is not fit to run an NBA franchise.
  4. Blake is indeed playing inspired basketball. Howard is cleaning up the glass. Gasol is rounding into form. Main issue going into the Spurs series is of course not having a true go to person, but if they continue to play team basketball to make up for that, maybe they can steal a couple of games and make the Spurs earn it.
  5. Lakers are in the post-season. Memphis leads Utah 81-67 with 2:45 to play. Now let's get the #7 seed by beating Houston.
  6. No prob, Memphis has this. But yeah, now I'm sorry they acquired Nash and his umpteen ailments. Guy just needs to retire already.
  7. Memphis and the Clippers are in a battle for the 4th spot and HCA in the first round, although the Clippers clinch it with wins at home tonight (decimated Portland) and on the road (Sacramento). Memphis will likely play their normal lineup, which helps the Lakers in case Harden and Lin go crazy tomorrow night. APB put out on Steve Nash. Was first supposed to play middle of last week, then this weekend, and still hasn't returned yet?
  8. No, but I always respect anyone's life and their right to live it as they may, as long as no one is purposely hurt. Good luck in your relationship SF, hope it procedes well for you. And as soon as the government gets out of our private lives, maybe then they can fix the true problems in this country.
  9. Lost in the hub bub was Darius Morris contributing 25 minutes against the Spurs with 4 A's and ZERO TO's. That was huge too, although his shooting still needs work (1-6). Dwight is about to win the NBA rebounding title.
  10. No comment on the injury and surgery at this point, I'm just focusing on the effort against a Spurs team almost at full strength for the game (only Ginobili being out). That was great unity and composure against the possible Western Conference champ in the post-season. Steve Blake this season has finally been the guy we expected, and was so huge last night. Now all they need is a win or 1 Utah road loss out i of 2 games.
  11. Good point Lou, although I couldn't resist throwing in a modified version of that classic scene from the Paper Chase.
  12. Well done Halos, the last thing you want to do is discourage people from standing and cheering. The only thing that needs to be said to that usher is "Here is a cell phone. Call your mom and tell her there's no doubt that you will no longer be an usher for us."
  13. It's disgraceful, and this will likely be a decade devoid of ANY post-season appearances!
  14. FINALLY for a fracking change, wins in back-to-back nights! It's about fracking time! Assuming Utah goes 2-1 (loss at Memphis?), the Lakers just need to go 2-1 (all 3 games at home) to take the 8th spot. Now Nash, get your aging a__ back in the lineup! Sore hip, my eye!
  15. Remember when we USED to play like MLB players in April? I sure don't.
  16. At least Utah lost, while the Lakers won to move 1/2 game in front with 4 games to play (3 at home). Utah has only 3 games remaining (1 home and 2 road), although 2 games are against the lowly Wolves. For a fracking change guys, win both games of a back-to-back!!!! And you Nash, get your a__ back in there!
  17. Why is it that both the Anaheim CC and Angel Stadium think that ALL ushers have to be blue hair in their thinking?
  18. So who hires the ushers, the Halos or the CofA? I thought the CofA owned the stadium.
  19. City of Anaheim should be ashamed of itself! Nothing's changed since the idiot Pringle was no longer in charge! That usher needs to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY! Stupid blue hair!
  20. Standing ovation They are all managed by a dinosaur loser of a manager. Come on OC Register, give us another sympathetic garbage article on Scioscia's wife, and just try to get us to show ANY sympathy. I need something to throw up on!
  21. And just what do we do about DH and CF then????
  22. What's gotten into Utah lately? Now I'm not so sure that they will lose to Okla. City at home.
  23. The day the Halos scored 12 runs in the 8th inning at not so skanky and decrepit Fenway in late April 1966, while I was still living in Charlotte at age 9 I read about it in the Charlotte paper the next day, and knowing that the family was moving to So Cal that June plus that event = new Halos fan.
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