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  1. There was no All Star Game this season, so let's instead list our hypothetical rosters had the game been played.
  2. I'm seeing a lot of talk about moving on from Simmons but not a lot of talk about how people expect to fix the defense if we let him go.
  3. Why? What do we even know about Carpino, he's purely a business guy.
  4. You can slice it however you like but the reality is it wasn't good enough for him to keep his job, and that's all that matters here.
  5. Dombrowski for President of Baseball Operations, an analytical GM, and Sosh as VP of Baseball Ops
  6. Yes, 5 seasons with losing records with the best player in the league is just simply unacceptable.
  7. Who cares about him getting a one year extension over the summer, all it shows is Arte was happy enough with his moves to not have him have to be a lame duck GM. Clearly the end result wasn’t what he was expecting.
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