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  1. It doesn’t change the fact that anyone outside of biased Angel fans would agree that Dipoto has done a way better job rebuilding their farm system than Eppler has with ours.
  2. I was responding to someone who said Dipoto was a terrible drafter. This doesn’t refute that.
  3. Ok so why do the Mariners have a top 10 farm system with 7 of their top prospects being players he drafted or signed (including 3 of their MLB top 100 prospects being Dipoto draft picks, and 1 player he signed), meanwhile ours is ranked 26?
  4. You made it sound like it’s easy to rebuild your farm when you have an asset like that to trade. Most people assumed he was immovable
  5. Yeah if only we had a 36 year old player on a terrible contract coming off a PED suspension. We might be going somewhere!
  6. I don’t want either one. I just think it’s stupid to act like Dipoto is the inhibitor of Eppler putting together a winning team when Dipoto did a better job at what everyone around here praises Eppler for
  7. So just like I thought, your only excuse is “but Dipoto!!!!!!!!!”
  9. So if Eppler’s such a good GM, and Dipoto is a joke, why can’t he pull off something like that?
  10. And yet Dipoto turned Seattle's farm around a hell of a lot faster than Eppler turned ours around, and their prospect pool is way better than ours.
  11. Please for the love of god just get rid of him. Hire Scott Sharp or Jared Porter
  12. He's a well above average trader, yet the team is getting worse under him. Funny how that works.