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  1. I want Castellanos. Him being a doubles machine hitting behind Trout and Rendon would be stupid.
  2. Sign both Keuchel and Ryu trade for Contreras
  3. i just want Contreras as our catcher.
  4. Rendon, Contreras, Madbum, Keuchal, plus A bullpen piece in Batiences...
  5. I think since the Halos decided to “pursue” Rendon in some capacity, the Dodgers have decided to pursue Cole more “aggressively” in hopes that it pushes the Angels to spend more on Cole and shift the focus away from Rendon. Just my opinion though...
  6. I have a theory on Eppler’s comments and Arte’s “All In” mentality: WHAT IF, Arte and Eppler know they are getting Cole? Eppler stated we have room to add multiple players with $20+ mil a year contracts, due to the fact that Cozart is gone. So they are now getting Cole, and are trying to Add Rendon/Donaldson and potentially Madbum/Price/Ryu etc. Basically, Cole gave them some type of acknowledgment that he’s ready for Anaheim. It then allowed the Angels to make that trade involving Cozart and our first round pick with confidence. They now have more flexibility PLUS Arte’s “All In” mentality to pursue the other top tier free agents. This is my hopeful Halo attitude speaking.
  7. I think the Angels will offer 300 over 8/9. I really think they go big with this offer. If what Arte stated, “What ever it takes...” is true, then the money is going to be BIG.
  8. I actually think this is good news for the Angels. If they even had the hint that they’ll lose out on Cole to the Yankees, I think we see quick moves on other pitchers given our strong need of impact on the mound. The Yankees are trying to scare other teams away to get Cole into signing with them at THEIR price. The quieter it is on the Angels side, the better.
  9. The tweets could make sense due to the quietness on the Angels side. Working in silence.
  10. The other thing is: Heyman tweeted yesterday after the meeting that the Yankees had concerns. Did Cole just suddenly call them today and say, “I have no West Coast Bias btw” lol
  11. I’m not sure if this has been discussed but has anyone realized that Cole’s wife will probably play a huge part in the decision to come to LA? If you’ve seen her Instagram, it is nothing short of love for Newport Beach. All I’m saying in the short amount of time that I’ve been married, I’ve already learned a happy wife is a happy life. Just my two cents.
  12. Trading Adell would be a mistake. He’s not just hyped by the Angels but the league is hyping him up too. You can’t trade him.
  13. What do you guys think “All In” might resemble in the Angels final offer to Cole? I am guessing: 8 years 295 million
  14. I think the current logo and design is ok. If the Halo was yellow or gold it’d change a lot. Add a navy and change the red with the logo itself would be dope too
  15. i went on the team shop and everything is on sale and for a split second, my thought was “maybe they’re cleaning the shop for new uniforms” wishful thinking I’m sure. But... If you could design new uniforms for the squad, how would you want them to look?