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  1. I think the current logo and design is ok. If the Halo was yellow or gold it’d change a lot. Add a navy and change the red with the logo itself would be dope too
  2. i went on the team shop and everything is on sale and for a split second, my thought was “maybe they’re cleaning the shop for new uniforms” wishful thinking I’m sure. But... If you could design new uniforms for the squad, how would you want them to look?
  3. It’s also pretty crazy that two of the biggest analysts (Olney and Rosenthal) both believe he will be an Angel. When is the last time any big analyst predicted someone to go to the Angels with this big of a name? They got Joe Maddon right, but the writing was pretty much on the wall. I don’t think that Wade Miley and Josh Reddick would predict the Angels to get Cole if they didn’t have some sort of inside info, but that’s just my opinion. This rumor just feels different compared to the past. Idk. When he does come, it would be remarkable.
  4. If the Angels were going to trade Simmons, they would have already done it. Dude is staying.
  5. Fletcher at 3B > LaStella/Thaiss Simmons at SS > Fletcher/Rengifo You can use LaStella and Rengifo at 2B as we did last season before LaStella was hurt. But let’s wait and see if LaStella goes back to the 30hr pace player that he was before injury.
  6. If we trade Simmons that opens up a hole at third base. Unless the team plans on paying a guy like Rendon or Bryant, that doesn’t make any sense. The emergence of Fletcher bodes well for the entire defense as a whole. But even with his emergence, he isn’t the player that Simmons is at short stop. And he won’t be. Simmons has been slowed been injuries, not decline. That’s why you don’t trade him and if you tried, teams will low ball because of his injuries. Not worth it. Calhoun doesn’t have to go. Upton is the guy who needs to go. Upton is going to cost us game(s) because of his defense. If Adell is ready, you bring him up and you have an outfield of Trout, Adell, Calhoun. And when Marsh is ready, then that’s when it’s time for Calhoun to go. If the Angels can get a taker on Upton, you trade him and you bring Kole back on a cheaper deal.
  7. I think trading Simmons would push this team backwards in multiple ways. Yes, he had a decline in production but he’s still one of the best all around shortstops in all of baseball. You don’t trade that type of player. I see similarities in this the same way i think the Angels should keep Calhoun for next season on a cheaper deal. Many people here will disagree because he’s a .230 hitter, but he still hits for 30 plus hrs and provides gold glove defense everyday in one of the hardest positions to play.
  8. I’m sure Arte has “had enough” as we all have as fans. As much as Eppler is to blame for the terrible free agent acquisitions, he is a huge reason why Trout wanted to stay imo. Trout speaks highly of Eppler. From a fan’s standpoint, I believe that Eppler is a big reason our club has had any hope over the last few seasons. Eppler has done some bad, but he’s also done some good. I’m not 100 percent that Eppler is on the hot seat with Arte. I believe that Eppler has “had enough” just as much as Arte has. Imho, I really believe that Eppler and Arte made this choice together. Again, that’s just my opinion. They’ve “stayed the course” the last few seasons and this is the worst it’s gotten. I think Arte opens up the bank, throws big offers at multiple Free Agents in an effort to put this team back in the playoffs. I think if Maddon comes, a lot of other players will be coming too. It really does start at the top. And quite frankly, i don’t really think Ausmus had the personality to spark this team. Times have changed, and you need someone who’s a little bit “hip.” Regardless, we need someone who the players love playing for. Bottom line. Everything else will fall into place. Here’s my prediction(s): Joe Maddon Gerrit Cole Odorizzi Trade for #2/3 type.
  9. IMO, Eppler has been one of the best GMs this team has seen. Sure, he’s made moves that didn’t work out. In fact, a lot of them. But any GM who has a farm that was completely depleted and ranked below my boots, and was able to turn it around in a #15-#20 rank, you have my respect. Everything has improved each season that Eppler has been here, aside from the starting pitching. Unfortunately, life happens. Ohtani’s TJ last season, Skaggs’ tragedy, Heaney in and out of the IL list.......and an owner who wants him to turn the farm around and still win at the same time with virtually nothing.... how can you be upset with Eppler? He is able to keep the best player of our era (and quite possibly of all time when it’s all said and done) to a mega deal. Trout would have left, he said it himself, if he didn’t think Eppler was building something here. And the old cliche “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is so true in this case. These things take time. Injuries happen to everyone, it’s a part of the game. There are some things you really can’t control. I believe if Eppler went “all in” on Eovaldi and Corbin, we’d probably be upset with the results we would have been getting. And it likely hinders the chances of us going “All In” for Cole. Im sure Eppler is prepared to go after Cole very aggressively and for someone else as well. The team is ready to compete with the right arms at the top of the rotation. This winter is about to be that time it starts to happen...
  10. I still think that unless they get someone they know they really want...they will keep Kole, and they will bring him back next season on a new and cheaper deal.
  11. Kole makes this team better. Some may not agree and that is fine. But imo, he makes us a better team.