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  1. German’s status was addressed by New York Post baseball writer Joel Sherman, who tweeted, “The way that the MLB/MLBPA agreement reads on domestic violence suspensions, Domingo German will have to serve the remaining 63 games of his ban, but if there is no season or a shortened season, it does not carry over to 2021.”
  2. If the season is cancelled NYY pitcher Domingo German won’t have to serve his “2020” domestic violence suspension. Just a small detail that the high paid league lawyers completely botched up.
  3. Since there is no set number of games involved with their suspensions, they will be completed whenever the 2020 campaign ends or is called off by Major League Baseball.
  4. They’re letting Canning throw to see if the injection made any improvement. If he throws a few bullpen sessions without soreness then he’s good to go. If he has any elbow discomfort they’ll quickly explore plan B before any games are played.
  5. If the Entire 2020 season is cancelled Eppler will get one more season. But if that happens and we miss the playoffs again in 2021 he will be packing his bags.
  6. As long as the players follow the social distancing policies they should be good to go.
  7. They would be able to remove all of the netting that people were whining about. A win-win.
  8. Do you think that the fans increase the intensity of the play on the field or is it your belief that the fans don't matter and everything would remain the same.
  9. Would love to hear from @VictorRojas29 and @Jeff Fletcher on this subject.
  10. Imagine Albert passing Mays in an empty stadium or Ohtani throwing a perfect game in Anaheim with nobody there. It really all seems pointless. Imagine Trout in the bottom of the 9th hitting a walkoff jack with the bases juiced down by 3 runs with no “Drive home safely”
  11. Could you really enjoy watching televised MLB games with zero fans in the stands? What kind of excitement would that generate? No need for the Rally Monkey, "MAKE SOME NOISE" or any walk up music. Thoughts? I personally think it would suck. Imagine winning a World Series with no fans and no parade.
  12. That would be amazing but it most likely send Adell packing for a pitcher.
  13. When money becomes an issue for the players, owners and advertising agencies they’ll somehow find a way.
  14. One thing that has happened recently is that the “Big Boys” are already tapped out which opens the door for teams like the Angels.
  15. Simmons is in a bad spot if the season gets cancelled. I’m sure he was hoping that he could produce a solid bounce back season.
  16. There’s a huge opportunity to become a great baseball team. Thoughts? What moves would you like to see Eppler make.
  17. You will absolutely get a PM for the next one. We had @Blarg out there a few years ago but he wanted to display the Confederate flag. Lol
  18. Watching Kerry Wood’s 20k performance vs the Astros. Brad Ausmus is catching for the Stros.
  19. Wow 100. What a blessed life. Sorry to hear this. People that survive a life of longevity like this are very special. She saw a lot of things along the way. May she RIP.