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  1. Is it crazy to think that the hard work that Billy put in was finally starting to pay off. He inherited a pretty big mess. Now Walsh, Trout, Fletcher, Rendon, Bundy, Upton, Ward just need some pitching help. I think at the very least one more year was earned.
  2. If Rwanda was an All Star Angels starting pitcher I would agree.
  3. Well they’re going to end up in 4th place and behind the Mariners. There were 8 available playoff spots that they missed on. They’re spending their weekend playing their crosstown rivals who are a complete team that have won 8 straight divisional titles. They also know that the playoff format for next season may return to normal and money will not be abundantly available to make big impact upgrades. I’m sure they’re feeling down.
  4. The West Coast Yankees plan hasn’t panned out.
  5. No big deal, we have SS Nonie Williams ready to go in the system. He’s the guy that Eppler picked ahead of Dustin May.
  6. Does Eppler’s current contact expire at midnight tonight?
  7. Well he definitely gave it a great effort but that ball would’ve hit the wall if he didn’t get there. Props to Adell for even being close enough to the play.
  8. That pitch was on the corner. He passed on better pitches.
  9. That’s not true. Shohei has the yips at the plate. He needs to fix that.
  10. They were handing out playoff spots like Halloween candy. We got a rock.
  11. They need to change their road uniforms.
  12. Adell obviously took the overs.
  13. So Rojas talking about the dead guy just said that not a day goes by that we wish you were here with us.
  14. They should award him an assist on that play.
  15. Lol @ Adell handing out home runs.
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