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  1. Yes because there are many posters here that have shown their great writing skills.
  2. Doc I honestly believed that Cole would sign here. I also believe that the Yankees paid too much and will regret it later. There were many here that actually penciled him in in many threads. We were all wrong and there’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t have a frontline starter which is why I thought Ryu would be a good alternative but it didn’t happen.
  3. great I was wrong but can you now look up and show everyone’s posts that had Cole penciled in into our rotation. There were dozens of them. I’ll wait...
  4. Sincere or not, I liked that he acknowledged that they cheated. Altuve and Bregman refused to take accountability in the matter. That’s even more shameful.
  5. I honestly don’t care about your opinion about me or any of the others that you personally attack here on this message board.
  6. No it’s just so unnecessary to take any of this Angel talk so seriously that it results in any personal attacks. Baseball should be allowed to be discussed without any drama. We have zero control over the teams decisions or any of the on field performance so who gives a sh*t. What I say doesn’t change anything. What IP says doesn’t change anything either.
  7. No he doesn’t impress me with his internet bully mentality. I really don’t care about his rebuttals or his followers. His main premise is to seek out people to bully. It’s a message board and he’s not going to intimidate me.
  8. He completely misrepresented what Arte stated about signing the right guy. Arte at the time was discussing the remote possibility that he would be willing to go over the threshold but only do so for the right guy. IP may have forgotten about this and that’s ok. He’s not perfect.
  9. Ironically he probably cheated more than Keuchel.
  10. Remember that you’re talking about everything that had transpired this offseason. They traded for Bundy. They missed out on Cole. Had they missed out on Rendon you can bet that Ryu would’ve been seriously considered. They signed Rendon and then quickly downshifted their pitching budget to Teheran. Ryu was signed after that.
  11. Arte’s “right guy” reference was someone that he would’ve found necessary to sign that would take him over the threshold. Someone that would be the finishing piece for a deep playoff run. Get your story straight.
  12. They signed Rendon and Teheran. They’re currently at $187M for the 40 man so any talk about signing Ryu is poppycock.
  13. I’m talking about today’s Angels budget. Arte has a certain number in mind and that’s where we’re at. If he signed Cole that would’ve been it for the offseason. He signed Rendon and Teheran. He wasn’t going to sign Rendon and Ryu.
  14. You’re spinning out of control. You know damn well that after missing out on Cole and signing an elite 3B in Rendon, the possibility of signing Ryu quickly became more about money than possible injuries.