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  1. This book will be the final nail in the coffin. Mary Trump is a highly credible Doctor. She’s not going to put her reputation on the line.
  2. Gerrit Cole pitches today if you’re interested you can watch it live on the YES Network at 6:00pm est.
  3. I’m actually willing to pay for Stradling, Lou, Blarg, IP, TDawg and Chuck. They each need to PM me a picture of how they want to appear on their cardboard cutout.
  4. For only $89
  5. Impeachment? No way that would’ve happened.
  6. Which one of these cardboard fans are you?
  7. No that’s not true. I want baseball but I want it done the right way. With fans in the stands, without changing the extra inning rules, 25 or 26 man rosters, opening day, all star weekend, players all in, real divisions with complete 162 game schedule and no quarantines.
  8. I don’t hate baseball. I just don’t agree with what they’re doing. There’s too much uncertainty about safety. But everyone is entitled to have an opinion.
  9. If your enjoyment of life is completely reliant on baseball you’ve been missing out on quite a few things.
  10. Like during the baseball strike. It didn’t change my life or what I did then. My favorite team the Expos got F’d but so what. Life has so many other options.
  11. I think you should focus on finding BigFoot. Montana seems to be where he likes to hang out. Anyway I hope you’re doing well. My buddy from my Kiwanis club moved to Helena and he loves it there.
  12. None. They can safely zoom school until they fix this Covid situation.
  13. It’s Trump that’s suggesting that everything return back to normal. That’s not fair to put that type of pressure on every school board in America.
  14. Golfers prefer quiet when they’re teeing off. They do love the ovations when they make a great shot or putt. That’s golf. Name one MLB player that has ever expressed that they would prefer to play in front of no fans. If it was 2002 and we had won our one and only championship with no fans in the stands it would’ve been sad. No cheering crowd, no thunderstix, no parade. I think the fans and the players would’ve felt cheated.
  15. The PGA golfers prefer the quiet so it works very well for them. The off the field issues are at the very least workable but full attention needs to happen to get things accomplished. They could’ve started the offseason early and allowed for trades, free agency, rebranding, rule changes and commenced talks for a new CBA to avoid what could be another future work stoppage. Lots of things could’ve been accomplished but fan-less pandemic hodgepodge baseball is what we’ll get, or Not.