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  1. They will most likely fine the team and place them on some type of probation. What’s done is done. The trophy has already been handed out. It’s not like a horse race where the stewards are allowed to disqualify or change the order of finish. MLB is going to have to eat this unfortunately. They weren’t paying enough attention because ratings. The players will escape this unscathed.
  2. My point is that I don't believe that the severity of the punishment will be equal to the severity of the crime. Manfred will try to find some way to take action to soften the public embarrassment that happened under his watch. He may even hire an independent investigator (neutral party) to assess the situation and offer suggestions on what action to take.
  3. It's all cheating. It happened during the playoffs. The NFL Commissioner didn't do much about it.
  4. In 2015 the NFL fined the Patriots $1M and took away 2 draft picks for deflating footballs. They also suspended Tom Brady for four games. They've won two Super Bowls since then.
  5. Both of you are correct in that cheating is an inexcusable offense but it involves both Players and Management. Manfred will have his hands full with the MLBPA. Remember how quick they jumped in to protect Hamilton. They're a brotherhood no matter what the circumstances. Will the players even cooperate with the investigators? He'll tread lightly and try to appease everyone. After all, it's the integrity of HIS entire league he's trying to protect. Look how he's handled the opioids situation. He's proposing testing and that's good but he probably has talked to Angels officials privately and told them to clean it up. He probably alerted all teams to keep a watchful eye on the opioids crisis.
  6. Not sure how the commissioner is going to handle this but I’m sure he’s going to try to protect the reputation and integrity of the league. He has to put on his MLB ambassador hat and soften the blow with an across the board league wide warning for all teams. The PED era (bad press) is finally behind us so he’s going to try to kill this new issue ASAP. He’ll do some superficial punishments that won’t hurt anyone.
  7. I like the spring time courtesy runner rule. They should allow that all season long.
  8. I think Jeter gets in easily. Derek Jeter Awards Derek Jeter Awards 1992 All-USA Today High School Baseball Player of the Year 1994 Minor League Player of the Year Award (Baseball America) 1996 Baseball America Rookie of the Year 1996 Players Choice Outstanding Rookie of the Year Award 1996 Rookie of the Year Award (BBWAA) 1996 Sporting News Rookie Player of the Year Award 1998 Player of the Month Award 2000 All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award 2000 The Babe Ruth Award (The World Series Most Valuable Player) 2000 World Series Most Valuable Player Award 2004 Gold Glove Award (Shortstop) 2004 Player of the Week Award 2005 Gold Glove Award (Shortstop) 2006 Baseball Digest Player of the Year Award 2006 Gold Glove Award (Shortstop) 2006 Hank Aaron Award 2006 Hitter of the Year Award 2006 The Silver Slugger Award (American League) 2007 The Silver Slugger Award (American League) 2008 The Silver Slugger Award (American League) 2009 Gold Glove Award (Shortstop) 2009 Hank Aaron Award 2009 Roberto Clemente Award 2009 Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award 2009 The Silver Slugger Award (American League) 2010 Gold Glove Award (Shortstop) 2010 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award 2010 Willie, Mickey and the Duke Award 2012 The Silver Slugger Award (American League) 2014 Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award Derek Jeter Awards