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  1. Agreed. Smith has that classic adenoidal delivery—just an old school guy. Sure he calls plays the wrong way at times, but quickly corrects himself. ‘Terry is just alright w me/Terry is just alright’
  2. Well, yeah. You’d be one place behind me in line, but you get what I’m saying.
  3. I think they bring a component of levity to the game. I know I’m on pins and needles, and both guys do their part in reminding me it’s a game at day’s end. I personally think their extended riffing on music to be great, but that caters to my own tastes. As far as making assumptions about Gubi’s ‘intellect:’ that’s a subjectively foolish errand. He is paid, in part, to be ‘entertaining.’ We only see the public/paid side of that. For all we know he may dabble in chaos theory, compose 12-tone oratorios for celeste and tuned-percussion, and be in the midst of isolating a genetic genome predictor for cancer on the 21st alleles. But his checks get signed for being the dopey relief—a slightly less four-seam batshit than Hud’s (who I also liked). I see way more issue with some of the players than Gubi. Of course Rojas is great, full stop.
  4. I was at the game today. Watching Trout was a treasure of a memory. Thank you, Number 27. See you in two weeks—my daughter’s 6th birthday and first game! Halos Forever!
  5. You said it, cousin. Your niece has a crazy high temperature. BUT TROUT RE-UPPED, SO WHO GIVES A SH*T?!? (CPS: jokes)
  6. Now all he has to do is stay in Anaheim, further lower beer prices, make clothing optional at day games, win a WS, and play the National Anthem on a bass clarinet and I'm happy! (Honestly: thank you, Arte)
  7. I've yet to see a single prognosticator say that Betts isn't going to get less. Professional variety, that is. People can jaw all they want, but he isn't topping this nor does he deserve to. I say that with no rancor and with as much objectivity as possible.
  8. I just joined last week after years of hedging. Damn good timing! Welcome and congrats!!!
  9. How ‘bout them Astros?!? I could’ve swore they won 537 games, but I’m not a professional.
  10. Trout should wear number 430 tonight. For kicks.