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  1. OK. Polio sucks. One of my buddies from college, his Dad was afflicted... What was the topic? Right. Eppler. He is 100% the GM in 2021 regardless of how the 2020 season plays out. 100%.
  2. It's only Spring Training with teams isolated from fans and nothing has been announced as to when they will play games. Still, I am very surprised the KBO has resumed play. South Korea has not won their war with COVID 19 yet. They did a great job early on with testing and isolation and it has saved countless lives but conditions are still not ideal. New cases for the past three days are up 54% versus the prior three days. New deaths for the past three days are up 100% versus the prior three days. They only have 102 total deaths but 8 of those deaths were yesterday making March 21 their deadliest day yet. Again, the numbers are small compared to our numbers as well as China, Italy, Spain, Iran, etc. but from the outside looking in it feels irresponsible for them to be doing this.
  3. How To Order In-N-Out Fries That Don't Totally Suck BY ELINA SHATKIN IN FOOD ON NOVEMBER 28, 2018 1:00 PM HOW TO ORDER THE FRIES There are ways around the terribleness of In-N-Out's fries. Most obviously: don't order them. If a fast food burger doesn't feel complete without a side of fries, ask for them "well done" or "light well." "I order them well done and they're perfect," says Len Grigorian. "Otherwise, they kind of suck after 10 minutes. "Like In-N-Out's not so secret "secret menu," this is one of those SoCal tricks. The fries won't be brilliant — they'll taste like Potato Stix — but they'll be golden and edible. For some people, that still doesn't cut it. "Fries better be good to be worth ordering, since they're never good for you," says food writer Josh Lurie. "In-N-Out falls flat in the French fry department. The idea that they need to be ordered well-done to make them tolerable is unacceptable. In-N-Out doesn't make many things, so everything should be on-point, not just burgers. "To take a page from the book of the fast food chain's CEO, Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson, a devout Christian, when it comes to In-N-Out's fries, we're going to love the sinner, hate the sin.
  4. So my 13 year old downloaded The Show 2020 today and tonight he showed me how "sick" the Angels lineup is. He said "they are destroying the other teams in the AL West and teams can't pitch around Trout now with Rendon hitting behind him." I'm not a video game guy but we sat and talked baseball based on his PS4 game vs. the Rangers for 15 minutes. Thought it strange Willie Calhoun was playing with a broken jaw but I let that go. It was already in the 7th inning but the highlights were when he had Thaiss pinch hit for Pujols with the game tied and runners on 1st and 2nd. Thaiss smacked a 2 RBI 2B off a RHP. And then Robles came in to close it out in the 9th and threw 3 straight fast balls past Mathis to light up that halo! This may be our new reality. I’m already looking forward to the Angels game tomorrow night...
  5. ALBERT PUJOLS' SHOES TO THE TOP Wearing these cleats on September 16, 2016, Angels DH Albert Pujols reached rarified air as he posted his 600th career double. Only Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds had also reached 600 doubles and 575 home runs. A year later he joined the historic duo in the exclusive 600-600 club. "It's gotta be the shoes!" Albert Pujols is now the only player in MLB history to hit 650 HR's and 650 2B's.
  6. I was at the game last Monday and Barria was the antithesis of solid. I think his future is as a chubby, possibly effective reliever.
  7. Who did that? You know my opinion is based on his performance over the past year My opinion of Barria has been consistent for the past year. And as I said earlier in this thread I was at the game on Monday and saw things that reinforced my opinion. These are things you can't see watching a game on TV. My original post on this thread remains my opinion on Barria. First, Barria is not someone who is a rotation piece for a playoff team. Secondly, he would be better served as a reliever in this league. Third, Matt Andriese can step into the #5 role and be productive.
  8. You are ill-informed if you don't realize the MLB season may not be played in whole. The NBA has suspended their season. The NCAA Tournament is being played with empty arenas. And this is only the beginning. It's the reality of the situation. And if you decide to pretend it away and attempt to prove your point with this GIF then you are simply detached from reality.
  9. The entire season is “in peril”. At the very least a good portion of the 2020 season may not be played. Shit got real today.
  10. I haven’t heard that. I think he was providing pitchers a pine tar based substance that the pitchers used to get a better grip on the ball. I don’t think he had access to the baseballs before a game.
  11. Yeah, you're right. 2015 is worse and this is what Eppler actually inherited when he was hired in October of 2015. What a mess. Alcantara/Gatto/Nate Smith/Baldoquin were the top four prospects. http://m.mlb.com/prospects/2015?list=ana