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  1. I agree, the best thing about those two contracts is that the "window is getting smaller". Eppler can use the expiring contracts to backload or absorb contracts in 2020. 2021 - $28 M/Cozart and Simmons. 2022 - $30 M/Pujols. 2023 - $28 M/Upton.
  2. Yeah, I was targeting those two as a second acquisition based on us signing Cole. If Eppler gets all three he should get a new contract in March. Cole/Ohtani/Teheran/Ray/Heaney/Canning
  3. I agree. I would be happy if we traded for Robbie Ray or signed Julio Teheran as our second SP acquisition.
  4. Strad, that is not my personal experience with Chase. And I've never backed down from a bully.
  5. Robbie Ray could be another "innings eater" acquisition. He'll be a FA in 2021 so he may not cost us as much.
  6. That was just IP being a bully. Calzone had a reasonable opinion last night. We do need innings eaters IMO. It’s why I like Teheran.
  7. He’s one of those “innings eaters”. It’s great to see @Calzone 2 and you on the same page.
  8. I think this is a perfectly valid opinion.
  9. No worries. Yeah, I went back to the game I was watching and when I came back to the thread I saw I had created a small brush fire. All good.
  10. I'm not giving up on any of them. It was a joke based on someone else saying we should give up on Ward.
  11. Completely. Was playing off your response to “People need to give up on Ward.”
  12. Justin Bour's .642 OPS versus RHP's. He came in with a career OPS over .850 against RHP's.
  13. 19 starting pitchers used, only 1 pitcher with more than 100 innings (Cahill/102 IP), No pitcher with more than 18 starts. Maybe more of a reality than a surprise but damn, it's nearly impossible to do those three things.