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  1. I think if Albert stays healthy he is going to have a really productive season - .270/.330/.490/.820.
  2. You’ve completely missed the point and the reality of the situation. Sleep on it and try again tomorrow.
  3. This is idiotic. The regular season is not a time for evaluation, it's the time to play the players who give the team the best chance to win. How do you not understand this? I've seen some really stupid posts from you lately. Are you trolling or simply clueless?
  4. What a BS headline. Trout simply said “I still don’t feel comfortable.” Who would feel comfortable? Turning that sound bite into Trout abandoning his team is weak.
  5. Yeah, maybe it’s like this Jerry Dipoto move in the 2015 draft. He selected his own Son in the 38th round (Jared Walsh was selected in the 39th round). https://www.baseball-reference.com/draft/?team_ID=ANA&year_ID=2015&draft_type=junreg&query_type=franch_year
  6. Amazing this dude knows so little about the game of baseball. Buehler was very patient with him.
  7. Maddon is not going to play Adell in MLB games if he is not ready to play in MLB games because he wants to continue his development. The notion is absurd.
  8. Short: Robles, Buttrey, Middleton, Bedrosian, Noe. Long: Andriese/Sandoval if they don’t make the 6 man. Suarez, Pena, Peters.
  9. We don’t know the future. Will Adell be a star in six years? What will the next CBA look like? But are these sixty games worth the loss of Jo Adell’s respect for his team? Resulting in a 0% chance to resign him? I don’t think they do that. I think he plays on opening day if, and only if, Joe Maddon thinks he is the best choice to help the team.
  10. Great news on Canning. Maybe this is the only good to come out of the covid delay - Canning and Ohtani benefit from the extra time.
  11. Yep. Not Trout <OR> the Covid. Have a great day Lou.
  12. Let’s keep this forum on topic. Thanks.
  13. Nate? Bottom line, let’s stay on topic. I don’t check in here to discuss politics
  14. So I just read the last two pages of this thread and the last 9 posts over the past 4 hours have had absolutely nothing to do with the topic, Mike Trout. And it's been the "Mods" going off topic, unable to control themselves. Get your shit right Nancy's...you know who you are. On topic, for the first time in four hours, I think Trout was speaking from the heart. Who wouldn't have concerns in his situation and in this environment. If you want to stay off topic find another forum.