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  1. I took a look at last year’s number and would estimate that this year the pre-arb number will be around $4 million. That means the estimated payroll is about $158 million for 2021 as things stand. $19 million below last year’s total. I agree that it is unwise for those to expect $30+ million in spending available. It could be the case, but there’s nothing to indicate it is.
  2. What do you all think? Bundy has interest from the Braves in August and could help solidify their young rotation. Marsh is from Georgia and could all to their future outfield potential. Braves could use money saved from moving Inciarte to make other moves. Angels gain years of control of two starting pitchers while taking on Inciarte who could help in the outfield. Add in the Minasian ties.
  3. I think so depending on what else is done this off-season. Roughly $9 million difference in 2021.
  4. Trade for SP Musgrove (Arb 2 ~$4m) Sign SP Kluber (2 Year, $20m. 2023, $12m option, $2m buyout) Sign OF Pederson (1 Year, $10m. 2022, $12m option, $1m buyout) Sign RP Yates (1 Year, $6m) Sign C Flowers (1 Year, $4m) Of course signing Kluber is dependent on how he looks during his workout next week.
  5. “Tomoyuki Sugano's transfer negotiations are over ... The desired amount has not reached more than about 5.8 billion yen for 4 years of Yusei Kikuchi two years ago (THE PAGE)#thepage_jp“
  6. I’m a fan of teams breaking their own news. If I recall correctly, the Angels did the same with the Raisel Iglesias trade.
  7. That’s more of what I was thinking. This situation just seems so out of nowhere, out of nowhere reasons come to mind.
  8. Could this have anything to do with Skaggs?
  9. He’s going to top David Price’s contract. 7 years, $220 million.
  10. I think as a whole, it is accurate that the players do care. But the game I went to in Oakland on 9/4 made it seem that they have games they do stop caring about. After being down 0-4 after the 5th, the team lost all energy and their body language seemed like they were already defeated. That they just wanted the game to be over with already. No fight after that.
  11. Angels pitchers with outings of 6IP and 3ER or less since All-Star break: Peters - 3 Rest of Staff - 2
  12. Without Adell, our farm is very underwhelming in the sense of having prospects that will be, instead of might be. And I know technically all prospects are might bes, but y’all should know what I mean. Here’s a break down of 50 grade or above prospects per team according to MLB.com: ARI (16) - 55 (4), 50 (12) ATL (10) - 60 (1), 55 (4), 50 (5) BAL (11) - 65 (1), 55 (3), 50 (7) BOS (11) - 55 (1), 50 (10) CHC (10) - 55 (2), 50 (8) CWS (9) - 65 (1), 55 (4), 50 (4) CIN (10) - 55 (3), 50 (7) CLE (13) - 55 (4), 50 (9) COL (6) - 60 (1), 55 (1), 50 (4)
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