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  1. air traffic control to kobe's pilot & flight path also a link to a vid showing what it's like to fly & crash a helicopter in extreme fog
  2. wow! 101mph on pitch #110 ... he's from newport beach & went to OL high school and UCLA , but will arte unload the bank to sign him? ... this next contract of his is going to be massive
  3. a joke gif but Yellowstone finally blasting off would be worst case scenario
  4. his beard looks drawn on ,,.. after you retire albert do not become one of these types lol
  5. 90yr with fishing boots on vs albert .... might be too close to call
  6. Little late I know series is over but I guess for next year can keep everyone from LA in check by hiring those roof top Koreans (worked in '92) ,, just place them high up somewhere & provide plenty of free cigs lol!