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  1. lol!!!!! .............. cry harder wage slave
  2. 1995 games at The Big A as a early teen always remembering Lee Smith warming up to go in and hearing that insanely loud ''pop'' ... Dad always liked left field towards the back (cheap seats i'm guessing) so we were right there where the relief pitchers warmed up and seeing/hearing Lee Smith & a year later Troy Percival was so great ,, as i recall where they warmed up back then from above it looked like a open dungeon just very small tight place where the sound would bounce off the walls and make it just that much louder ... Also i believe they would put a timer on the big screen for Lee Sm
  3. lol! deadly virus with 99.8% survival rate got all you boomers shook. no joke that vaccine can't come soon enough finally get all of you to get over this flu 2.0 paranoia
  4. air traffic control to kobe's pilot & flight path also a link to a vid showing what it's like to fly & crash a helicopter in extreme fog https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=547_1499356805
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