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  1. Do you believe that teams can overvalue and overpay for a player. yes or no? If the answer is yes, then your post implying that if I realized the Angels would be selling high on Skaggs means every other team would holds no water. If the answer is no, then you prove my point that you don't believe teams can ever make a mistake. Which is it?
  2. When I have time to look through trades and analyze which teams won/lost, I will. But that wasn't the point of your post. You basically said if I realized that the Angels would be selling high on Skaggs, so would every other team. Which implies that you don't believe that teams can ever overpay for a player or make a dumb trade or signing. Am I right? After all, if fans see it, why wouldn't GMs? It's ok, Lou. Just admit that you don't believe any team can ever overpay for a player or make a dumb trade or signing.
  3. I guess you're of the belief that teams never overpay for a player or make stupid trades or signings, huh? I'd also assume that you agreed with every trade or signing the Angels ever made and you never questioned it at the time because they're the experts and you're not, right?
  4. Yeah, and no team ever overpays or makes a stupid trade or signing, huh? Since you brought it up. What about the Padres who hired Dave Cameron and then gave Hosmer that huge contract that they likely regret already (-0.6 fWAR in his first season with them)? Of course they could've gotten a much better return a month ago compared to now. He's already reverting back to his career norms lol
  5. That's not the point. The Angels could've likely sold high on him and fooled a team he's a lot better than he really is and gotten a really nice package of prospects in return. A Skaggs who reverts closer to his career norms isn't the difference between competing and not competing.
  6. It's far too late to sell high on Skaggs now. His ERA went from 2.6 to 3.6 in just a few weeks and it'll likely keep increasing.
  7. I don't think he's playing primarily because of the money (though clearly a factor). I think he's primarily in it to chase records. That clearly means a lot to him. He wants to pad his HR, RBI, hit, doubles, etc. etc. totals and finish ahead of as many players who are currently ahead of him as he can. He can't do any of that if he's on the bench. I love in particular how he says he doesn't want to play to embarrass himself. But that's exactly what he's been doing for a while now and he knows it. He's a shell of what he used to be and is one of the worst players in the game.
  8. It seems pretty obvious from those quotes that he plans on playing until his contract expires. Hopefully the new manager benches his ass to speed up this process.
  9. True. But he had a 2.60 ERA, which is now up to 3.34.