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  1. I think Zack Collins is more likely to be on the move than McCann.
  2. Machado and Schoop are best buds, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up on the same team again.
  3. Every pitcher is a ticking time bomb, they all get hurt it’s a matter of when not if. The Angels being on an exceptional run of bad pitcher health doesn’t mean they’re doing anything differently or worse than other teams it just is what it is.
  4. Barria, Jam Jones, Marsh, and you probably have to throw Canning or Suarez in there and that’s still probably not what the Mets would be looking for.
  5. There's a stud college pitcher and a dynamic prep bat still on the board, will be an interesting look in to what Eppler and the front office is putting a premium on at the moment barring a medical red flag with Singer.
  6. I have to imagine Eppler snags up Gorman if he happens to fall this far. The same thing happened with Jo Adell in 2017.
  7. I had assumed the same as well. Perhaps it's more a handshake agreement with the possibility he could still bolt for the NFL if he has a Heisman type of season this year. Shades of what the Celtics did when drafting Larry Bird back in the day?
  8. He's a first round talent, teams were just scared off as he will be starting QB at Oklahoma this year. Seems the A's and Murray have an agreement to let him play college football this fall and join the A's afterwards.
  9. They want to get their starter deeper into the game. It also lets you put one of your better relievers in the game off the bat against the top three of the opposing team, which would presumably give the starter easier competition to allow him to get settled in.
  10. Interested to see how this strategy of deploying their starter in the 2nd or 3rd inning works out for The Rays, seems to make a ton of sense to me on it's surface but I can't ever see it being something baseball fully accepts.
  11. Paredes has been called up to take Bard's spot already.
  12. I subscribed a few weeks back and have been very happy with it so far, the site and mobile app are very clean looking and the writing is top notch. Ken Rosenthal had a great Ohtani piece a couple of days ago and included some quotes from Nagy, Hinske, and others which I hadn't seen before. Definitely well worth the $39 smackers for the year I laid down for it.
  13. This is disastrous for his potential to make any kind of substanital impact as a big leaguer in Ward's career. I see nothing in his offensive profile or approach that suggests his bat will be anywhere near good enough to justify playing him at a corner infield spot.