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  1. Now if anyone but Bob could confirm it I’d be one hundred percent sold!
  2. Going off this from Monday, but the full no trade directly after the opt-in wouldn’t surprise me at all. Connor Byrne 6:57 There was a report the other day saying Yu would not accept a trade anywhere, but I'm unclear on his no-trade clause. Some sources say it's a 12-teamer; others claim it's a full NTC. We're looking into it.
  3. I remain steadfast in holding out hope for a Darvish/Contreras deal. Seeing conflicting reports on whether Darvish has a full no trade or a 12 team limited one for this season, but he spoke glowingly of Joe Maddon in his time there as well.
  4. Now you don’t think Kluber will cost both Adell and Marsh like you did a few days back?
  5. Definitely wouldn’t cost you Adell, Fletcher and Goodwin plus any other prospects not named Adell and Marsh on the table most likely.
  6. Trade for Kluber, trade for Darvish/Contreras and then we’ll all have a good cry in the bathroom over how this Cole thing panned out.
  7. Of course. Schwarber is the only one they seem motivated to move of the three. I’m imagining Fletcher/Goodwin as part of a larger deal involving prospects.
  8. Contreras/Schwarber/Happ feels possible to me for some reason.
  9. I think Zack Collins is more likely to be on the move than McCann.
  10. Every pitcher is a ticking time bomb, they all get hurt it’s a matter of when not if. The Angels being on an exceptional run of bad pitcher health doesn’t mean they’re doing anything differently or worse than other teams it just is what it is.
  11. Barria, Jam Jones, Marsh, and you probably have to throw Canning or Suarez in there and that’s still probably not what the Mets would be looking for.
  12. There's a stud college pitcher and a dynamic prep bat still on the board, will be an interesting look in to what Eppler and the front office is putting a premium on at the moment barring a medical red flag with Singer.
  13. I have to imagine Eppler snags up Gorman if he happens to fall this far. The same thing happened with Jo Adell in 2017.
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