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  1. He's just the business guy. What's your complaint about him? He and Arte go way back in the display advertising business. They used to travel Route 66 back in the 1930s, putting up Burma Shave signs.
  2. Chico Ruiz! He stood up for his Second Amendment rights.
  3. I can't believe nobody has gotten this one yet. This was the game Bob Hendley pitched a one-hitter. Note the time on the scoreboard, 9:41 p.m., in a game that started at 8 p.m. Hendley was a quick worker.
  4. Last year, Arte said he was interested in buying FSW. The current TV deal runs through 2031, I believe.
  5. That’s odd. On my phone it looks like Hanoi Jane and Ernestine.
  6. Teheran, the innings eater, picked a bad time to go on a crash diet. In other news, the Cubs are 10-3 without Maddon.
  7. When Arte sold his billboard company, he signed a very broad non-compete agreement which prohibits him from arranging for the placement of free-standing signs of any kind. Unfortunately, it applies to the fan cutouts, which is why they can’t be displayed at Angel Stadium.
  8. Johnny Damon and Gene Stephens. Three hits in an inning.
  9. A straight Upton/Goodwin platoon might not work because the last two seasons Upton has hit about 100 points lower against lefties. Over Goodwin's career, he has hit 10 points higher against lefties than righties. Maybe a reverse platoon, where Upton plays against righties and Goodwin plays against lefties?
  10. If Greinke takes a perfect game to the 10th and gives up a run on a groundout and a sac fly, does it still count as a perfect game?
  11. If the baby was a girl, they were going to name her Rainbow.
  12. The hard decisions will involve which of their limited number of attractive trade candidates to give up for decent pitching.
  13. It's on NBC. Curt Gowdy and Tony Kubek will be calling the game.
  14. https://www.groupon.com/deals/orange-county-register-3 Groupon has a deal where you get The Register home-delivered on Sunday, plus everyday access to the paper online. It’s $5 for one year and $10 for two years.
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