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  1. Jose Martinez might be available now. He could solve 1B for us.
  2. The Angels recently hired 3 coaches from Driveline, which Bauer is really big on. So you have to think the FO is very interested in him. With all being said, it really seems like we need to unload Calhoun's $10M to make a deal like this happen.
  3. SP depth is a severe issue within the system. I don't think trading from an area of weakness to fill a current need is a good idea. If we are going to trade, it should be from our OF/INF depth. However, if we are at the trade deadline, and have a decent chance of making the playoffs, then I think you MIGHT consider trading Canning for a front-line pitcher type.
  4. I think that much of the hate Dipoto gets from Angels fans now is partially attributed to the way he left the organization in the middle of the season. Compounded by the many poor decisions he made during his tenure; Baldoquin, Clevinger, Hamilton, Wilson etc...He was also a very charismatic guy, so when he showed his true colors it made it that much worse. Under Eppler, the long term health of the team is looking astronomically better than it was under Dipoto. Granted the current state hasn't been what we all have hopped for. However, I think when grading Eppler's current performance, t
  5. Dallas Keuchel 4/74 Charlie Morton 2/32 Trade for Realmuto (Marsh, Jones, Suarez, Ward)
  6. I've been a lurker here for years. I recently moved to the mid shift at work and figured I could kill some time posting here now. I've been an Angels fan since sometime around the mid 1990's when I was about 10 years old. Looking forward to this hot stove season!
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