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  1. 4 minutes ago, Second Base said:

    Minasian's front office hasn't had any leaks yet, and I have a very difficult time believing that Maria Torres, for the LAT is going to be Minasian's mouthpiece for the media. 

    Torres has never been an impressive reporter. Calling it like it is. She never struck me as bad, but as an Angels beat reporter, she's been pretty non-impact, comparatively. 

    So Maria Torres' source, likely isn't from the Angels and if it isn't from the Angels, the only other possibility in regards to Bauer is that her source is Bauer himself or Rachel Luba.

    Spoiler Alert: They aren't talking to her either. 

    Torres' isn't wrong in her assessment. She's wrong in pretending it's coming from an inside source. 

    It is also telling that Fabian and Fletcher have yet to comment, either way, on Torres' article. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Erstad Grit said:

    Sorry to sound like a downer here.

    Is Iglesias at approx 9 million but losing Noe and someone else really that much better than Hand at 10 million and keep Noe and PTBNL? 

    I'd bet Hand will get a multi-year deal. Who knows, maybe we still are in on Hand. It might also be worth gambling on Yates now that we have security in the pen.

  3. 12 hours ago, Trendon said:

    Apparently Arte Moreno was on The Sports Lodge on AM830 this afternoon. Did anyone hear this interview and know what Arte said?


    I listened to the interview and there were a few good takeaways. 

    Rodger asked if he would be comfortable with Fletcher as the SS next year, Arte said yes but he also said he is a good 2B...

    I am paraphrasing but Arte said the pandemic will play a role in how much he spends in FA. He mentioned that they only hit about 37% of their projected revenue this year. He alluded to the fact that the amount of spending will be dictated on if we have fans in the stands next year and play a full season. He mentioned MLB will give some indication on how the season will play out soon.   

    Talking about the different rules we had this year he said he liked the expanded playoffs and the 7 inning double header games. 

    He said that they have not negotiated with FA's yet and are waiting until the GM is in place. 

    Arte sated they believe they have a good team and other than pitching they are looking for a Catcher, MI, and RF. 

    In regard to the GM search Arte said they are looking to move away from an analytical driven process and are looking for a more player development process. 

    He said the last few years, the analytic process has been trying to force players into roles that didn't work (specifically trying to get pitcher to throw with more spin) for them which gave negative results.

    Lodge pointedly asked if the new GM will be given the "keys to the franchise" to make the decisions. Arte said no they won't be given the keys and that "the last few times they did that it did not work out".

    The way Arte talked about the next GM it sounded like they have already picked their guy. 

    Throughout the interview he kept mentioning that he wants to build a team for Trout and Rendon to win with. He understands how important it is. 


  4. I think Adell for Clevinger is a perfect trade in that I could see both the Angels and Indians saying no.

    While it would hurt to move Adell, such a great home grown prospect, I would do it for Clevinger. 3 years of control of a likely top 5 SP in baseball is exactly what this team needs right now. Having Rendon in the lineup for the next 7 years and Marsh right behind Adell makes the decision easier. 

    I understand why the Angels FO and the fans on the other side of would say no to the trade (I would be content if they didn't make the trade) but I think Clevinger would put the Angels over the top this year and the near future. 

  5. I think it is important to keep in mind that Eppler likely knows his job is on the line this year. If he had unlimited resources from Arte, then he likely would be happy to overpay to bring in Ryu or Keuchel to help save his job. That didn't happen for one reason or another. It is reasonable to assume that either Arte refused to shell out the extra money to bring one of those guys in or Eppler cares more about the long term health of the team despite his job being at risk which is admirable.  

    Would an oft injured Ryu  push this team over the top in 2020? Maybe...probably not. Would Keuchel? Even less likely. 

    I know we all want to win now and we are tired of losing and having a shitty rotation but the fact is that the actual TOTR arms, that would have had a significant impact on the rotation, did not  sign here at no fault to Arte or Eppler. The secondary arms we have missed out on, while would have helped, are not going to make or break the team and the arms we have added in their place are pretty comparable. The way I look at it, Teheran will be our Keuchel and Bundy will be our Kyle Gibson. They each have very similar projections and came cheaper leaving much more flexibility. 

     I don't think it is ridiculous that so many fans are calling for Eppler's job but I do think it is irrational and I think it would be a mistake. 

  6. 3 hours ago, beatlesrule said:

    bWar at time of signing their big contract: Price 30.9- 7/217 million, Sale 30.3- 5/145 million, Max Scherzer 30.8- 7/210 million, Greinke 31.5- 6/147 opted out after 3 years posting a 17.7 bwar during that time and then signed a 6/206.5 millon dollar deal. Verlander 36.4- 7/180. Kershaw has posted a 65.4 bwar and gotten like 300 million. I apologize if my math is off on some of them but you get the picture.

    Cole is at 23.4 so going by that list, he should not command the largest contract ever for a pitcher. His numbers are just not good enough and all those guys were better pitchers going into FA or being extended.

    I have been very vocal about Arte not going for it for all the years he has had Trout and so if this was my money, I would already have been surrounding Trout with the absolute best team I could buy every year since 2012 and this year would be no different. As I have shown pitching wise with bWar on Cole, he simply is not worth the big money all those BETTER pitchers got. I know this market is different and I like Cole but if all those previous pitchers were that much better, why offer him even more than what they got? Doesn't make much sense. Those of you offering him 7/245 are insane. I would max out at 6/180. If he really wants to play out west, he would be getting the same years Verlander did and more money and he is not the pitcher Verlander was with Detroit so there's that too.

    I know a lot of you are absolutely obsessed with Cole but look at those contracts and compare the WAR. Cole is good but not as good as you are making him out to be.

    I don't think WAR is generally regarded as a great measurement for pitcher value. 

    Taking the average of the player's 3 seasons more traditional stats prior to FA says Cole is worth the money his peer's received. 


    Cole has more then proven he belongs on that list, and his greatest advantage is he is entering the market a year younger than Max and David did. A 7 year deal is much more palatable for a 29 year old than a 30 year old.  

    If it's my money, I am spending $1 million more than the next highest bidder to make Cole a Halo. 


  7. And what about his real family? His wife, mother, friends  and relatives? Does this also "blow away" the myth that they were his family because they didn't know Tyler was an addict either? I hate hearing all the blame being placed on the Angels shoulders. If the Angels should have known then his real family should have as well. It is unfair to point the finger at the Angels and say they let this happen, when it is much deeper than that.

  8. 6 hours ago, krAbs said:

    Hasn't he already had a history with injuries, even going into the minors? That's my memory of him, at least - he came from college, but was pushed really hard there; has good stuff, but came into the minors needing surgery or something and missed time almost immediately because of it, kinda leading to questions about whether his arm would hold up in the long term.

    Maybe I'm going crazy? I can't find anything online, but I could have sworn that he missed a substantial amount of time when we first signed him due to arm injuries, and I thought I remembered talk of a possible TJ surgery while he was still in the minors. Hoping I'm just going crazy here...

    He had a stress fracture in his back his freshman year and a pre-draft MRI that showed "potential issues". 

    "Canning was a workhorse for the Bruins, leading the team in innings pitched each of the past two years. His 119 innings this season were a career-high, and he started 17 games. He suffered a stress fracture in his back late during his freshman year, which caused him to miss the postseason when UCLA, the No. 1 overall seed, lost in the regional round".


    "That is what appears to have happened with UCLA right-hander Griffin Canning. Ranked No. 17 on our Draft Top 200 list , Canning is a highly regarded college arm who was looking like a middle of the first round talent because of his extremely consistent season. But word was spreading as the final weekend before the Draft approached that there were some issues with his medical report that were causing teams to pause at the very least.
    According to sources from multiple teams, Canning's MRI returned some potential issues. Such reports are not uncommon and it will be up to each team's medical staff to interpret the results, but as of Friday night, some teams had already decided to pass on Canning, while others are waiting to hear back from their doctors on how to proceed".


  9. 14 minutes ago, Troll Daddy said:

    Eppler’s contract runs out at the end of the season. His decisions at the trade deadline may be part of a plan with his decisions in the off season.

    What’s the fricking holdup? Extend him! 

    Billy has an option in his contract for 2020. I'd be willing to bet he will get an extension soon. 


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