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  1. I would guess this is a lost in translation quote. Same with his quote about wanting to win. It is probably much more flattering in Japanese than the direct translation to English.
  2. Earlier this year Maddon left Ohtani in against the White Sox with the bases loaded and when asked about the decision at the presser he said he left him in because, "that's how a guy becomes a guy". Extend the same curtesy to Canning...
  3. Good teams go through bad stretches. The Astro's were swept by the lowly Tigers and Rockies and lost 2/3 to the Mariners. Does that make the Astros a bad team? The Angels were playing great ball at the start. Then we lost Rendon, Stassi, (SP) Ohtani, Lagares, and Fowler all within a week of each other and it started to catch up to us. On top of that the schedule was flipped on its head with weather and COVID postponements. I realize these are excuses but it's ignorant to think that these conditions hasn't had an impact on the record over the last couple weeks. I still believe this is an 85+ win team. With some good health and some savvy trade deadline deals, we will make a run for a postseason spot.
  4. It is also telling that Fabian and Fletcher have yet to comment, either way, on Torres' article.
  5. The article has no quote from the front office. It reads like an opinion piece with a sensational title.
  6. Ohtani. Hasn't been healthy but is still a good signing.
  7. I'd love to see him in a color commentary role. Wonder if Gubi is going to stay on?
  8. Whoever takes over for Victor has some big shoes to fill! But for the love of God, please don't let it be Terry Smith! He is constantly behind on plays and it is agonizing. Trent Rush is better but he may be too much of a Homer. We would be better off with an outside hire.
  9. I'd bet Hand will get a multi-year deal. Who knows, maybe we still are in on Hand. It might also be worth gambling on Yates now that we have security in the pen.
  10. Love this deal. The money saved on Robles, Andriese, Middleton, and Noe is used on Rasiel.
  11. With the way the Angels have been preaching family and Angels history, I think Hollander is a good bet.
  12. I listened to the interview and there were a few good takeaways. Rodger asked if he would be comfortable with Fletcher as the SS next year, Arte said yes but he also said he is a good 2B... I am paraphrasing but Arte said the pandemic will play a role in how much he spends in FA. He mentioned that they only hit about 37% of their projected revenue this year. He alluded to the fact that the amount of spending will be dictated on if we have fans in the stands next year and play a full season. He mentioned MLB will give some indication on how the season will play out soon. Talking about the different rules we had this year he said he liked the expanded playoffs and the 7 inning double header games. He said that they have not negotiated with FA's yet and are waiting until the GM is in place. Arte sated they believe they have a good team and other than pitching they are looking for a Catcher, MI, and RF. In regard to the GM search Arte said they are looking to move away from an analytical driven process and are looking for a more player development process. He said the last few years, the analytic process has been trying to force players into roles that didn't work (specifically trying to get pitcher to throw with more spin) for them which gave negative results. Lodge pointedly asked if the new GM will be given the "keys to the franchise" to make the decisions. Arte said no they won't be given the keys and that "the last few times they did that it did not work out". The way Arte talked about the next GM it sounded like they have already picked their guy. Throughout the interview he kept mentioning that he wants to build a team for Trout and Rendon to win with. He understands how important it is.
  13. I don't think getting Joc opens a trade for Adell or Marsh. Joc is a FA next season, Marsh will be ready then. Adell still has room on this roster.
  14. One in the hand is better than two in the bush...
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