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  1. Dude is garbage, has been for several years, he's Los Doyers' Vernon Wells...JUST SAY HELL NO!!!
  2. Does this mean he goes tomorrow instead? If so, I'm fine with that, he and Chacin have been our 2 best lately anyway!
  3. Stuck on the freeways of LA, driving from San Pedro to Victorville, FML.
  4. If this season ends up going down the drain...this guy will be my silver lining! Everytime he starts I'm getting stoned outta my damn mind, LOL! Perhaps a new sign is needed at the Big-A? We can call ourselves Timmay's Potheads? The Freak's Hotbox? Lincecum's lighters? The 420 Fans? Feel free to join in!
  5. It should be Weaver or Santiago (make 'em long relievers, only throw 'em out there in blowouts) but sadly it will be the youngin' Tropeano.