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  1. I see no reason to ever come back here. Fuck Trump, and Fuck Arte too, and as long as he owns them, Fuck the Angels. Bye!
  2. Answer 1: Aware it exists, dont really care Answer 2: The suckage is the reason for the lack of season
  3. So no Fletcher; I thought today was the day he could come off the IL, I guess he must not be ready
  4. The poll question is not Can they, but Will they. Even going 12-6 down the stretch is likely not enough, at least not unless we get a LOT of help. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see the team showing life and energy, and signs of what they can do next year, but it just took too long to get it started this year I fear.
  5. Gotta admit it would be hilarious if we backdoored into the playoffs after doing a firesale.
  6. At this point his next home run might be an inside the parker. It could happen, if like five guys all collide and knock each other out chasing a popup...
  7. I think I like playing road games in Anaheim, we do pretty well there.
  8. Who are these guys, when did they replace the Angels, and can we please keep them?
  9. He'll probably become Player-Manager in September next year after Maddon is fired, so the highlight could be him benching himself?
  10. It's a lottery ticket. I'd've rather have had something in the pitching jackpot than the second base jackpot, but since everyone knows that's what we're desperate for, every other team is going to try and make us overpay for rookie league middle relievers.
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