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  1. Most likely scenario would be that players sign something allowing disclosure of game-related injuries or illness as part of their contracts so there's a standing HIPAA consent in place.
  2. The only exception to HIPAA in the USA is with medical providers who don't do anything electronically at all. If the doctor had all paper records, didn't take insurance and didn't call in prescriptions, that would have applied to her. However, 99% of the doctors in the USA would not fall into that loophole. Any other medical provider or staff member absolutely has to follow HIPAA. The state of California also has additional medical privacy rules, such as the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA). https://www.cms.gov/Regulations-and-Guidance/HIPAA-Administrative-Simplification/
  3. RE: HIPAA: what's been said is true, the player has to actively consent to have information released by the medical providers they see, or disclose the information themselves. However, non-medical staff is not bound by HIPAA, which is why, say, a sports journalist can report on an injury once it's been disclosed by the med staff/PR. And AFAIK MLB also has a policy of not disclosing injuries or illness that are not directly related to the game in the interest of player privacy (like when Johnny G. was out last year, it was reported as a "personal medical matter" until he chose to disclose it).
  4. Way to blame the fan. Yes, a lot of fans don't pay attention, but even if they are...those balls are coming at them at very high speeds and they're often very hard to see. There isn't a lot of time to react and with that many people around you it's not that easy to get out of the way even if you do see that it's coming at you. Heck, the players get hit from time to time, and they're trained to react fast. And fans who are sitting behind the net one probably think they're safe.
  5. Agree with the others in this thread who are wondering why Bedrosian is still in the org at all.
  6. They got rid of two of the stronger bullpen arms they had...Gott and Ramos. Right now they have three reliable bullpen arms. That is it. Bedrosian is awful and Salas is inconsistent.
  7. I agree. There are plenty of other options that have been discussed that would be better alternatives than Puig. At some level the bad attitude and inability to play well with others overtakes talent, and that seems to be the case with Puig. It's noted in one of those articles that he and Mattingly were not even speaking to each other by the end of the season, and several players have spoken out on how much they dislike him. The guy isn't the second coming of Mike Trout and IMHO the Angels don't need a clubhouse cancer.
  8. Agree with this completely. The way one has take specific gates for specific sections, and the fact that there's no real way to walk freely around the stadium are complete nonsense.
  9. That's actually why I stopped going to Dodgers Stadium. I used to attend games there periodically if I liked the opposing team (Angels, etc.) but the way people acted there made that completely unpleasant and scary. I never wore my Angels team colors because I thought I'd be shanked. I remember being on a Dodgers Express bus when a bunch of their fans started loudly shouting that anyone who wasn't on the Dodgers's side shouldn't be on the bus. Final straw was a situation I honestly thought was going to turn into a Brian Stowe-type beating. Guy walked to his seat wearing an opposing team's
  10. This. And if we're talking about Europeans in the Western Hemisphere, Leif Erikson beat him by a good 400 years anyway, without the same murder/enslavement history.
  11. It's too bad, and I think they could have let him finish the season with the team, but in the long run, IMHO it's for the best for him. I do think that Sosh, etc., had a grudge for some reason. The fact that Featherston -- who doesn't have that whole "veteran with a track record" thing going and has played terribly all year long -- has had playing time over Green makes no sense. Anyway, if the Angels aren't going to give him a chance, hopefully he can sign with another team who will. With a change of scenery and a team who gives him consistent playing time, he might really flourish.
  12. This. Dipoto likely said what he needed to say to keep the waters calm. Not necessarily the truth. Not really a surprise that he wouldn't be revealing conflicts to those outside the team.
  13. Totally agree with this. It's not Featherston's fault at all that he is where he is, and he's doing the best that he can. However the Angels did the team, and him, a disservice by keeping him on the MLB roster this year, Rule 5 or not. It did absolutely nothing for the team.
  14. Too bad about Rucinski, I was hoping they would give him a chance in September, seeing as they're desperate for some relief options. Good to see Freese and Cowgill back. I would imagine that this is going to be mostly a look-see for next year's prospects because I think the team's wild card chances are dwindling every day.
  15. I'm going to try to make it to one more game this season (I honestly don't think they have a prayer of making it to the post season; that would change things...) but it definitely won't be the Dodgers series. Those fans act horrendously, and the prospect of having to ride the Angels Express back to LA with them doesn't appeal to me at all. One of the Angels Booster Club people once told me that they were afraid to work the Dodgers-Angels games because they'd actually been cursed out by Dodgers fans in the past.
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