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  1. I dont feel sorry for them at all. Im sure they didnt feel sorry for the Angels when Weaver broke his elbow in Arlington last season.
  2. Hector needs to get his head straight before he goes back in the rotation. I like him but anybody can see he gets easily flustered on the mound. Once he gets his emotions in check im sure he's going to be a good 5th starter on this team.
  3. It seems like Trout started striking out more after his 4 k game against the Tigers. He is just to good to keep this up.
  4. Mike Scioscia thinks any relievers arm is going to fall off if they pitch over one inning. No way he comes back out.
  5. I've been thinking that since he hurt his arm during Santiago'so last start. Looked like he was in pain after that bad throw from Santiago.
  6. Lol @ pulling Green after a 2 hit night for Ibanez.
  7. Why even make the pitching change now? A couple batters to late Scioscia!
  8. This guy is such a douche! http://deadspin.com/mitch-williams-ejected-from-childs-baseball-game-for-ar-1574736005
  9. Move Santiago to the bullpen and bring up Shoemaker. Santiago has only looked good in one start so far. Shoemaker pitched 7 innings and struck out 11 giving up only 2 runs tonight according to Alden Gonzalez on twitter.
  10. Santiago is so bad. Might as well have Joe Blanton out there. This guy sucks and has been a automatic loss.
  11. I like how Mike Scioscia will put garbage pitchers like Yoslin Herrera in pressure situations and keep letting him show he's awful but they bring up somebody like Morin with potential and he won't use him.
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