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    UndertheHalo reacted to Jason in Oregon state police: Reports of 10 dead at college   
    I am a gun owner and 2nd amendment supporter. I think people should have CCW permits if they can pass the training, real training. I don't think they should be given out to every person. Just because you are a law abiding citizen doesn't mean you have good judgment and can actually hit the side of a barn with a gun. Pistols are not that easy to handle and shoot. It takes a lot of training to do it right.  
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Jason in Oregon state police: Reports of 10 dead at college   
    I think you are right Under. There are going to be those that love the attention and will commit this type of act to get it. The best thing we can do is to focus on victims and why this happened. The shooter, as an individual, really isn't that important.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to tdawg87 in Season Over?   
    If the Angels win a WC spot I will shit my pants during sex on purpose.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to the dude abides in Oregon state police: Reports of 10 dead at college   
    This country basically said a collective "meh" when 20 six-year olds were slaughtered in their classroom.
    I'm guessing even less of a shit will be given for 10-20 college kids.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to mtangelsfan in Oregon state police: Reports of 10 dead at college   
    I'm really late to this discussion and I'm not going to read through all of the posts.  I'm sure the anger of the Angels loss last night will further incite this thread to be even more disfunctional than most.
    Regardless, I think you will be surprised to hear that I agree with you.  I just don't think we would want to focus on the same things.  While I do think that a discussion on what kind of weapons should be available and who should get them, I believe the main focus should be "why" these things are happening.  What brings a person to the point of wanting to end the lives of people they don't even know. 
    Any discussion that doesn't include that is just a band-aid on what is ailing this nation.  I know that this guy targeted Christians but I don't think that is the main point.  He was mentally ill and fell through the cracks. 
    By the way, it sounds like what he had were just handguns. 
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Tank in Bear revenge   
    maybe she needs to hook up with the boston fisherman dude. the conversation would be epic.
    "jay, did you see the size of that effin bear?"
    "please bear, stop eating our boat!"
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    UndertheHalo reacted to AngelsFanSince86 in Richards is as good as he'll get IMO   
    This is ridiculous, but kind of what I expect from these boards after a loss.  Richards has some of the best stuff in baseball.  He has command issues, but thats what happens when you throw high 90's with more movement and spin than any other pitcher in the game (even statcast has confirmed this).  Richards took years to find his control and before he could even get a year under his belt he got injured.  You thought he was just going to bounce back and be just as good as the year before?  How often does that happen?  He has still been solid and has posted a 73% quality start rate (exactly what he posted last year).  He's still young and has only 600 IP in the majors.  Chill out.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Fireball in ISIS delenda est   
    Trump will make America great again, build our military, has a great tax plan and getting that wall built.  Right now it is between myself and Gary Busey for project manager. 
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    UndertheHalo reacted to bloodbrother in Gameday Thread: 9/30 vs. Athletics - 4:05 p.m. start   
    Oh god....don't tell me the August Angels are showing back up again
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Second Base in Gameday Thread: 9/30 vs. Athletics - 4:05 p.m. start   
    We have to start hitting the ball right effing now. Stop letting Barry Zito dominate you. It's embarrassing.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Jay in OCR on Scioscia and the next GM   
    Actually the WS was 13 years ago.
    But there were 5 division titles, 2 trips to the LCS, and 3 trips to the LDS from 2002-2009.
    I guess you can say the organizational philosophy was reasonably successful during those years.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Inside Pitch in OCR on Scioscia and the next GM   
    Years ago Peter Gammons wrote an article about the Angels and how when minor leaguers came up it was a seamless transition in part because they were already used to what they would be expected to do at the MLB level....    That no longer seems to be the case.  Maybe this ties into that, and I can see why the two sides would be at odds.  So who was the hard ass here?  The manager that wanted guys to be able to bunt/whatever or the GM that didn't want them even working on it?   Not knowing who said what and what they were and weren't being told to do, it's hard to say.  My guess is the same old biases will slant people's opinions.  
    Also...  F the contact play.  Most annoying thing of the MS era....  
    Have you actually looked at the advance stats?  Because that's not at all what they actually say.  What most studies have determined is that it's counter productive if done at the wrong time or if you have people who are bad at it...  Bill James himself has done a 180 on the idea of bunting being always bad...   This is a really mathy article but it's an attempt to break down the data using batting order and other variables ... http://baseballanalysts.com/archives/2006/07/empirical_analy_1.php   You can really just skip to the bottom two paragraphs if you just want to see what the hypothesis is...  Like all saber stuff, it's all theoretical.   Basically, the real argument about bunting or not bunting and "productive outs" becomes whether or not getting ONE run is worth possibly costing yourself MORE runs you could have scored had not you given away an out.   So like stealing bases it's based entirely on the success rate.  Since most people are bad at it, the common belief has been not to do it.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Stradling in OCR on Scioscia and the next GM   
    Dipoto on Tueday said "the popular narrative" that he and Scioscia were "constantly at war" was "the furthest thing from the truth."
    Something tells me this will be ignored by a lot of people.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to yk9001 in All 30 MLB teams will play simultaneously for Game 162 this year   
    When the World Cup does it for the last games of pool play, it is very cool.
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    UndertheHalo got a reaction from Chuckster70 in AngelsWin.com represented in new Forbes article: 30 Major League Baseball Fan Clubs That Are Hitting It Out Of The Ballpark   
    this is a real cool thing, 
    Congrats Chuck and the rest of the AW team.  I know that i'm super appreciative of what you guys provide here for Angels fans.  Thanks for all that you do.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Chuckster70 in AngelsWin.com represented in new Forbes article: 30 Major League Baseball Fan Clubs That Are Hitting It Out Of The Ballpark   
    #10 Geoff Stoddart, Director of Social Media, AngelsWin.com 
    “In order to effectively grow a community of engaged fans, you need to provide them with a platform to speak.  You need to let them have a voice.  For AngelsWin.com, our community grew out of our fan forum message board.  In the days before Twitter and Facebook, our message board gave Angels fan a place to gather online.  They shared their joys and their frustrations.
    When the team made a move (or didn’t make a move), they would react and overact.  It gave them a place to talk about their favorite team with other people who also loved the team.  This platform was especially important for fans who had moved away from the Southern California area, but still wanted to stay connected to the Angels.
    As social media developed and grew in popularity, we’ve expanded our discussions to those platforms as well.  But our fan forum message board is still the heart and soul of what drives AngelsWin.com and our community.” 
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    UndertheHalo reacted to laagamer in We need to bring Latos back next year   
    Hear me out.
    The kid has a solid track record, and IMO his problems have been mechanical. 
    At 27, I'd much rather give him my money and see if he can work through his problems rather than sign someone over 30 for even more money.
    I'm officially in the "bring back Latos" wagon. 
    EDIT: I function under the opinion that we need pitching more than anything. And for the reduced price and his age, I'd say he's my best bet. 
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    UndertheHalo reacted to tdawg87 in DiPoto speaks   
    If you ever want to get Glen slightly miffed, refer to Dipoto as DiPoto.
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    UndertheHalo got a reaction from Troll Daddy in DiPoto speaks   
    Maybe its just me, I don't believe that Arte ordered Dipoto to sign Hamilton and Jerry just bobbed his head like a retard and did so. 
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    UndertheHalo reacted to Inside Pitch in DiPoto speaks   
    Did he say something beyond whats been tweeted?   Because I thought the tweet was pretty innocuous.  He said it was Arte's decision to make..  I'd assume every FA signing was Arte's decision to make.  Not sure there was anything offensive or even malicious in making that statement other than it's vague and can lead to speculation.
    Honestly, can this chapter of Angels baseball to be over with already??   The he said, she said, stuff is lame.  In one breath we have stories that JD was bent he was forced to move Hamilton, now we have a quote that can be interpreted many different ways including that it was someone else's call.   So why would he be bent over moving someone he didn't want?   More importantly -- who cares.   JD is gone, Hamilton is gone...  Whats done is done, it really doesn't matter anymore who's at fault -- just hire the guy who will fix it and then GTFO of his way.
    I look forward to an Angels era where there isn't a new insider leak every week and people in (and out of) the organization aren't coming across like a bunch of bitchy little gossips.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to IEAngelsfan in DiPoto speaks   
    Or maybe Dipoto was vehemently against the signing of Hamilton and was overruled by Arte.  When asked, he wanted to make it clear it wasn't his decision.  By the way, I do agree it was not the most professional response by him.  He probably should just glossed over that question.
    Look, I'm not a Dipoto nutswinger.  He did some very good things and he had his duds.  I just think people get so wrapped up in their beliefs of how things went down, they sometimes lose a little perspective.
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    UndertheHalo reacted to DoubleOffTheWall in Some magic brewing here   
    we still need houston to lose a game. we have no breathing room and its freaking me out. 
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    UndertheHalo got a reaction from ten ocho recon scout in Dipoto Accepts Seattle GM Job   
    it would be really funny if he trades for skaggs again.
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    UndertheHalo got a reaction from ten ocho recon scout in Dipoto is the new Naps   
    I don't understand why the Dipoto thing has to be so black and white. Seems clear to me that he made a couple of good moves and ****ed up some other moves. Like basically any other GM. Generally did a good job here IMO but his departure is not a complete disaster for the organization. At the same time, I believe had he stuck around he probably would have continued to make positive contributions. Scioscia is a powerful voice in the organization, he's earned that and theres nothing wrong with that. Jerry decided that the extra work required to align with Scioscia wasn't the type of dynamic he wanted to be a part of. Fair enough. (timing was horrific) We don't know details other then what Chuck allegedly passes along and the generic garbage we hear regurgitated by the media constantly. Theres 2 sides to every story. Lets just be done with it.
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    UndertheHalo got a reaction from Second Base in Gameday Thread: 9/28 vs. Athletics   
    I gotta admit, for being average to poor at everything baseball related Giavotella sure comes up with big hits a lot.