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  1. I was always feel somewhat badly for my Dodger friends each year (which makes me hate the team even more). But I don't know a single Dodger fan who isn't a Laker fan. Fuck em, take the asterisk.
  2. I'm sure they used rapid testing. It just takes a couple weeks to process the tweet and cross the name out of the lineup.
  3. Dodger fans are already in defense mode after 47 minutes or whatever. Can't even enjoy one night of their title. It's beautiful.
  4. Seriously, who believes in God these days? Especially after tonight.
  5. You think he wanted to talk about giving them retroactive rings for the next 32 years? I can't think of a single reason why baseball wouldn't do everything they could for the Dodgers this year. I didn't watch much of the playoffs, but the strikezone was hilarious in their Angel games.
  6. This. They're cheaters too, but the real reason is the lack of atmosphere. We already knew they were a great exhibition game team. I don't even believe in "clutchness"; but with their track record, they need to do it with fans.
  7. Fully aware, but I still can't fathom dipping my pen in the Dodger vagina. I get that there are Angels/Rams/UCLA fans. But there are far more Dodger combos, so it's best to avoid the situation entirely. Like do you want the cholos in the bathtub to be happy? Like I said, my conscience is clean.
  8. All of those teams have awful colors too, which is the only other reason for fandom other than location. I mean I guess different strokes but...
  9. Twas wondering the same thing. I'll also never understand how an Angel fan can like the Rams or Lakers. I guess I'm just lucky to have no conflicts of interest, since all Denver and Gainesville teams are chill.
  10. Unfortunately MLB is going to guarantee these cheaters get a ring, since that's what they consider a "good story" (read: $). Chiefs, Lakers, Dodgers is as bad as it gets. Lighting are fine, but does NHL even count? Expect a Rams SB.
  11. Yep. Basilico's in HB is next. Can't believe I patronized them once back in '03 or so.
  12. Angels just needed to bring back Eppler and Simmons, and they were set. Thanks, Moreno!
  13. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/new-hampshire-restaurant-shuts-its-doors-rather-enforce-mask-mandate-n1244319 Things more surprising than the fact that he open carries and calls women "Ma'am":
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