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  1. Unranked? Do they give up after the top 28?
  2. Worst thing to happen to baseball since they banned the 1st to 3rd play.
  3. I can't think of any, and I hope not.
  4. People are seriously sleeping on Michael Stefanino this year.
  5. Not Eppy's MO. Remember he had to unload Maybin to bring in Upton and Phillips.
  6. Can Upton, Goodwin, and Adell all be on the team at the same time?
  7. It still pisses me off that people know WilBrim for diabetes and not Blair.
  8. I'm just glad I lived long enough to almost see my dream of Taylor Ward traded. Now if they could somehow squeeze Thaiss, Jones, and Hermo into the deal...
  9. Oh wow, I once thought about starting a CPA truck/van called Pete O'File.
  10. Yep, why would I just randomly mention the Rays? The Rays have had no dropoff since AFried. Meanwhile the 2013 Dodgers were probably their best team of the decade.
  11. This pleases the media personality formerly known as Trent Shalom.
  12. I'm saying the Rays are still good without him (and As too, for that matter). And he has failed so far at the easiest job in the league.
  13. Dodgers have never been the best team in baseball, while having by far the most resources. Meanwhile the Rays keep crushing it. So maybe that GM is an idiot.