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  1. I do like the "Astros have to play 3 innings of every game in flip-flops" idea.
  2. AK had 5 RBIs in an 8-run win in a 4-1 series. I'll take the extra 3-5 wins per year that Edmonds provided.
  3. Was the 8/01/12 game the one where Kendry had HRs from both sides of the plate in the same inning? I believe CJ also blew another 8-0 lead at some point in his Angel tenure. The 5-0 lead he blew against the Dodgers in 2013 was not fun. Last game of 2015, simply due to the deflation after the incredible 2nd to last game. Also 2015, Houston Street giving up I believe a 3-run HR to Marisnick or some ass on the Asstros. Didn't watch, but the 6-run 9th inning lead in 2017 (was this against the Ms, after the Angles had done the same earlier in the year?). There was a game against the Orioles where BMo hit a ball off the top of the wall and was stranded at 2nd, in a 1-run loss. 2018 against Seattle, Upton ties it against Diaz in the 9th, only to go back and forth and lose in extras. 13-run bottom of the 1st against Oakland was kind of funny. Matt Stairs!
  4. Wasn't Simmons betterish than Lindor in 2017-2018? And regardless of the better offense, there's no way Lindor is more entertaining. I'm just not a fan of trading GOATs. The Angels have 3 right now, and I'd like it to stay that way.
  5. Yeah that does sound right, although I'm not sure if Ohtani has the OBP for leadoff. Haven't read the platoon section, as I am pretty lazy.
  6. I just don't see the benefit of batting him 3rd over 4th in that case, other than more at bats. But 4th has a 0% chance of facing the death situation. Obviously there's more than just the 1st inning, but that's just the easiest to think about since it's set in stone. And I just trust the numbers to include great offenses over the years like the Trot Nixon Red Sox, so I try not to think about how the quality of the offense would affect things. I think at the end of the day Trout should stay at #2, (or maybe go crazy and Ponce de Leon him at leadoff). Then go Rendon leadoff for the OBP and Ohtani #4 for the power. #3 should just be whomever hits the fewest DPs between La Stella and Upton. I would think this would be Stella, and he's also the lefty that helps Trout steal and lets Upton protect Ohtani from the lefty specialists, assuming they don't fake injuries (I hope people do fake injuries because fuck that rule).
  7. Trout and Rendon at 1 and 4 (either order) actually makes a lot of sense. Best OBPs leading off the 1st and 2nd.
  8. Ever noticed how all of this team's problems started when they dropped Pujols from 3 to 4?
  9. I just don't like anyone good hitting 3rd, especially Trout, since that spot is the most likely to come up in the worst situation (2 outs, nobody on). Meanwhile the cleanup hitter either has men on base or leads off the 2nd. I remember thinking through 1st inning scenarios where you'd rather have your best hitter 3rd than 4th, and I think the only one I came up with involved a triple and a sac fly.
  10. Yeah I doubt it happens either, but the Disastros do it with Springer. You could swap Ohtani/Rendon and Stella/Upton for the RLR split, but technically the leadoff guy should lean OBP.
  11. From The Book. I didn't do the math myself, but it seems basic enough that it wouldn't have been superseded in recent years. For one thing, would you rather have Rendon up with 0 outs or with 2 outs and nobody on?
  12. The rule is best hitters 1, 2, and 4. 4th/5th best 3 and 5. I don't like fucking with math.
  13. Holy shit, are they actually doing that? Thank god; now I finally get to see an injury delay before commercial after each batter.
  14. Ah, the old antiquated R-L-R thing vs antiquated lineup protection thing. I'd put Ohtani between them, simply because he's probably the worst of the 3 and none will bat leadoff. But the ideal lineup would probably be: Rendon Trout Upton Ohtani La Stella
  15. Trout Rendon Ohtani Upton Thaiss would make @tomsred happy.