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    Angels baseball, craft beer, Disneyland, and my boyfriend make my heart happy.
    Twitter = @epicbeergirl

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  1. Drinking a Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing Company at @fathombistro23 — http://t.co/kQ9GVxGLVl

  2. Oh, yeah, and I love the San Diego.

  3. Rad!!!! RT @Jeremy_Danner: .@NeighborDon mowed (part of) my yard. Let's go @royals! http://t.co/Kj9JcKlKbC

  4. RT @SocieteMike: Those beer nerds at the @fourbrewersshow are at it again today...hangout with them for Session 7, tonight at 5:30pm: https…

  5. Super excited for @PIXIES tonight but just got an e-mail about upcoming tiny @Weezer show which am hoping can get tix to!!!!#fingerscrossed

  6. RT @xochi44: @epicbeergirl @fureousangel pssh. She's terrified of anything that's booze. Oh have you guys seen this? http://t.co/159oOv52XT

  7. Love that when I tell #HoppyFiona to go to bed she listens, she is such a silly puppy!!!#puppylove… http://t.co/FviLeRN95T

  8. Dinner at fast food restaurant filled with kids on a Friday night is a teacher's worst nightmare.

  9. Listening to #Pavement on the way to work, today's gonna be a good day.

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