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  1. So this got me thinking so I went in to the app and found the opt-out... "DO NOT SELL MY DATA" HAD to RE-login THEN Had to fill out a form THEN Had to do a captcha THEN Had to do ANOTHER captcha THEN Had to have them send me an e-mail to verify my e-mail address THEN They will review my request and get back to me. Makes sense, I am sure there are LOTS of people looking to opt people out of marketing lists. By the way, you CAN get printed tickets if you pay $100 to the Angels for the privilege. And they are still sticking to the health
  2. I could make this a rant but I'll just put this here for discussion. Got an e-mail to renew my season seats. The ONLY delivery option is through MLB Ballpark app. I would MUCH rather get hard tickets but they are saying they are doing it this way FOR HEALTH CONCERNS. I don't believe that for a minute. They have been trying to get people to go e-delivery for a few years now, now they are using COVID as an excuse. Maybe it's as simple as saving the cost of printing them, maybe it's so they can flex even more control on the after-market, maybe both, maybe something else. It does ir
  3. Got notified a while ago that we won a prize in the early pay incentive program for season seat holders. A spring training trip? No... 4 Diamond club seats with dinner? No... We won the fabulous prize of picking up our tickets in person. Check that... Driving an hour and half for the privilege of saving them the shipping cost. Oh we've been promised refreshments and "special surprises". They want me to drive there to sign "some paperwork" before they could arrange an appointment for me to then come pick up the tickets. Got them to agree to fax me the papers I have to sign first,
  4. Ain’t gonna lie, I’m fat. Typically wear 4X for comfort though I can get by with 3X. Team store (except for a very small section) does not accommodate the portly fan except in the authentic jerseys of which I have enough already. Walmart has some stuff but it is generally poor quality. Anyone know where I can get some quality ‘tub-o-lard’ size stuff?
  5. It just means that the Angers will be in full-on menstruation mode... Just like every other time we come to town.
  6. I was kind of surprised how good of tickets were available for the SSH presale. Got some in 221 for G1 and 6. I suspect that won't be the case for the WS.
  7. Damn. All this time I thought I was from this planet.
  8. Will be there for each and every postseason home game. Just like every other postseason home game in Angels' history.
  9. I would hate to have to play the Wild Card game under NL rules... (Hope it's not a craig...)
  10. I dunno but it's a safe bet Trout has checked out her rack.
  11. Playoff tickets are going out! I'll bet A's fans are just as excited as we are!
  12. Tony Granado. Bill Engvall has a Diamond Club box but it's often empty by the 6th inning.
  13. Upload it to Verlander`s account so we can all see it.
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