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  1. My cousin keeps his boat there and been out a couple times, love it there. I was only making a funny at Redondo for adding "Trump flags everywhere." Personally to me, go on out to Havasu and have a blast, everyone should be able to make their personal decisions. And you are right, you are more likely to be hit by a drunk boat leaving party cove than getting the rona.
  2. Woo-hoo, nothing yells FREEDOM more than displaying your Trump merch proudly. Was everyone partying and popping Hydroxy.
  3. Yes, now that things are opening up again you can find them on the beach with their AR's.
  4. Chuck's CEO is in India, or China, or Bangladesh.
  5. Serious question. Your thoughts on hummus. I try my best to have more vegetables in my meals, prob need a little more fruit but I just don't get hummus. Hopefully this doesn't sound racist.
  6. I thought I called customer service
  7. Ya lets not shit ourselves, that guy is back dooring right back in there. At this point you could run God against him and God was deleting his e-mail server and needs to be locked up.
  8. Damn Sam, I missed some good shit today. My new job which they paid me for and now I have to actually work I am still ranked a a nimble learner. I think Blarg did my review.
  9. My boy did it. I kept telling him he would climb his way up that toad stool. Who needs your Congressman to be a sycophant enabler with a whole play book of conspiracy theories anyway, that should be for someone more experienced like a director of national intelligence.
  10. But if you are just tallying lib owning points may as well be her.
  11. Much easier on the eyes than her predecessor. I forgot what she said though.
  12. I'll tell you anything you need to know but please don't make me see that again.
  13. Very well said, I liked that.