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  1. I think a kindergartner is smart enough to say, whoa fuck, this dude is full of shit and crazy. He is addressing a rally crowd who for the most part have been lobotomized.
  2. Or you just lose interest because the Yankees end up signing him and we end up with Joe Blanton.
  3. Just stop, ok I am wrong. What does the "L" stand for in your name, "Lifetime?"
  4. ok, fine fuck it. You are a shining example. I can play all day Trumper.
  5. I did give you an example. Multiple people have told me Obama ruined the economy and country and Trump has saved it. It really isn't that far fetched to understand that I am not making that up. p.s. go to Breitbart and InfoWars to see examples that people may repeat.
  6. Come to Texas, I will line them up for you.
  7. Fair point and correct. I just have to debate hundreds of Texans who claim he saved the world.
  8. This is a good debate point. You do know how many people continuously say Obama destroyed the economy when that simply is false. So for Trumpsters they love Trump's economy because he revived it from the ruins Obama left it in. Fat Tangelo says it all the time himself. Just checking if you do know that when telling people they are crying.
  9. Be fun to see if Trump could tweet "unironically" in a coherent sentence.
  10. Biden will sneak up behind him and touch his hair and try and sniff it.
  11. If he did call it was just for take out. He's a huge fan of Chicken Kyiv and Potato Pancakes. That's a phone call you can't forget.
  12. Apparently people are taking Devin's phone and calling Rudy and Ukranians on it. People, do not be taking poor Devin's phone and making prank calls on it. Gotta be libs up to no good.
  13. The toddler bully being bullied, no way. I do wonder how much Boris Johnson's hair follicals would be worth to Trump.