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  1. I could retire comfortably just on the costs to spray paint his face daily.
  2. Since that's a Dodger I am all for that idea.
  3. Trump showing Melanie his greatest chapter 11 of all time.
  4. If you said Indian Ocean Trump would say so are you dot or are you feather.
  5. It is clear Trump can get more Indians to a Pow-Wow than Pocahontis ever will.
  6. Trump will want to buy India now
  7. I think he is making reference to the size of the bag you pack to the game.
  8. I was thinking as posing as a gay soccer dad to pick up on soccer moms.
  9. When you have these acid flashbacks do you at least bowl and drive around sometimes.
  10. I decided to even make a couple signs in protest.
  11. You know what's funny, I probably won't even vote. ============================== You can do it!
  12. The current guy in there is after all the power he can usurp and then put it all in his hands alone and yet 45% of the country is gung-ho for that. MAGA's sure seem to think he has earned the right to take all the power he needs under the guise of he is doing it all for them.