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  1. Well is it possible that woman is his GF or Wife? Somewhere Bill Cosby is like "Seee, your doing it wrong zippity zappity doo...you gotta spike the jello puddin pop!"
  2. I was thinking to myself last night that if Trout continues to do what he is doing, he could quite literally go down at the BEST player in the history of Baseball. it's getting to the point where there is nobody left to compare him to. It's crazy to say that because I try not to get too excited about all the hype around Trout to keep things in perspective, but he keeps surpassing all the hype.
  3. So everyone was talking about Harper and how he has "arrived". Sorry Bryce, this is Trouts world and you are just living in it. MVP!
  4. Actually stole my source from Reddit, lol
  5. Crazy Random Fact: Mike Trout led off his first All Star Game with a single, second with a double, third with a triple, and this one with a HR. The All Star Game cycle.
  6. Koufax is nothing but class. Great to see him out there.
  7. 'effin DiPoto! Okay, not really, I am happy for Kirk though.
  8. Honestly I'm happy with this. Stoneman presided over our WS championship team, and I think remained with the team as a consultant after he retired.
  9. He finally found where he stashed his Jobu doll when he moved out West. He's got the good moojoo going now.
  10. Welp, guess he won't be wearing a Halo cap when he enters Cooperstown... ....when he takes his family there on vacation.
  11. I'm sure Chuck has bought the rights to "HamiltonWinsLOL.com"
  12. You should have seen how quiet this place got when we were racking up wins last season. This site is way more interesting when there are things to bitch about
  13. Mike Trout be like "Hey Bryce, what took you so long to get here?"
  14. Sounds like Reynolds is shooting a porno up in the booth. "MMMMmm"
  15. Its funny to think that AJ Pierzynski could be douchier than a racist, cleat spiking, asshole like Ty Cobb, but yeah Pierzynski is that big of a douche.
  16. Maybe we could trade Trout for that Hamilton kid in Texas I keep hearing about....
  17. What is up with it? I could lay carpet in my house better than the turf at the Skydome Rogers Center. Not to mention every time the ball hits the turf it releases some black crap that looks like the lost souls of every HR Joe Blanton allowed.
  18. Just wait until the collection agency starts calling GRich: "Umm, Mr. Richards, you are now 90 days overdue on this bat invoice, we are going to have to take you to court..."
  19. I wish him the best of luck professionally and personally......and I also hope he strikes out a crap load of times when he plays us. Can we send Joyce with him to Texas?
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