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  1. 1 hour ago, Chuckster70 said:

    Speaking of the impending Civil War. Has anyone else had a tough time getting ammo? 

    I may have to drive through two states to get some more.

    Let me know what you need and I'll pick some up the next time I head your way. Montana isn't lacking in ammo

  2. I've only recently posted in the political forum. I regret it most of the time, but im bored AF stuck working at home so I have nothing better to do.


    I'm voting for Biden, Chuck knows that I lean left but I have nothing but respect for those who want to vote for Trump in November. Just like in 2016 if Trump gets to 270 he will be my President for another 4 years.  I tend to stay away from he extreme end of either party.


    I don't think Trump has been a particularly good President, but unlike a lot of people I don't hate him. I also think Biden is creepy AF and will probably keel over 30 days into his potential Presidency, but I like him a thousand times more than Hilary (That's not saying much, lol)

  3. Just now, st1ckboy said:

    You must not have saw that video with him saluting the helicopter. He looked better than he did 20 years ago.

    Because 20 years ago he was unable to salute a helicopter? Also I doubt he was trying to catch his breath 20 years ago.

  4. 2 minutes ago, st1ckboy said:

    He's already beat it. You saw him yesterday looking like a complete badass at the White House. 

    By beat it you mean 'Struggling to catch his breath". 


    Hopefully getting the best medical care in the world allows him to recover quickly from this, but he most likely still has a week or so of recovery left, I'm hoping the worst of it is over though, but you never know with this thing. He has not beat it yet.

  5. I tried personally to see this season in a different light, because I was prepared to not even have a baseball season this year. I saw the 60 game schedule as this weird experiment where nothing would matter in the end, there were even moments where I figured the season could just end without a World Series.


    With that being said it didn't work so well as I am still insanely disappointed with the season and the thought of a Mike Trout approaching his 30's and our team still letting me down season after season. I'm not burnt out I'm just fed up with incrementally getting "better" while simultaneously getting worse at the same time.

  6. 20 minutes ago, gotbeer said:

    Actually you can't do that.  Supreme Court already ruled about faithless electors.

    This is true, but not every state has a law requiring the electors of that state to be directly tied to the popular vote in that state. A faithless elector can not go against what the state law requires, but if the legislator of the state appoints their own electors (in accordance with whatever the specific state allows) it is not considered a faithless elector.

  7. 20 hours ago, Ace-Of-Diamonds said:

    The idea of any President doing this scares the crap out of me.


    The scary part of this is that it is possible due to the tremendous power that states have to run their own elections, so you could conceivably see a State that has a GOP run legislative body vote to send their own electors bypassing the state vote. Now there are states that have laws on the books that the electors have to be chosen based on the popular vote, and the Supreme Court did rule against "unfaithful electors" in a decision earlier this year. You also have the possibility of a Governor signing off on one set of electors, while the legislature of the state signing off on another set of electors, at which point the Congress that is sworn in on Jan 6th will chose which set to accept, but the very concept of a Presidential campaign actively working with a state to bypass votes is a scary concept.


    Only in the event of actual/proven voter fraud should this idea ever be approached, and even then you should have a consensus from both parties and various intelligence agencies that the voter fraud happened. Donald Trump is not, and should not be the sole authority on whether or not voter fraud actually took place. 


    If you are a Donald Trump supporter that supports this approach to bypass votes without actual proven voter fraud then you should be ashamed of yourself, because clearly you just want your guy to win at any cost. I would like to hope that either this report is inaccurate, or this would only be invoked in the actual event of proven verified voter fraud and not just the word of one of the candidates in the election.

  8. On 8/15/2020 at 11:22 AM, tdawg87 said:

    Lol @ anyone defending this horseshit.

    It's not at all surprising, but still.

    Yeah it's pretty obvious that Trump and DeJoy are trying to mess with the USPS before the election to gum up mail-in ballots as much as possible.


    People all of a sudden caring about the fact that the Postal Service is running while being in debt has a weak argument to defend this. They've had this issue for a long time and should have been reformed along time ago, and anyone with a brain knows that its not a coincidence the timing of this happening right before the election. It's politics and Trump using the Executive powers of the Presidency to have an affect on the election. Trump knows what he's doing.

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