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  1. I am glad that I will be able to watch this game today!
  2. This is great news and a great pairing. Welcome Halos Nation fans!
  3. I really like Calhoun a lot. He brings so much to the table. He doesn't have any one skill that dominates, but is so good at all aspects of the game. I agree with Scott that as a starter he could post a 270 avg with 15-20 HRs and SBs. As a left-handed bat off the bench he would be good, but I think that he can be much more. Sadly, I could see him traded because of that. Another team in need might value the overall consistency that he brings to the game. As for Grichuk, I think he will still develop. He is young, but made big strides in his first full and healthy season. He is a very hard worker, and has a good head on his shoulders. He has the skills to be a Major Leaguer. The power will still develop, and if the plate discipline continues to develop, he will.
  4. Great job Greg! I really enjoyed the analysis. I am looking forward to more articles from you. I agree that the defensive end can't be compared because they played different spots. I would also add that adding a left handed bat and giving the lineup balance was a big factor in signing him. And, lastly, the effect of pairing two power hitters in a row will have a bigger effect on Pujols compared to what Hunter would give. Looking at Aybar's second half, I think that he will flourish there. He may not give as much power as Hunter did there, but will get Trout into plenty of scoring opportunities for Pujols and Hunter. So, the Angels will be better off overall compared to last year. Welcome aboard, and keep up the good analysis!
  5. The Kingfish is truly an awesome person to meet. I'm sure he'll have some great stories to share, and fans won't want to miss this opportunity. DO NOT BE LATE to FANFEST!!!!
  6. I love how you did a great job and got him to commit to coming back to us. I can see a mid-season interview in the works already. GREAT WORK!!!
  7. It's definitely easy to root for Grichuk. He's a great kid, has a great attitude, works VERY hard, and has all the tools. I think 2013 is a year where he can really open some eyes, I know that the ballpark in Double-A is not an easy place for hitters, but, the coaches and everyone will notice just how good a kid he is. And, I think he can still post solid numbers even in that league, especially if fans focus on XBH totals, rather than specific things like dingers. He's making the improvements, and hopefully does have a breakout year. Long-term, I don't think 15-20 HRs in the Majors is out of the question, along with 12-15 SBs.
  8. If only people knew how much money was "made" by non-profits for so-called charity, but really do NOT go to charitable activities, they'd demand and end to the exempt status for all charities. The last time I looked, less than about 100 of the over 1 million charities had over 80% of their proceeds go to charitable activities. Most charities are lucky if more than 10% actually do. The rest go to employ people fundraising and to pay for wonderful promo items that make the donors feel good, but don't do good work.
  9. Victor, Once again you are proving what a class act is, IMHO. I don't know if you saw my interview with Eddie Guardado (it's posted on the site), but as a fan, I really enjoy seeing players and celebrities using their fame to help good causes. It would be a lot harder for any one person without the celebrity status to achieve the level of support that a celebrity can generate by getting behind a cause. Thanks for showing that there is a lot more to baseball than just the game on the field.
  10. I like Jimenez a lot, but, he is a very streaky hitter, which goes along with lack of plate discipline. He can carry a team for a week or so, then disappear for a while. If he can cut that bit down, he would be a Major Leaguer. I think he can have a future at a bench spot, but will need to expand his defensive skill set. He's a good insurance policy on Callaspo in the event something happens, but I still see Cowart as the future at 3B for the Angels.
  11. I would like to see (and believe that this could happen) Calhoun making the team. He is a left-handed bat, has some pop, has some speed, and can play all the OF positions (although nowhere near as good as PB or Trout in CF). He's a great kid who brings a lot of intangibles to the game and has nothing left to prove in the Minors.
  12. I always love seeing athletes still involved in the community and doing good. Eddie is truly a class act, and deserves to be recognized as such by baseball fans, regardless if he played for our team or not.
  13. Kody Mac, We would always welcome new submissions. If you have a topic or something to say, go for it!
  14. I'm glad that Langston will be joining the radio broadcast team full time. It would be nice if they would also bring in a hitter from time to time to give that perspective on the game.
  15. Getting very excited. A new look to the website, a great Fanfest planned, all sorts of things. I can hardly wait. Oh yeah, this is my first post in here!
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