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    William Wilson

    Hey so some of you who know me on social media know that my grandfather passed in May of last year. He and I really bonded over Angels baseball in the past 25 years as we always went to one game at least when I was a kid when we’d go to his rental beach house in Newport Beach every summer. In recent years we’d always watch games together and we watched game 7 together in 2002 spontaneously (he drove up to LA from Palm Springs for the game) because we wanted to celebrate together when they won. His name was William “Bill” Wilson. So I have a new favorite prospect. (I also Attached a photo of him and my grandmother with CJ’s dad. I’d gotten them Wilson jerseys and he spotted hem when they were in the crowd. Not a lot of Wilson jerseys in the crowd in 2014.)
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    A friend of the family's is in Cooperstown and knowing we are Angels fans, shared this picture with us. Out of all the jersey's that could have been displayed, it was nice to Vlad pay tribute to Nick:
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    Jeff Fletcher

    Why are fans like this??

    I’m going to rant to you guys because on Twitter there are even more irrational people than here. In my story today I quoted a few Angels basically saying they care and they are trying. Lack of motivation is not why they’re losing. This seems fairly obvious to me because I’ve talked to players for 22 years I know that’s how they’re wired. But fans don’t want to accept it. They refuse to believe that it’s possible to just not be good enough. It must be that the players “don’t care.” I suppose the only way to look like you “care” is to have a bunch of blow ups and tantrums on the field whenever anything doesn’t go your way, like a team of 3-year-olds. That’s all. Carry on.
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    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    It's so hard to fathom. I know how hard it is hitting me and my family, and we only met him a few times and had some brief conversations. I can't imagine how those closest to him feel right now. Rest in Peace Tyler
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    so he went from assistant GM to assistant GM
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    TDawg, grab your lube.

    Got to catch the Angels workout at Tempe Diablo stadium yesterday. We walked up just as Mike Trout and the other outfielders were starting long toss. Trout was standing about 20 feet away from us and my 5 year old (who has a baseball knowledge limited to Mike Trout, "Go Angels" and me telling him to stop playing in the dirt at T-Ball games) says loudly "where's Mike Trout?" Mike turns around and waves to him. Then he runs over after warming up and gives my son the ball he was using. He also later signed the ball too. Quality guy. Friendly and down to earth. The Angels and us fans are extremely lucky.
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    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Well, Eppler's test included a portion where the candidate has to write an essay. Ausmus wrote the essay, and Chavez wrote his friend in Pomona.
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    K: No one gives a shit.
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    Start two threads about it
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    Andrew HeaneyVerified account‏@Heandog8 Can't wait to join the @Angels and get started with an amazing Org. Thank you for this opportunity and lets go Halos!!!
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    Server Maintenance last night

    This is what happens when we let a Cubs fan create a game day thread two days early.
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    Trout's Tribute to Aaron Cox

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/trout-shares-emotional-tribute-to-late-brother-in-law/ar-BBMlG4q Aaron, words can’t describe the emotions that I’ve been feeling the past week and a half,” Trout wrote in the emotional message. “You were more than just my brother-in-law… you were my best friend. You made such an impact on my life since the day I first met you. You were an amazing person inside & out that showed us all how to live life to the fullest. Seeing and hearing about your impact on other people are all things that made me a better person every single day. The things we have done together like hunting trips, family vacations, golfing, fishing, and all the fun times we had together I will cherish forever… you brought so much happiness and joy to my life every time I was with you. You will always be remembered for your crazy dance moves and your big smile and how much you cared for people and our family. You were always the life of the party and you were always making people laugh. You were a great kid and it kills me to know that you are gone… I can’t thank you enough for what you have meant to me over these last 11 years. I know you will be watching over me now that you are gone, I promise to take care of your sister and watch over your whole family. Heaven got a great one and I know I will see you again someday… I love you bro!!!!
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    Results don’t matter to the Angels.. we all know that. Mike Scisocia has been to the playoffs 1 time since 2009 and leads us year after year to mediocre results. Yet he stays. Albert Pujols, Luis Valbuena, etc make it to clear to me that winning just isn’t at the forefront. Moreno is chasing money and couldn’t care less about winning a World Series, or even making the playoffs for that matter. They get the best player in baseball and F*ck it up big time, can only get him to the playoffs once. Fire the entire coaching staff, release valbuena, force pujols to the bench. Thats what the RED SOX/YANKEES/CARDS etc. would do... because losing isn’t acceptable.
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    Deserves his own thread 3-5 with 2 doubles, hr and 4 rbi.
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    I think most would. Like the fans of the other 29 teams for example. Every pitcher in baseball. Etc etc.
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    Highlight of the Pujols era
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    What's funny is that my initial reaction wasn't shock, or anger, or sadness, it was honestly "Gee that isn't a surprise" I'll bump this thread if the April Fools joke is prophetic down the line....
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    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    That might be the most coherent and thought out thing calscuf has ever posted...which leads me to believe someone has hacked his account
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    would they really jump 20-25 spots? I find that hard to believe
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    That's all true, by the way. I have a leftover quote from Tim Salmon that didn't fit into my story today... "I know the fans are probably wanting something more, but over time they’ll come to realize what they had. The grass is not always greener. You've got to be careful what you wish for."
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    Let me be more specific. Somewhere between Brandon Wood and Babe Ruth
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    Is this perfect or what?

    For parking so crooked I would have expected to see a Hillary bumper sticker.
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    While we're eliminating the shift to increase offense can we also eliminate breaking balls? Hitters have trouble adjusting to them and it leads to too many outs. My friends 5 year old with ADD hates watching Josh Hamilton strike out on an outside slider. Now he only watched football.
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    This makes me a little sad.
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    Angels fire Brad Ausmus

    I really don't care about Ausmus but firing a manager after one season to me just seems like a sign of dysfunction.
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    Our current rotation

    That rotation sounds like one of Scotty's "sick rotation" posts in the minor league thread from 2016.
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    Inside Pitch

    Ken Rosenthal on the Angels

    Basically he says the following. They are almost 100% healthy. They arent likely to ADD at the break. Canning and Suarez look legit and it bodes well for the long term. Next years rotation likely features Ohtani, Skaggs, Heaney, Canning and Suarez with Cole looking like a great potential fit. The most expensive pitcher in the group is Skaggs and he's cheap. They are losing nearly 30 mil in salary on the terrible trio The only other contract they need to consider is Kole's 14 mil option -- they can platoon him or go with Adell. The farm system is a lot better than it was The swung and missed on FA pitchers last year -- but adding Cole would be a "perfect" start. So, either he's been reading AW.com or he's not blind and sees what most people are seeing. Shit is getting better.
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    Meh....i feel like a battered wife when the husband in the greasy v neck says hes sorry, it wont happen again.
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    Being an older guy who's endured an awful lot of seasons like this, I've reached a point where I no longer live and die with this team. I enjoy baseball and am thankful I get to watch a generational talent like Trout and see the magic of Simmons on a daily basis. I'm also thankful for the chance to see Pujols though I wish he still had some of his brilliance more often. Theyre clearly not going anywhere this year but I'll continue to watch because they're my team. i look forward to them being competitive again.
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    In before somebody says that this analogy is only to catch Scioscia's attention.
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    True Grich


    Boy... you'd think this team was 0-6.
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    Turn the page on the obsession

    You do you and let Lou do Lou.
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    arch stanton


    At least they've got Chris Davis locked up long term
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    Love him or hate him, he's one of the greatest Angels of all time. He took the baseball in the biggest game in franchise history and threw a gem. He was also the ace of the staff for at least half a decade after that. Congrats on a great career and thanks for the memories, Big John.
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    ESPN WORST 10 MLB Ballparks Listing

    Well, it's pretty obvious ESPN hasn't looked at the Cactus League standings lately.
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    Stop with the cheap owner you fucktards! The Rays, Brewers, Marlins, A's, Diamondbacks, etc... All have cheap owners. 24 other teams spend less on payroll so shut your stupid whore mouths!
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    Mattingly, Dodgers part ways

    Chuck, get the towels !!! The circle-jerk is about to begin
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    Dipoto Accepts Seattle GM Job

    NO way...doesn't he know he is never going to have another job in baseball?
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    DiPoto speaks

    New here, long time reader. 1. I think Dipoto's departure was more planned than many think. One example is the real estate listing for his Newport Beach house, posted less than 24 hours after his resignation. Agent, full pictures, house looks staged. 2. I think the SS Scioscia and coaches were only a portion of the problem. Yes probably stubborn, passive resistant, and treated some analytic work as noise. Dipoto probably wished he had his own manager in there. Overall Dipoto could have felt he lacked sufficient power in the organization to implement his ideas. Limited by inconsistent (or worse) Moreno-who knows what really happened in the Hamilton fiasco? Possibly even Stoneman second guessing. The good ship Angels could have been very hard to steer-far beyond what he expected when taking the GM position. 3. Like many here I'm sad to see Dipoto go. I liked the direction he was taking the organization. We sat behind him in Tempe Diablo for two games. He was sitting with scouts in first few rows, one day with his wife. Everything I saw from him was positive, energetic, note taking, friendly interactions with others. Most did not recognize him, but looked happy to interact with fans who did. Moreno was in dugout during games. In both days did not see Dipoto interact with Moreno or Scioscia. 4. Hope for the best for him. Dipoto himself seems to accept (in statement) he may have to start lower on the totem pole somewhere. As posted many places Arte needs to butt out, and Scioscia move on or accept change. Hope one of Jerry's guys in front office eventually get the job.
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    I want my toast with paragraph breaks.

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