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    What do the 2017 Astros and 2018 Red Sox have in common?? Alex Cora.. RIP
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    Adell for ROY?

    man, it’s going to really blow ass if this guy sucks shit.
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    my favorite AW post was when failos said that Scioscia insulted the entire nation of Japan because he like pinch hit for Ohtani or something back when they thought he struggled with lefties. He then proceeded to argue vigorously with other posters about this point. Failos felt he knew this because he was claiming to be an expert on Japanese baseball. I have a strong suspicion that he was high or otherwise intoxicated that night. A great AW experience. my favorite Angels moment is pretty easy. When Trout and Pujols made Fernando Rodney blow a save and they mocked his annoying archer thing. That owned. A close runner up was when Trout hit a walk off home run to beat White Sox. I think it may have been a grand slam. It may have been in 2014. Anyway, the White Sox broadcast was so great. Hawk Harrelson sounded like he was going to step out of the booth and euthanize himself. Awesome. And for shits and giggles I’ll give a 3rd place moment. When the Angels had that insane rally against the A’s back in 2015. I think it was the 4th or 3rd to last game of the season. Anyway, after that game they still were alive for the wild card. They blew the next game or two and did not make it of course. But that game was incredible and the last time it felt like the playoffs were possible late in a season. anyway, happy new year AW !!
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    Yes. If ever there was a case where the Angels had a free pass at service time manipulation, it was Ohtani. He was awful in spring training and no one would have blinked if they’d started him in the minors. But they didn’t. That leads me to believe that they’d roll with Adell on opening day if they think he’s ready.
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    Dodgers still without a title, no harm no foul.
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    Maeda Kenta

    "Trade for Maeda Kenta not likely Angels will. Gray Jonathan better fits I think. Off Season Positive though Rendon Anthony difference maker in Lineup he is."
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    In a lot of cases the predictive stuff is still based on the old concept of FIP, which I think has been pretty thoroughly debunked. The idea that pitchers have no control of the quality of contact simply goes against common sense.
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    If they add Chirinos, the offense gets even better. And then if we can swing a trade for another starter, I think this could easily be the 2nd best team in the West. Obviously injuries will happen, but we have depth now at pretty much every position (besides catcher). Throw in some good luck for a change and maybe. I'm expecting a breakout year from Canning. I think he will be the 2nd best pitcher on the team in 2020. He'll be 24, and has 90 innings under his belt already. I think an off-season of working with Callaway will do wonders for him. I expect 150-160 innings with an ERA around 3.50. I also fully believe in Upton rebounding. He will be a 2.5-3.0 WAR player in 2020.
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    It really is incredible that some of you have watched this team over the last 3 and 4 years and think that “goddamn, if not for the incompetence of Billy Eppler the Angels could have been repeating 2014” im sorry, you guys running with that take are baby brained morons. You’re completely excluding the injuries and the genuinely bad rosters that the Angels have had. Those 2016 and 2017 teams were extremely bad and the presence of Mike Trout probably had the effect of keeping them from being 100 game losers. Which, was actually maybe bad. They got lucky to get Adell. But this team has had middling picks. And that makes it tough.
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    So between Cole, Strasburg, Wheeler, Keuchel, and MadBum we have traded for Al Bundy and signed the capital of Iran. I actually really wanted Keuchel but I keep hoping Eppler has a plan with signing Ryu or trading for someone not named David Price. Our starting pitching staff is better than 2019 but were talking "ERA under 5" better. It blows my mind that this year there were so many really good arms in free agency, while the Angels had plenty of payroll and couldn't get it done. I do understand a few of these were working against us, Strasburg wanted to return to DC, Cole wanted to be a Yankee (and make a shit load of money), MadBum wanted to stay in the NL most likely (and would have cost us our 3rd round draft pick), but Keuchel wasn't that expensive, didn't have a QA, and would have made our pitching staff better. Okay Billy, you're on the clock, no more of these random 1 year signings from the Island of Misfit Pitchers, bring us Ryu or trade for Ray or even Syndergaard.
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    Melania will just reinstate it a month later, and claim it as her own.
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    By Robert Cunningham, Angelswin.com Senior Writer In 2020, Justin Upton will be entering his 14th professional season in Major League Baseball at the tender age of 32 years young. He is one of those guys, like Brett Anderson, that you feel like they have played forever and should be old men but they still have kick and life left in them as they progress through the seasons. Certainly, last year is one of those seasons that Justin would prefer to forget. In 2019, Upton ended a 10-year streak of playing 130 games or more each season, playing in only 63 Major League games to the tune of a weak wRC+ of 92, which also broke his streak of posting at least a wRC+ of 105 over that same time period. Uncharacteristically, Justin suffered from ailments, including a quad and knee injury, that ultimately limited his playing time and forced him to end his season early to receive treatment. The good news is that he appears to be recovering well and is projected to return to good health prior to Spring Training. This is good because the Angels really need Upton to recover to form. His offensive woes in 2019, most likely tied directly to his injuries, can be seen in his three-year hitting history, below: Justin Upton's Three-Year (2017-2019) Hitting History It should be noted that Justin has a career wRC+ of 120, so, other than last year, he has been above his own average during his tenure with the Angels. Really last year seems to be an injury-related abnormality. In that light, assuming Upton recovers well and is healthy to start the 2020 campaign, it would not be unexpected to see his numbers regress to his career mean and see a more productive season (say a wRC+ in the 115 to 125 range) out of the Angels left fielder. This brings me to one important note. Justin has been strikingly poor against LHP the last two seasons. Quite honestly when the author looked this up during mid-season 2019, it was stunning to see how bad the numbers were, as it was unexpected: Justin Upton's Five-Year (2015-2019) Hitting History Vs. LHP In fact, over the last five years, he has had three really bad offensive seasons (2015: wRC+ of 58 , 2018: wRC+ of 66, and 2019: wRC+ of 47) against them. On the flip side he had better years in 2016 and 2017 where he had a wRC+ of 100 and 202, respectively, both on elevated BABIP numbers (.300 and .369, individually). He has been wildly inconsistent against lefties and the trend is worrisome. To be clear poor production against LHP is not going to hurt the 2020 Angels too much. In fact, the Angels can mitigate this by simply having a back-up outfielder such as Goodwin, Hermosillo, or even Ward, pick-up some of Justin's at-bat's against them. The Angels could even acquire another bat to play 1B with some outfield experience to split time between the two positions to pick up some of the slack. One thing Upton has done well, consistently, is hit RHP: Justin Upton's Five-Year (2015-2019) Hitting History Vs. RHP People do not realize or want to recognize what an accomplished hitter Justin has been in his thirteen seasons in Major League Baseball. Recently, on Twitter, @MLB asked the question, "Who is the best left fielder of the 2010's?", and Upton came in last, vote-wise, which is a shame but is a by-product of his relatively low profile in baseball. Certainly Braun, Gordon, and Yelich are great players but Ryan has a PED's history, Alex was a strong defender but not nearly as good of a hitter, and Christian may go down as the best LF of all-time but he picked up the most recency bias in the voting process, perhaps deservedly so. The point is that Upton has been a durable power-hitter across his entire career and heading into his age 32 season, there is no reason to believe that 2020 will be any different for him, from an offensive perspective. Defensively, it might be the same or it might begin getting progressively worse. By both FanGraphs and Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR), Justin has been below average, mostly via unforced errors and an imprecise throwing arm. His range has been about average as well as his Defensive Runs Saved (DRS). Basically as he continues to age, his defense will get worse and his tendinitis issue from last season may or may not contribute to his defensive performance moving forward, only time will tell. It is this potential for worsening defensive skills that will ultimately drive Upton to the designated hitter spot once Pujols contract expires or he retires. Basically, Brandon Marsh, one of our really good young prospects, took a huge stride forward near the end of the Minor League season in the Arizona Fall League and he will almost assuredly be ready to play in the Majors next year or the year after. So these next two seasons will be the last that the Angels place Justin in left field, based on what happens with Pujols. Once that change occurs the Angels will have an incredible outfield of Trout, Adell, and Marsh, which should be very exciting for Angels fans as all three have really dynamic tools and Mike Trout is, of course, Mike Trout. Upton is owed $72M over the next three seasons. When Eppler signed him the Angels were, in-part, paying for his durability and for the most part he has been on the field pretty consistently minus last season. This is actually a trend across many of the players that Eppler is acquiring as evidenced by the Bundy trade and the Teheran signing. Having good players produce on a regular basis is what carries teams successfully through 162-game seasons as well as having excellent team depth at every position. Justin is a good example of this quality, consistent production. Finally, if Brandon Marsh has a breakout season in 2020 or 2021, there is always a possibility that the Angels might try to trade Upton, particularly if Justin also has an excellent season and the Halos are, for some reason, out of contention. This seems really unlikely and is further complicated by the fact that Upton has a no-trade clause, perhaps making this a moot conversation, but if the player and management agree a move is best for everyone involved, it could be a long-shot possibility, but highly doubtful. The expectation should be that Justin Upton will continue to play at an above average level for the next three seasons and, when Pujols is gone, take over full-time designated hitter duties, perhaps with a touch of left field, first base, and pinch hitter appearances until he, too, leaves after the 2022 season is complete and the Angels move forward with young prospects like the aforementioned Marsh and possibly others like Jordyn Adams or Trent Deveaux for example. Next up is the Right Field article of the Primer Series. View the full article
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    What will the Astros Punishment be?

    The Astros must trade for Pujols and assume the entire financial obligations. The Astros also must bat Pujols either 3rd or 4th as described in his contract.
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    Inside Pitch

    Astros re-sign Maldonado

    This is what happens when a GM stops to sign Neil Ramirez.....
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    . .......the search continues
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    Lmao. It would be so funny if they pinch the Dodgers. Please, please, please let that happen.
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    That John Denver was full of $hit
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    ten ocho recon scout


    This take is soooooo far off. We can debate all day long about whether Soleimani should or should not have been killed. But he was a uniformed soldier in a combat zone... actively involved in conflict.... this isnt assassination. Meanwhile, especially coming from idiots like Boxer, trying to blame anyone but Iran for shooting down this plane (if it was shot down) is beyond stupid. And the people trampled to death is trumps fault, too? Lol..... is it Microsofts fault when people get robbed for their xbox on black friday? This isnt me defending trump. I think hes an idiot. But this take is stupider than he is
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    I believe he crossed the bering land bridge from north east asia on his way into AngelsWin history.
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    Leave Mitch McConnell out of this.
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    to say a major league franchise wouldn't sign a player for this reason is absolutely ridiculous.
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    F@#k Ryu...

    And Japan and Korea have a long history being buddies.
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    Say it is.... They have improved and kept all their bullets.... It's not the apocalypse people are making it out to be.
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    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Allahu Snackbar
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    One better. Here is two Clinton's and a nefarious individual.
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    And you were doing so well....
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    Found the guy that liked Verlanders ass more than her naked body in the mirror pic.
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    Happy New Year AngelsWin.com!!

    What has been your favorite AngelsWin.com moment whether in a post, an entire thread or event that you've attended over the past decade? Secondly, what has been your favorite moment in Angels Baseball over the past decade? I'll post mine later this morning. Good night ya'll. Happy New Year! Here's to an amazing next decade of Angels Baseball and the times we spend together over the next 10 years at AngelsWin.com.
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    War with Iran?

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    ten ocho recon scout


    One thing of interest, thats kind of weird. The Iranian people, from my understanding, arent real big on the govt. I haven't been there (yet), but a handful of friends have (and Ive dabbled in "persian" women from time to time). I say ironic, because the people of Iran (at least from what Ive been told) arent too supportive of the government, and want to modernize. And Iran is the enemy. Meanwhile, the people of Iraq.... our...:"ally".... support the Mullahs... and prefer fundamentalism... The whole region is an enigma.
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    Maddon on Ohtani

    The whole premise that they are babying him is stupid. He’s basically doing twice what everyone else is doing but since they choose to not ask him do it six days a week they are babying him. Bullshit.
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    Angels interested in Josh Donaldson

    All this being said the "War Room" reaction to drafting Ward will always be the twin brother to the Baldoquin signing as Dipoto's legacy with the Angels. I legitimately hope Dipoto gets AIDS.
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    Adell for ROY?

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    Ryu to Toronto 4/$80m

    My feeling is that the misses that really hurt now are Wheeler and Corbin last year. Those two are potentially real difference makers for us. With a lot less risk then Ryu. When we didn’t get Wheeler we were behind the 8 ball in a really tough competition for Cole. And then missing on Cole, the options just weren’t really very good.
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    Ryu to Toronto 4/$80m

    I’m gonna say it again. A big LOL at backing up the Brink trucks for a position player but then become penny pinchers when it comes to the one thing we DESPERATELY needed. Un-fucking-believable. You can’t make this shit up.
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    You guys talk like Eppler has had free reign to sign and spend however he wanted since day 1. When do you think the team started to recover to the point where a $200-$300 million free agent contract made sense? Last offseason? You, amongst a few others here, are pretty aware of the Angels available prospects during his initial years here (2016-2018) and what they could realistically do on the international market. If you don't have surplus prospects to trade who are advanced enough to garner a top player in a trade and you are basically starting from zero with viable MLB-quality prospects to graduate to the MLB level and you can't buy your way into contention like the Red Sox, Yankees and Dodgers, just how long do you think it takes to build a winner while also not completely tanking because you are trying keep the best player in baseball from leaving? People want to win NOW but forgot what the cost of winning NOW was from 2004 - 2014. You saw what it did and people want to repeat the cycle because they didn't like the feeling of losing but why blow it up with Eppler when his moves are essentially the reason the Angels have anything of worth at all and anyone coming in will just be succeeding on the foundation he built unless they blow it up themselves.
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    Snipers in the stands is my plan. You cheat, you die.
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    Do you disagree if Eppler...

    I’d trade either for the right pitcher. I also won’t blame Eppler if he doesn’t trade Marsh for a guy like Boyd. If he does trade him for Boyd I won’t like it, but I am more prone to take a wait and see approach.
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