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    Might as well just have the full 200,000 mile overhaul done all at once.
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    I hope our next manager is an analytic guy like Gabe Kapler (minus the douchebaggery) that will play the best player in the org at each position rather than penciling in a guy because he's making a lot of money, and a former superstar who's trying to chase milestones.
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    “Hopes to be able to go through his normal winter training regimen” Lucky for him he doesn’t need a knee or an elbow to do his off season workouts
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    Dude in the dugout behind home.

    The old guy in the dugout behind home plate is Albert's younger brother.
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    It is a shame we can't just rebuild him like the million dollar man.
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    (Checks World Series participants since 2010 - only 2 from the East Coast out of 16) Yep...
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    The problem with that isn’t so much about hurting Pujols feelings but about having to allocate your resources. What you really want is some legit, big time 1B in his place. So you want to sign Eric Hosmer and pay him $20M, which really means you’re spending $50M a year on one position since you’re still paying Pujols. Wouldnt you rather have Pujols and try to supplement him or back him up with guys like Valbuena or Matt Adams and use that $20M to plug a hole where you have no one at all? Last winter they had Kaleb Cowart and Nolan Fontana as their 3B/2B. So they spent $11M on Ian Kinsler and $13M on Zack Cozart. This winter have clear holes at C and SP, which going to get first dibs at the resources. That being said, I do expect them to get someone else who can play 1B, but it’s not going to be a big time 1B-only guy. It will be a big time guy who may be able to also play 1B (Moustakas?) or a lesser guy (Adams, LoMo?). What they need is someone who can do what Valbuena was supposed to do, but be good.
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    What we're mad about Jeff, is that our first base position has sucked for years, and that's in big part to Albert Pujols and the Angels organization not doing anything about it, except hoping Pujols bounces back and is in the best shape of his life year after year. So yes, we will be mad if Pujols sucks there or someone else other than Pujols sucks there. A big reason we can't get someone (other than a turd like Matt Adams) to replace him, is because we are paying said 40 year old 30 million a year and are scared to hurt his feelings.
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    And we still have people on this board who actually think this dude is going to retire early. Insanity.
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    Angel Oracle

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    That first half only happened thanks to a fired up Oakland team and fans. Rams made halftime adjustments, and...game over! 23-0 second half
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    I fully understand Arte's position. He will be paying Pujols 28 million dollars next year despite the fact that he is an average hitter(WAR not withstanding). He has to get as much out of him as he can. You play him at first as much as possible and hopefully hit him 7th or 8th. You continue to advertise the crap out of the guys he passes in RBI's and HRs. Pujols won't retire so you're stuck with him. He is delusional so I don't see him not playing until his contract is up and I can't see Arte just eating that money. The ORG needs to do the best it can DESPITE Albert being there. It needs to try to work around Albert for the next 3 years. That's no easy feat.
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    the dude abides


    I love how Joe and Mika act as if they weren't fondling Trump's balls every morning as a candidate and during the first few months of his presidency. F-cking morons.
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    Dude in the dugout behind home.

    We've had two guys create accounts just to bump this years old thread.
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    This Is true. It is clear that Ohtani is better DH than Pujols. It is not clear that Thaiss/Walsh/JMF is a better 1B than Pujols. Ward had a 900 OPS in the PCL, and you’ve seen for a month how that translates to the majors. Thaiss had a 785 OPS in the PCL. I’m sure he will be a big leaguer and he may be a very good one, but he’s got some work to do.
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    Whoever fixed Kole's swing should be the hitting coach.
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    I'm actually going to run counter to most here and say that I think Canning can grow into an ace. His stuff is VERY good. But that's not out of the ordinary, I mean there are a ton of guys in the minor leagues with a great fastball and breaking ball. Both of Canning's fastballs are great, and both his breaking balls are great, and that's not all, his actual best pitch is supposed to be his change up. He has too many ways to get you out, so even if he ever lost velocity in his fastball, he'd still be very good. Look at the numbers he posted in college, when his fastball was working 3-4 ticks lower and he hadn't fully developed his curve or slider yet. His mechanics are a little funky but that's what separates him. Canning is very committed to his process and highly intelligent. I think he grows into a Trevor Bauer type (though to be fair, it took him a few years before he fully developed). Or he might be similar to Lance McCullers and be a dynamic #3. Or we could hit the jackpot and he's the next Pedro. But I think Canning's going to be a solid front of the rotation pitcher.
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    I don't trust Calhoun to not slip back into his old habits of trying to pull every pitch, his batting average this month has plunged to .174.
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    Trash Pandas Logo

    I had some extra time at worked and I was feeling inspired by the Angels Double-A affiliate's new name. So I worked these up for fun.
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    Sure. He’d be a good fit if you can get him for 1-2 years for $10-12M a year.
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    I would also suggest that you don’t look at this is a pure 1 and 0, black and white way, deciding what spots are holes and which spots aren’t. Also, the way the organization views Pujols. There is a lot of gray area between “he’s a legit everyday MOTO hitter” and “we should release him.” And each year they look at him in a different way within that spectrum.
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    So the idea is that Sosh does what he wants and dismisses what Eppler and Arte want? Or is Sosh doing what Eppler and Arte want?
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    I certainly wouldn't be unhappy if Albert was done with baseball and it is clear that his contract was a complete disaster. This is a fact. What I don't understand is hating a person who literally has zero impact on your life.
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    arch stanton

    Nike taking Kaepernick's side

    There is actually only one standard being used now. Short term self-interest above all else
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    Theyre rebuilding him like a 250 million man, instead.
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    This team can occasionally be pretty stubborn when it comes to decisions that can go one way or another. But there's no freakin' way they're going to bench a 24 year mold Shohei Ohtani in favor of a 40 year old Albert Pujols. The Angels can be pretty stupid sometimes, but no team is THAT stupid unless they're actively attempting to lose. Obviously Shohei won't play every single game, particularly later in the season when he is rehabbing and on the mound. But unless he is injured, I don't see any reason why he shouldn't DH 140+ games next year.
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    Nice!! Get him healthy by Spring Training next year so he could be in the best shape of his life and slot right into the clean up spot.
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    He's a free agent signing. The Dodgers signed him as a free agent in 2017 and released him in November. The Angels then signed him as a free agent. No rookie service time or team control rules apply to Fernandez.
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    Park effect. Don't forget it. I don't think it will lead to Trout winning, but remember it when comparing slash stats. Also, runs and rbi? Lol.
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    The quote in your sig cracks me up. Classic Mota
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    The diamondbacks have blown their season the last 2 weeks. They were 4.5 up on the dodgers and are now 2 behind them. Real shame they have tanked like that down the stretch.
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