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    Results don’t matter to the Angels.. we all know that. Mike Scisocia has been to the playoffs 1 time since 2009 and leads us year after year to mediocre results. Yet he stays. Albert Pujols, Luis Valbuena, etc make it to clear to me that winning just isn’t at the forefront. Moreno is chasing money and couldn’t care less about winning a World Series, or even making the playoffs for that matter. They get the best player in baseball and F*ck it up big time, can only get him to the playoffs once. Fire the entire coaching staff, release valbuena, force pujols to the bench. Thats what the RED SOX/YANKEES/CARDS etc. would do... because losing isn’t acceptable.
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    Scioscia is not getting fired with two months left on a 10 year contract. I don't drive my trash cans to the dump today when tomorrow is trash day.
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    Hey everyone, how's going? Feeling good? Last night on the farm... Rengifo! 3-5, 2 doubles - now slashing .354/.415/.604/1.019 in AAA and .319/.422/.489/.911 on the year! Hermosillo: 2-5, 3 K, Thaiss: 2-5 with a double and triple, Ward 3-4 with a double and walk 1B/RF Jared Walsh pitched again, and it was good! 1 inning, 1 hit, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts. On the year, he has 5 G, 5 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 2 BB, 7 K (1.80 ERA, .211 BAA, 1.20 WHIP, 12.6 K9) Jahmai Jones with a big night! 3-3 with a double and 2 walks Jose Rojas, second half (26 G, 90 AB): .333/.398/.688/1.086 with 8 doubles, 8 homers Jo Adell since the Futures Game (7 G, 35 PA: .200/.294/.300/.594 Jorge Tavarez took the loss, but he's had a great year at Burlington/IE as a multi-inning reliever (28 G/60.1 IP): 2.39 ERA, .231 BAA, 1.21 WHIP - 22 walks, 72 strikeouts, 0 home runs Livan Soto is backing up the hype I'm trying to build: 3-5 with 2 doubles last night, hitting .395 in his last 10 games and .289/.379/.356/.734 on the year Francisco Del Valle 1-5 with a triple and 3 RBI Tim Millard hit HR #5; he's 23 and likely just beating up on inferior competition, but slashing .308/.408/.485/.893 on the year in Orem Jordyn Adams had a nice night: 3-4 with a double and SB, now slashing a fine .286/.407/.388/.795 through his first 5 games. Get the feeling he may develop more as a speed/OBP guy in contrast to Adell's raw power. Trent Deveaux: 0-4, 3 K - he's still 18 but tough start for Trent. Lots of strikeouts (38 in 89 AB) but he's at least drawing walks too (11) D'Shawn Knowles: 1-3, BB - slashing a nice .316/.389/.411/.799 with 11 walks, 24 strikeouts, and 6 XBH in 25 G/95 AB - better yet? He's still only 17-years old. UDFA Parker Joe Robinson, a 22-year old 6'5" RHP from Junipero Serra HS is pitching well in AZL: 13 IP, 0.69 (nice) ERA, .200 BAA, 0.77 WHIP, 1 walk, 13 strikeouts I haven't brought him up much this year, but I'm still watching 17-year old DSL IF Julio de la Cruz, who is slashing .200/.321/.356/.676 in 38 games. His 5 HR are 4th best in the league, and while he's striking out too much (46 in 135 AB) he's also walking at a good clip (14.5%) and to exhibit that much power and discipline at his age seems like it's worth keeping an eye on.
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    Just fucking release Valbuena. It won’t solve anything, but if he is a big clubhouse favorite, maybe it will wake up some of these assholes and get them to understand this is a result based profession.
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    This team is a pathetic sh** show.

    Tip the cap. Turn the page. yawn. you can only give the other team so much credit and blame injuries. At some point someone has to acknowledge the lack of performance. It's kinda ground hog day. Starters leave early. Pen gives up runs. Offense can't hit with RISP. We might not be a playoff team, but give us something. anything.
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    People got way too hyped about some early success with the Simmons deal and some nice success building a decent farm and tried to put him on the Epstein/Friedman/Cashman level of executives now people are saying he’s worse than Dipoto the truth is both are/we’re huge overreactions. He hasn’t proven to be great yet and hasn’t proven to be a disaster
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    CJ Cron

    I'll take our future 2B and leadoff hitter over C.J. Cron any day of the week and twice on Sunday's.
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    This is what's wrong with this team.

    Before reading this thread, I was of the belief that Valbuena was a productive member of the Angels. But after reading this, I am now convinced otherwise. Thanks for this thread!
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    Fletcher and Cozart, its really that simple.
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    Cursive? Nope, not reading this shit
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    The team just isn't very good. Eppler needs to accept this and rebuild as much as possible: shed anything he can: dump Valbuena, try to get something for Kinsler, trade the middle relievers, even field offers for Calhoun and Upton. Then play Fletcher, Fernandez, Thaiss, Rengifo and Ward. Give them some experience. I know people want the team to compete during the Trout window, but I'd rather see the focus be on building for long-term success. Trout is more likely to stay if he sees a team on the cusp of being really good and getting better. Floating year to year with crappy patch jobs is just not cutting it.
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    We bbq pizza once or twice a year. Always fun and very tasty. But we use heterosexual toppings
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    To be fair, its two way different situations. Dipoto came in to a lot better team. After pujols and hamilton were signed (and trout fell from the heavens), there was a hell of a lot more urgency to win now...which killed us. Eppler is operating under the "we missed the pujols window". So the focus im sure since he got here was "build a solid team without albert". Problem obviously is pujols' money. Not trying to make excuses, but I think the focus has been "weather the storm" (no farm, bloated contracts, all old dudes) and focus on a 5 year plan. At least from the looks of it, that seems to be happening. Im just as bored of this team as anyone, but if they truly had/have a long term, id rather they stay with it than to have second thoughts, start a new plan thats completely different than the one theyve been trying. Its like going to college to be a doctor. Youre in year 6, almost there. But as a broke college kid you cant really ever have fun. So you drop out and get a job bartending. Because youre making money NOW and partying. (Youll hate life when you get older because the money wasnt near as good as being a doctor would have been). Focus on the future core, not the current. Like the cubs and astros did.
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    The pessimistic thread

    Is that kelvim escobar?
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    All Day I Dream About Soviets
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    Rengifo, Cozart and Fletcher.. There's just no room for Kinsler.
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    Overreactions about Eppler

    it's hard to imagine building a team that could withstand the injuries sustained while Eppler has been GM. But as some point, regardless of adversity, results matter. 2016 was expected. No financial resources. No farm system. low expectations. Lost year because of horrible pitching. 2017 was expected. similar financial resources. Improving but very young farm system. Very little org currency. Weaver led the team in innings with an era over 5. more/same pitching injuries led to the 2nd worst pitching in the league. Espinosa and Revere/Maybin failed. As did pitching health. Bridwell's smoke and mirrors 2018 was or first real chance to have a chance. Granted, outside of the major league club there was plenty going on to improve the long term health of this franchise. Upton was a solid choice regardless of his struggles with RISP. Injuries have hurt including that to Ohtani. But the short term solutions to improve the major league club have failed. The pen, valbuena, kinsler, cozart, marte, not keeping cron, maldo. Each year Eppler is here, there is a greater portion of the the major league roster he's got control over and less leftovers to blame on someone else. 2018 was the first year where he had enough control to actually create a winner. It wasn't complete control because he still had to deal with Albert and Injuries. But he finally had opportunity and he failed. If he was perfect would we make the playoffs? I doubt it. Because most of his moves aren't a long term detriment to the franchise. But there's been no progress in the win column. So the rest of this year and 2019 becomes make or break. There has to be improvement at 1b, 2b, 3b, C, bullpen and SP. Finally having farm resources to contribute on that front will help tremendously. But there can't be abject failure anymore. At the end of the day, every GM deals with the sins of the father. That can no longer be an excuse next year. 90+% of this team will have Billy's name on it. If all the work he's done to build up this franchise from the floor doesn't translate into wins at the major league level then we have a problem. Even if we don't make the playoffs next year, there better be progress. Considerable progress. Whether it's because Rengifo wins ROY and David Fletcher wins a gold glove with Pat Corbin vying for a cy young as a halo or if trades he makes to fill those spots in lieu of those young guys results in a more competitive team. It's not for me to decide. His decisions have to start making a difference at the major league level.
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    Overreactions about Eppler

    Sucks to lose obviously, but I like where this team is going. I think Eppler has by far done more good than bad. He’s been extremely resourceful considering the salary bind he’s been in. He sees the big picture, and where he wants to steer the ship. He’s done a good job in the draft, which to me says a lot. He’s made great acquisitions with Ohtani and Maitan which nobody seems to give him credit for. The moves people feel are his “bad moves” have never hurt the team long term, and I felt we’re caluculated risks with upside. Many people on this board were so excited and praised the kinsler and cozart signings. They didn’t work out, so what. They very well could have had great seasons and suddenly he’s a genius again. Bottom line, the trade and signing didn’t hurt the team or effect his long term goal in my opinion.
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    Regarding Valnobuena, NO ONE is that great of a teammate!
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    It's been time to make changes for about a month now. At this point, might as well go full on tank. Bat Valbuena leadoff and Marte 2nd
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    CJ Cron

    Cron was given 4 seasons and 1,500 PAs to not be more than "Eh" as a offense-minded 1B. He'd go into regular slumps, even with consecutive starts, and have to be sent down to find his swing again. He looked like turned a corner in 2016 (.278 .325 .792 OPS 116 OPS+) but decided to shit the bed in 2017 (.248 .305 .741 OPS 98 OPS+). He put up 2.7 WAR total in 1,500 PA's/400 games...I'd rather have Rengifo
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    Dick B Back

    CJ Cron

    Too bad he’s not left-handed and can only play 1B and DH.
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    No. He's come exactly as advertised. The defense is probably worse than expected, but his bat has definitely been a plus. He's not going to be a 1.000 OPS player, and he never has been. He's a guy who will bat around .250-.270 with an .800 OPS and 30 HR. Pretty much exactly what he's on pace for.
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    He's underperformed in the field and in clutch situations so he's been a punching bag for negativity but he'll likely end up earning his money over the next 5 seasons. Here are the leftfielders stats for the entire MLB It could be worse. Hopefully, he starts hitting with runners on base sooner rather than later.
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    If anything were to be ran as a conspiracy, Eppler is completely undermining Scioscia by forcing him to have use Valbuena, Marte and Young or Blash, while doing nothing to shore up the rotation or bullpen, thereby guaranteeing a losing season and having the clout to hang it on the outgoing manager. Scioscia to Eppler: Et tu, Brute?
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    So, leave these guys in the minor leagues because in a season that is already lost they could possible do worse than Marte and Valbuena. What in the fuck went wrong with you as a fan that you wouldn't want to see these guys get a chance? If they just play league average it is a huge upgrade over what is stumbling out on the field now. Marte 42 OPS+ Valbuena 64 OPS+. Even as bad as Cowart was last season in his call up he posted an 82 OPS+ and played tremendous defensively.
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    you know things have gotten bad....

    when the white sox are showing more life.
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    is Billy Eppler Subordinate to Scioscia?

    my niece likes cursive. she's this many
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    I don’t care if they trade for anyone and I don’t care if they trade anyone away. But for f*cks sake, let anyone that might be a part of 2019 play and let’s see how they do. We aren’t talking Mike Trouts here, who cares about starting the clock. Let’s see if they can play MLB now.
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    It really has become so predictable. The Angels will be facing a crappy team with a starter who's ERA is 4.50 and the starter will throw a no hitter through 5, the crappy team will slowly add more and more runs, then the Angels will get 1 or 2 runs in the 7th, leave men on base in the 8th, get 2 outs in the 9th, get a hit or two, and the someone will strike out to end the game.
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    The Angels made the playoffs in 14 and they were the last team eliminated in 12, 15 and 17.
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    the dude abides

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    I have legit mental anguish whenever Valbuena’s name appears in the starting lineup.
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    I could accept the Ohtani should sit vs. lefties argument if the alternatives were not Marte and Valbuena. He’s had 42 AB’s. He’s far more talented. It’s stupid. I look for reasons to accept what the Angels do as much as any one but this is too dumb to justify. Anyway, silver lining. L’s are probably a good thing for the Angels now.
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    Political Gallery

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    One of the very few benefits of losing is the unleashing of new (or old posters using new screen names) posters spewing stuff that has already be rehashed on this board a thousand times. It is entertaining for about one page.
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    I've mentioned this before. His defense is average and actually every metric backs that up for this year based on positional adjustments. Def - middle of the pack. UZR - middle of the pack. He's got good range and poor hands so he gets to a lot of balls and then drops them. Those make for some pretty spectacular and memorable misses. He's also got a strong but inaccurate arm but still has six assists to one throwing error. He also only has 1 fielding error this year. He's 6th in WAR for LFers. On pace for about 3.5 WAR. Not hitting with RISP has made for a bad optic. He shouldn't be the first or second best hitter on a team. He and Simmons are perfect (yet somewhat opposite) complementary hitters (Simmons d makes him the star he is). Calhoun should function in a similar way and based on the way he's been since returning, I think he can be going forward. I think Ohtani is also in that fold. All four of those guys - Upton, Simmons, Calhoun, Ohtani are what I like to call lineup lengtheners as opposed to moto guys. Albert is pretty much dead weight. Fletcher will be the perfect #9 hitter going forward. Scrappy. Puts the ball in play. Needs to walk more. Kinsler is not a good hitter. Maldo is a terrible hitter. Everyone is correct to think that we are true moto bat and one more lineup lengthener away from a very good offense. But the OF positions are set as is SS. So you've got to get it from 2b/3b, C, or maybe 1b. I like JT realmuto, but he's not a moto bat. Your best shot at getting one is probably at 3b.
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    Angel Oracle

    2019 Where to spend the money?

    Arenado's road OPS has stabilized around .850 over the past 3 seasons (around .350 OBP and .500 SLG%). That is still rock solid. Andddd, he kills the ball overall in RISP spots (around 1.200 OPS since 2015). This ain't Carlos Gonzalez, who we are talking about. There's the ultimate Coors Canaveral inflated numbers guy.
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    2019 Where to spend the money?

    Eppler needs to play the kids now to see how advanced they are and promote where appropriate. First, they need to find anyone he can to take on the rest of Kinsler's salary and open up a spot for Rengifo at 2B. So far between A+ - AAA, he's put up: .319 .422 .911 OPS 55 BB 48 K 37/10 SB/CS Have him lead-off and see what he can do. If he succeeds, it solves two problems in one - 2B/Lead-off. If he struggles or is exposed, we can go to plan "B" in terms of looking to trade prospect currency for 2B and/or lead-off options. Next, release Marte and Valbuena and have Ward get starts at 3B and David work as a super-utility as he can be moved to either SS, 2B, 3B, or OF. Ward tore up both AA and AAA to the tune of .354 .450 1.000 OPS 55 BB 74 K 17/2 SB/CS and reportedly developing well defensively at 3B. My take, if we could handle Escobar and Valbuena there the past few seasons, we can give Ward a shot. Ward has always been a guy that walked a good amount, so the OBP is not much of a surprise, but the power and speed are new - likely a result of fresher legs as a result of moving from catcher. Fletcher has been invaluable so far as a guy who can put the ball in play and provide solid defense wherever he's positioned. It appears he won't walk much and doesn't have much power but he's valuable so far as his 0.8 WAR entails through only 32 games. Thaiss looks like he's still a half or full season away from being a consideration from contributing as he appears to still be working on his swing to provide more pop from the 1B position. Go with: 1) Rengifo/Fletcher 2B 2) Trout CF 3) Upton LF 4) Pujols 1B 5) Ohtani DH 6) Simmons/Fletcher SS 7) Calhoun/Fletcher RF 8 ) Maldonado C 9) Ward/Fletcher 3B We have 60 games worth of audition to provide these guys. If they can handle it, we have solid talent at league minimum and we can start looking spending money to upgrade at other areas. In this scenario, I spend money on: - Starting Pitching - check in the cost of Corbin and Keuchel. If it's ridiculously overpriced, which is very possible, then move on to some 1-2 year potentials in Eovaldi, Lynn, Harvey, Cahill...someone to provide depth on the cheap while Suarez and Canning continue to work at AAA. - Relief pitching - I check to see what the prices on Kimbrel, Herrer, Allen, Britton, Warren, Familia, and Ottavino but, knowing the volatility of relievers, try not to commit crazy money if possible but we need an established BP presence near the end of the game. - Catcher - I'm fine with re-signing Maldonado to an extension but I think they should definitely explore Grandal and Ramos. If they find that Rengifo, Ward, and Fletcher are not providing the impact they are looking for they can start using some prospect currency in exchange for established players/pitchers/relievers: - Trade for a front-line starter. Doesn't have to be an ace but maybe a 1a or 2 that can give you 180-200 IP. Check in on DeGrom and Archer (yeah, I know, not likely, but give it a shot), check in on the many starters in the Braves system, Urena from the Marlins, maybe check in with the Pirates on Nova... - sign a 2B like LaMahieu, Dozier, or Cabrera. - Not many 3B options. You can see if someone like Eduardo Escobar or Donaldson are cost prohibitive.
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    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

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    Not gonna happen. That's too much of a rebuild for Moreno. Signals that they've given up. Hard to hit that iconic number of fans when you've thrown in the towel.
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    More optimism: Scioscia countdown = 60 games.
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    Season can’t end soon enough. But in reality they should cut five dudes tonight to send a message. It’s Facking bullshit how little accountability there is in this organization.
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    Gameday Thread: 7/24 White Sox @ Angels

    Calling Upton a bad contract 4 months into it is one of the most ignorant things I have seen on here. Lumping it in with Albert and Hamilton is really, truly delusional.
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    It would be nice if Upton was more “clutch” it would be a lot nicer if the Angels didn’t have Ian Kinsler, Jefrey Marte/Luis Valbuena, Albert Pujols, and Kole Calhoun regularly in the line up. Oh and sometimes we get special guest appearances from Chris Young.
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    Trump's only error is limiting his blame to specific media companies, but the press is nearly all editorial these days without providing necessary disclosures to that effect. It is complicit in how many stupid military interventions, race baiting, identity politics, cultural war, election meddling..?

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