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    Matt Joyce Needs a New Alarm Clock

    ...and Joyce isn't taking Arte's calls, he's sleeping.
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    He self reported his sleeping in. Maybe he has some sleep disorder disease. It's probably not his fault. When do we trade him back to TB?
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    For people who actually are productive at their job this is a perfectly reasonable reaction. But this is the dude who comes in and watches porn on his laptop all day and does absolutely nothing to help the company coming in late for that meeting.
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    Josh Hamilton so far

    I'm sure he'll blame Arte, his wife and the fans in Anaheim for his failures here when he rakes for the Rangers.
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    Santiago, trades, and advanced stats

    I was just watching his pitching highlights of the game tonight and came here. Santiago is very undervalued here and while he doesn't pitch late in games, he has done a great job for us. I also think he is a good dude who had a competitive edge to him. I love guys like that. I hope he's on this staff for a while.
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    Why is CJ Cron still on this team

    Green - .344, Kubitza - .312, Navarro - .356, Marte - .325 Packages for shipment: Krauss, Cron, Featherston, and Cowgill.
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    I bet Curtis Pride was late to a few games in his career.
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    The Angels led the majors in runs scored last year and now are among the worst in all of baseball. How'd it happen? Where are the problem spots? Let's take a look by position: Key: BA/OBP/SLG, sOPS+ (which is OPS+ relative to league OPS+ Catcher 2014: .239/.342/.364, 106 2015: .185/.237/.266, 51 Difference in sOPS+: - 55 First Base 2014: .253/.303/.421, 90 2015: .192/.237/.363, 48 Difference in sOPS+: - 42 Second Base 2014: .285/.337/.381, 110 2015: .276/.326/.341, 90 Difference in sOPS+: - 20 Shortstop 2014: .276/.321/.375, 106 2015: .269/.316/.303, 82 Difference in sOPS+: - 24 Third Base 2014: .240/.300/.365, 86 2015: .219/.280/.409, 82 Difference in sOPS+: - 4 Left Field 2014: .234/.293/.336, 75 2015: .150/.187/.218, 14 Difference in sOPS+: - 61 Center Field 2014: .283/.372/.546, 153 2015: .279/.374/.536, 148 Difference in sOPS+: - 5 Right Field 2014: .274/.330/.436, 108 2015: .295/.354/.450, 110 Difference in sOPS+: +2 DH 2014: .253/.311/.442, 104 2015: .237/.271/.313, 59 Difference in sOPS+: - 45 The first thing that stands out to me is that the Angels are underperforming offensively at every position, except for right field, relative to last year. But that is a bit deceptive, as two other positions - 3B and CF - are close enough to be basically the same. So the positions that aren't a problem, at least relative to last year: 3B, CF, RF. Everywhere else is a problem, in some cases a huge problem. So let's take a look at them individually: Catcher - Hopefully this will be solved on two fronts, one, probable improvement from Iannetta. Actually, he's got 5 hits in his last two games, so hopefully he's finally coming around. Secondly, Carlos Perez can't be worse than Drew Butera with the bat. So it seems that catcher can, will be, and seemingly is being solved from within. First Base - See above. While it is clear by now that Albert will never be anything more than a vague shadowy semblance of his former self, he still has something left in the tank. Since April 19, almost a month, he's hit .270/.295/.450 - still not very good, but better than his overall numbers would indicate. I have no idea where his walks went, but at least he's doing something. Still, like C we're unlikely to see equal performance at 1B this year as last. Second Base - While we miss Howie, Johnny G has held his own - or at least he was, as he's slowed down quite a bit. But we knew this going into the year, that the best we could hope for was average performance. If Gio slows down too much, look for Featherston or Rutledge or even, gasp, Grant Green to get some at-bats. But I don't think we're going to see any improvement from what we've already seen. Shortstop - Aybar is getting there. He's a streaky player and often seems to start slow, but is warming up. He'll get hot at some point and I expect will have a similar year as last. Third Base - Freese has been about the same as last year, albeit with more power but less average. I wouldn't be surprised to see him surpass last year's numbers. Left Field - Possibly both the biggest problem and the clearest area for improvement. People don't like to admit it, but getting rid of Josh Hamilton--at least as far as on-field performance goes--might not have been a good idea and is a clear gut reaction from Arte Moreno. There is no single position that the Angels could most improve the team than left field. We should be expecting a trade at some point. The player that makes the most sense is Justin Upton, but the Padres aren't exactly out of it and the Angels would have to send one or both of Newcomb and Heaney to start talks. But the Padres may not want to pay Upton the nine-figure contract he'll get after the year, and if they're slipping in the standings he is a likely trade candidate - but not until July, and that might be too late for the Angels if they don't improve the offense. Center Field - Not much to see here. While there is some possible disappointment in that Trout doesn't seem to have improved from his slightly declined 2014, he's also in a slump right now and should right the ship in short order. I'm still hoping he can get back to being a .300/.400/.550 hitter. The Angels really need him to be. Right Field - the Angels' second best player, by a good margin on either side, is not a true star, but he may be turning into a borderline star - something a bit better than a quality regular like Erick Aybar, but a bit less than a true star. DH - Another possible area for improvement from the outside. CJ Cron just doesn't look like he belongs in the major leagues. He's 25, so the clock is ticking, but he probably should be in AAA. But the Angels need more than just filler (Cron, Joyce, Krauss) at DH. They need a bat. So here's how I see it. The Angels will stand pat at seven of the nine positions and look to improve in LF and/or DH. The cheap way would be to give players like Grant Green and Kyle Kubitza a shot, but neither probably is the impact bat that they need. Green is more likely to get time at 2B or be part of a trade, and Kubitza will best serve the franchise by continuing to improve his 3B defense - in AAA. The only way I see Kubitza getting a regular gig this year is if Freese is injured, or the Angels tank and Freese is shipped off. Given that we should expect improvement at many positions, the Angels don't necessarily need to empty the already thin farm to get a Justin Upton. I'm not sure what the options are, but a couple of above average bats at LF and DH would go a long way to improving this offense. I would be very surprised if we don't see at least one bat coming in; I can see Scioscia and Dipoto being willing to rotate mediocrity through one of the two positions, but not both. My guess is we have a new starting left fielder some time in June.
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    If I'm rich as hell, I'm not building some eye sore of a silo on my property to appease others.
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    Why not CJ? I'd rather keep Hector, who has tons more drive and desire than Wilson, and is just now maturing into a good pitcher.
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    2015 offense = 1992 offense

    Sample size Its early Check Albert Pujols career numbers
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    2015 offense = 1992 offense

    FreeAO The old Montreal screw job!
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    Los Angeles $15 Minimum Wage

    If any of you would just take one moment and think about the trickle up affect you will be astonished at how much California's income tax will have to rise to support this. It's not about the minimum wage of unskilled labor making what would be close to lower middle class wage. It is about the amount of Government and Union wage earners that will demand salary increases to keep their wage in alignment of where they were in relationship to unskilled labor. And you haven't touched upon welfare that will have to stay in some sort of balance with a skyrocketing inflation of wage and subsequently the price of living essentials. Welcome to Greece.
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    Matt Joyce Needs a New Alarm Clock

    was just about to make one. he should change his handle to sweetswingin.120
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    @robbfahrion: @sweetswingin20 @Angels 7:20pm, actually hit the ball in a game. Winner!
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    Los Angeles $15 Minimum Wage

    Your scenario assumes a single individual who would then be moved into the 15% federal tax bracket and would no longer qualify for the EITC unless they itemize which the vast majority in that case don't. That $1,000 is even less than most people in that situation think it is because of the overall implications to their tax situation. That aside the problem isn't the fact that someone needs more money as much as it's the fact that they expect to survive on minimum wage. I realize it's supposed to be a livable wage and statistics show it hasn't risen as much over the years as it should have but too many people expect to survive on it these days and more importantly to raise kids on it. They'd be better served by learning a valuable skill or getting training to increase their income instead of rallying for a raise to minimum wage.
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    Just a hangover here. 3 over times had the game end around 1130 which meant that one extra cocktail. With that last one winding down I thought for sure it would go past midnight. You can tell who watched the game here at the office because we all want to just sleep.
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    Fun fact about US military spending

    Yea, the Marines and Team America live by the same law
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    Neither do I. But I do have an issue with a professional military.
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    I hope Towns is available at #2 for the Lakers. Towns is not an elite athlete, but he is fluid, smart, and just good at everything as a center. Kinda plays like Marc Gasol. If Towns is taken at #1, I hope the Lakers explore drafting Mudiay or Russell. Okafor scares me. Bad FT%, no jump shot right now, and more importantly his defense looks awful from some of the highlights I've seen.
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    Fun fact about US military spending

    I don't have any issues with the military being paid well.
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    I agree with this completely. 2 full games were pretty much played last night. The Ducks have the luxury of being able to put in a very fresh Wiz now for game 3. On the other hand I believe each of the Blackhawks top 4 Dmen played more than 46 minutes with Keith playing damn near 50 minutes.
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    Troll Daddy

    Santiago, trades, and advanced stats

    There is a reason I don't bother with saber metrics ... Dawg just proved my point. Worthless drivel (thxs Soto). Call me old fashion but I can gather better info by just watching him pitch. CJ and Santiago may be trade candidates down the road but surely not now! Good morning
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    All this snake talk has Perry snakebitten.
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    Josh Hamilton at 40:
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    You don't want to know where that Snickers bar has been.
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    Los Angeles $15 Minimum Wage

    Can't wait to be on here in 2030 to see if you're right or not MP
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    That's pretty mean, considering that people usually buy those bricks with the idea that they will be there for a while. They could have at least given people the chance to take their bricks home instead of throwing them away.
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    Inside Pitch

    Why is CJ Cron still on this team

    They had Green playing 1B today -- you may be seeing him come up soon.
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    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Believe in the power of THE TANK!
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    That high quality Toronto Turf

    "If cows won't eat it, I won't play on it" quite the guy ol Richie(dont call me dick) Allen
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    I'll take 2-1 after the first after all those damn brainfarts the team has done.
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    At 1 or 2 you take one of the 2 centers to pair with Randle.
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    Bryce Harper

    what's more amazing is his OBP. Bonds-like walk rate
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    Via Piodeportes: Arte isn't taking Joyce's calls.
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    This is horrifying

    In cals' nightmare, it's raining arabs
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    This is horrifying

    Disappointed that the spider rain is not somehow related to global warming.
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    iannetta, joyce, and cron happened
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    But not his urine.
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    Because frack you, that's why

    When your first statement is "With no fracking, there is no bakken. With no Bakken, there are no jobs." it doesn't matter much what follows. You've already established your position. You can argue that there are methods of fracking that are less harmful to the environment but the Texas bill doesn't allow for that consideration. It's a total ban on restrictions on any type of fracking. No nuance there at all.
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    What's wrong with people? Don't they like flammable tap water?
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    They should move the governer's mansion to the fracking site. let him enjoy some freedom.
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    reps are stroking it to this article
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    Ray McKigney

    oxford comma

    It is sometimes a necessity. So, I use it all the time.
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    Underrated Songs

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    What about Mark Trumbo? Ever since the talking heads started saying that we were looking for another OF, I thought about a reunion with Trumbo. Fan favorite, can play LF, especially with Trout in CF, and definitely a middle of the order bat. Thoughts?
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    finished up soa. what a stupid last season. mind your the previous three were awful too.

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