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    Mike Trout's last 4 games

    GIDP to Kaz K looking single to CF hr to CF FO to CF K looking LO to 2b LO to RF FO to RF Single to CF Single to RF 2b to LF gap K on a foul tip walk walk single to RF line out to RF hr to CF walk 7-16 with 2 hrs, 2b, 3bb, 3k. ZERO outs made to the left side. 6 of his 7 hits from CF to RF including both hrs to CF. This offense goes as Trout goes. When he walks and hits the ball the other way, he's unstoppable.
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    By Adam Dodge, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer - It took nearly five months, but the Angels managed to pass the Oakland Athletics in the standings and will head into this weekend's four game showdown against their division rival with no worse than a share of first place in the American League West. At this moment the Angels hold a one-game lead with both teams in action tonight. Thursday's start to the series marks the beginning of the home stretch, one that figures to be the most exciting for the Angels in five years. While it is certainly possible the teams can split the four games and head into September neck and neck, a dominant performance by either team would create some much coveted separation. In this edition of Foe Fodder, we will take a closer look at some of the key foes standing in the Angels' way on their march to their first division title since 2009. OF - Coco Crisp When he's not dropping bloopers out of the reach of Howie Kendrick, Coco is a well respected member of the Crips' community. His gang name is Beetle. OF - Josh Reddick After a long day on the diamond, Josh spends his free time hanging drywall in Modesto. IF - Eric Sogard Eric pulls double duty for the A's as a slick fielding middle-infielder and team CPA. He also dabbles in IT and makes the best gosh darn pina coladas north of Solvang. SP - Sonny Gray Sonny likes legos, fig newtons and his best friend Timmy. His favorite subject is social studies because his teacher Mr. Warren is really cool. C - Derrick Norris Has wrecked teammate and roommate Josh Donaldon's IROC Z28 three times. Worst roommate ever! Works the swing shift as head bouncer at Red Hots Burlesque across the bay in San Francisco. Rob Neyer From Wikipedia - In September 2004, Neyer used a pseudonym ("Ike Farrell") on Amazon.com to write a negative customer review of One Day at Fenway, a then-new baseball book by Steve Kettmann.[22] Neyer subsequently took offense to positive reviews that he believed Kettmann's friends and relatives had posted.[23] "How did this project go so terribly wrong?" Farrell/Neyer wrote. "Presumably the author wound up with plenty of source material, and so I can only assume that he [Kettmann] lacked either the talent or the time (or both) to shape the material into a decent piece of non-fiction."[24] A Newsday newspaper reporter quickly identified Neyer publicly as the actual reviewer.[23] On September 6, Neyer issued an article explaining his actions, "I had such a visceral reaction to Kettmann's book that I felt compelled to do something" and so, under a "pen name" he decided to write a customer review on Amazon.com.[23] "I didn’t even imagine that it could do anybody any good if I wrote as myself", Neyer rationalized.[23] Kettmann responded: "The thing that I find strange about all of this is that [Oakland A's general manager] Billy Beane, someone who I thought Rob Neyer respects, read my book cover to cover and told me he loved it."[citation needed]
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

    No more Toronto trades (involving money) after he who shall not be named.
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    After a brief absence of summer vacations & traveling the past 6 weeks it's time to refocus our attention to our long time members and contributors as we celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary. Glen McKee known on the board for years as tin00can is a fan favorite of many. Glen delivers when it comes to adding both humor and color to thread topics and has become an amazing contributor on our blog in tandem with Nate Trop with their Point/Counterpoint satire features for our readers. I could go on an on about Glen, but let's hear a bit from the man himself so you can get to know him a little better, and read some of his finest moments from AngelsWin.com over the years. AngelsWin.com: When and how did you first come to AngelsWin.com? Tin00can: I think it was about eight years ago or so. I used to post on another Angels fan site, I forget the name of it but some of the old posters (GlausGirl in particular comes to mind) posted there. I think she was the one who told me about AngelsWin.com and at first I split time between the two sites because I felt guilty about not supporting the old one. Eventually, I made the full-time switch. AngelsWin.com: What keeps you coming back to the site? Tin00can: The posters, the information, the camaraderie. Yes, it’s clique-ish but we have a good group here and it’s a lot of fun. There are so many good and funny posters. I’d like to call out a few of my favorites, some of whom I don’t think have been mentioned yet: Eleven, True Grich, Nate, Tank, Wicked, Mancini, DowningRules, Cory, Tank, Calscuf, Jay, Taylor, SteveStevens, AngelsLongBall…the list goes on and on and I know I’m forgetting at least half a dozen. AngelsWin.com: What have been some of your favorite articles and threads? Tin00can: This is like picking my favorite child. Obvious I have them but I don’t want the other ones to feel upset when they learn they aren’t at least tied for first. I think that others have mentioned them but the Boston fan cruise thread, Cory’s break-up thread, the furniture-sex thread – there have been so many great ones. The introduction of the vomiting monkey picture was also excellent. AngelsWin.com: What in-person events have you attended from AngelsWin.com (Spring/Summer Fanfests, Charity Golf, Charity Softball)? Tin00can: I’ve been to spring training twice, and summer fanfest twice (along with the softball games). Great times, always. I love them and hope I can get to more in the future. If you’re thinking about going and you haven’t gone, make sure you go. One event that sticks out was game three of the division series against Boston in 09, at the bar by the stadium. At the time I was attending work-related school in Phoenix, but I drove out to make that event. It was completely worth it. The feeling in the bar when Vlad hit that bloop for the game-winning run, when everybody in the room went from silent to elated – that’s what makes the events special. I still have my Angelswin checklist from that year, with only one box checked. Another story, related to that one – during the first game of that series I was watching the game at Cooperstown restaurant in Phoenix. It was about the sixth inning and one of the waitresses came up to me and told me she had a ticket for a concert that night and asked if I wanted to go with her. I said something to the effect of “Oh man, I’d love to go with you but it’s the first game of the playoffs, it’s the Angels and I’ve been rooting for them since I was a kid…I’ve gotta watch this, ya know?” She looked at me like I was nuts and said “that’s cool, I understand.” In retrospect, even though the Angels won I was nuts. I think my realization of my insanity that night was what drove me to make the trip to Anaheim to watch game three, and that was worth passing up a sure thing. AngelsWin.com: Why is AngelsWin.com your internet home for the Angels? Tin00can: The people who post here are great, even when I bitch and moan about them. We also get some inside information here and we have people helping each other out. It’s truly a community. Back in aught-eight when I was retiring from the Navy, I wanted to do my ceremony on the field. The aw.com peeps got me in touch with Tim Mead and he set it up. That’s also when I learned that people in the organization read the posts, but that’s a story for another time. AngelsWin.com: In your opinion, what is AngelsWin.com’s best feature: the articles, charitable events, game-day chat, message boards, Fanfests, podcasts, etc? Tin00can: Again, as with the kids, it’s difficult to pick a #1. I’d have to go with the message boards; that’s what first got me here and it’s still the main attraction for me. I’d put the articles and Fanfests tied for second, and everything else after that competing for fourth. Lighter Side AngelsWin.com: Where do you live and what do you do? Tin00can: I live in Pinon Hills, CA and I work at Edwards AFB as an F-22 electronics technician. Prior to this I did the same thing on different aircraft in the Navy for 20 years. Yeah, I’m gettin’ old. AngelsWin.com: Why are you an Angels fan? Tin00can: I grew up in Lancaster, CA and we got the Los Angeles news there. Every day for sports it was five minutes about the Dodgers and a quick blurb about the Angels. That made them feel like the underdogs to me, and I loves me some underdogs. As I’ve grown older I’ve discovered that my hatred for the Dodgers is completely rational and justified. Go Angels! AngelsWin.com: What was your first Angels game that you remember? Who’d you go with? Tin00can: I don’t remember the year but my first game was an Angels/Royals game at the Big A. True story…I went with a friend of mine and we were hanging out in the parking lot before the game. We saw Reggie Jackson pull up. He got out of his car and started walking to the stadium. When he saw us approaching and obviously wanting an autograph, he went back to his car and grabbed some stuff out of the trunk. He then said “sorry kids, no autographs, hands are full” and walked away. Total dick move. That might be why I never got excited about autographs. AngelsWin.com: Who have been your favorite players? Why? Any great stories or interactions with them? Tin00can: I started rooting for the Angels in 1979 and back then my favorites were Rod Carew and Brian Downing. Rod Carew because I hit like he did (slappy), and Brian Downing because he was Brian Effing Downing. Throughout the years there have been many favorites, but one that sticks out is Vladdy. Wow, the feeling when I heard the Angels signed him was just…nuts. I didn’t believe it. You’d have had to use a jackhammer to get the grin off my face that day. And watching him play was always entertaining. Even though there wasn’t much to root for in the 90s, watching the outfield of Anderson/Edmonds/Salmon was always fun. For some reason, rooting for homegrown players feels a little more special. I haven’t had any interactions with the players but when I did my retirement I did get to meet Hud and Terry Smith, and they were both gracious. I also really enjoyed it when Jose Mota talked at the fanfest a few years ago. AngelsWin.com: How do you survive the offseason? Tin00can: By going on AngelsWin.com, and when I can’t take it anymore, I kill a hobo or two. That always takes the edge off. I’m a Chargers fan but football is quite a few notches down from baseball for me. I enjoy going to hockey games but I wouldn't consider myself a major fan. While I love the weather between November and April, I hate the wait for baseball to start again. Some days I just sit in my man cave and stare at my picture of Victor Rojas, and wait for the day to end. Then I go to Del Taco and try to order an Oppo Taco or to Jack in the Box and order a Jimmy Jack, and just get more depressed. Those months are hard. (Note: Seriously, I dig Victor Rojas and hope he’s broadcasting for the Angels for a long time to come. The last announcers I remember liking as much as him were Bob Starr and Dick Enberg.) AngelsWin.com: What’s one thing you’d like everyone in AngelsWin.com to know about you? Tin00can: I guess it’s that I've never actually seen Adam’s junk, and we’re both probably thankful for that. Probably. View the full article
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    This series....

    Lots of games left. Remember 2004. Angels were 3 down with 9 to play. And let's consider history. The only division lead safe for a Halos team is a 5 game lead with 4 games left
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    Hector Santiago

    He has a lower ERA than David Price.
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

    Can you imagine Iannetta trying to frame a Dickey pitch?
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    ten ocho recon scout

    Hector Santiago

    Quietly shutting teams down. Would like him to go longer (onviously), but hes looked light years better than the beginning of the year.
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    Remember When...

    Santiago struggled at the beginning of the season and everyone wanted him in the bullpen? Meanwhile everyone shuddered at the idea of Shoemaker being next in line. Now they're our two best starters with Richards out. I love this ****ing team
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    Missed these. Has there been a YK one yet? Glen is underappreciated around here. Solid contributor in many ways. Love that he freely shares his weirdness with everyone.
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    Mike Trout's last 4 games

    I'm hoping that he can get hot for the rest of the year and bring his numbers up to around .310/.400/.580 with 35ish HR.
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    In honor of Mathis playing tonight

    And a passed ball.
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    I believe "Colon" should always be capitalized whenever referring to the pitcher, otherwise it makes the entire sentence look shitty.
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    Random pics or Gifs for no reason

    I got picked to shoot the puck from center ice at a NY Rangers game at MSG. It was between the first and second period, and the ice was a disaster. Felt like I was on the sand at a beach. Missed the goal by two feet, and was booed by 18,000 people.
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    Photos of the Salton Sea

    I saw them at a party together. In fact, they both jumped off a balcony and saved their respective nephews from drowning. Good people, those two
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    Photos of the Salton Sea

    Wow, funny you should ask. I've been putting together this slide show for awhile. For those of you who have never been to the Salton Sea, it's quite an amazing place. During the 70's it was called the California Riveria and the thought was it would be a major resort/destination area along with Palm Springs. Cities were constructed, roads were laid out...and people forgot one simple thing...the sea itself is a hazardous waste dump. It has no natural outlets, or inlets. It only came back to existence after a dike burst back in the early 1900's. Fascinating place. Feedback, as always, is appreciated. Still not sure how much I like this google curation tool, for some photos it shows them as blown up, others it doesn't, and there is no rhyme or reason I can find on why. On the plus side, google folks did reach out to me and wanted to see if I wanted to have some of my photos included in their chrome cast Art Kick app...which might be pretty cool. https://seanscanlon.culturalspot.org/exhibit/salton-city/HgJSYLcPrPnqKw?hl=en
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    PS - Who the **** is Anthony Brown? Apparently he didn't put in the work, and he equated that to slave master. I also heard he flunked Lunch, per nate
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    I will be posting 2-3 of these a week until the end of the season. We have a bunch more to go. What a good group of people we have here!
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    Ray Donovan

    It is a terrific show that keeps getting better. I hate Jon Voight, but he kills it in ever seen. I think he has it written into his contract that he must dance in every episode. That last episode was truly amazing. You knew you were watching a train wreck and just how great Ray was at acting kinda drunk, then watch it progress to him being really drunk, then in the end he is dancing with his son. That last scene where he is dancing with his son, it made the episode. His boy was hurting, it was a rough night, seeing all of his families issues laid out right in front of him, then Ray comes down after giving him his impromptu gift and starts to dance, f'ing incredible. That was one of the better episodes of TV I have seen in quite awhile. This certainly is the golden age of TV right now.
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    Laird Hamilton shoots Malibu pier

    burkhart you bastard!
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    Reds placed Mat Latos on revocable waivers yesterday morning, he'll obviously get claimed but one can dream.
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    Panicking is the new Rondon's pubes.
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    Sean Newcomb

    Too bad he isn't like Weaver, who was able to come up to the Majors almost immediately. We need a starting pitcher bad. If I am not mistaken wasn't Jim Abbot like that as well?
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    I'll bet. Does this movie make that better or worse?
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    Stretching Rasmus out may be all they need to do, as it's certainly easy enough to slot in someone as a long innings reliever to take his spot, than to find someone for that rotation spot. Rasmus has been nails in the long innings role. Stretch him out to 75 pitches on Saturday and see what happens. He threw 51 pitches on Monday and perfectly slots into the Saturday spot.
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    I can't think of a single reason to give a fat rat's ass what he did.
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    Hector Santiago

    He came into this game with a 1.65 ERA in six no-decisions since the All-Star break. Finally got a win! He's been a stud for us down the stretch.
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    Mike Trout's last 4 games

    Josh Donaldson with 20 errors has a higher war than trout and Stanton...... Hitting 250 with 25 hr That is stupid
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

    I've never been a fan of Dickey.
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    In honor of Mathis playing tonight

    I thought Brandon Wood would sign a 1 day contract, retire as an Angel, and give a ceremonial whiff to the opening pitch, with Mathis catching it.
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    Buerhle, Dickey...

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    He only ended up going 4 innings but he struck out 10. The amazing this is he only threw 60 pitches to get those 10 Ks.
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    Angels go up 3-1 just as the Astros go up 3-2 on the A's!
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    GameDay Thread 8/27/14 Marlins @ Angels

    Guy crushes lefties. 0-8 as an Angel. Guy can't hit righties. 1-1 as an Angel. Baseball.
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    He put out for A-Rod.
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    I'm happy to find a backup catcher better than Conger in the offseason, but Iannetta is having a seriously underrated year offensively and is on a friendly contract. He should be our guy. We have far bigger holes to fill than that.
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    Go See the Movie "108 Stitches"

    Will I get banned if I say it looks terrible?
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    This is what I hope everyone realizes. The parties are just 2 sides of the same coin. They want everything done in secret and that more than anything else should scare the shit out of everybody.
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    Ray Donovan

    Anyone else watching this? What a great show! They are about 2/3 of the way thru season two. I recorded sunday night's episode, and watched it last night. That was one of the best episodes of any show I have ever seen. Ray's son wants to have a "family" birthday party at the house. Everyone is there, and they all bring their problems with them. After a little bit of drinking, EVERYTHING comes out. The final scene of a drunken Ray dancing to "Walk this Way" was classic.
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    Hector Santiago

    Velocity is only one component of pitching. Pitch location, pitch sequence, velocity modulation and location modulation also contribute to effective pitching. Santiago has performed very well because of a combination of factors and not exclusively on velocity. Me no worry. I am comfortable with Hector in a 1 game showdown.
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    More Trivia

    I thought Joe Black was Brad Pitt?
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    True Grich

    This series....

    And let's not count Seattle out just yet.
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    Too many reporters try to bait the people they are interviewing, or simply make something up and see how many people believe it. Everything is sound bytes and sensational headlines. All too often the headline is even misleading, and you find that the story doesn't say anything close to what the headline claims. This country is going to Hell in a handbasket, and there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle - and among the press.
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    Mathis with his cat-like reflexes making a great block on that pitch in the dirt. Sosh is sweating profusely at seeing it
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    CJ Wilson article on FanGraphs

    Where do you get the idea he is narcissistic? Spending time reviewing his own delivery from game to game to pick apart his own flaws is not narcissism, it's quite the opposite. Narcissism would dictate he has no flaws and as such needs not to change. He also seems to not only understand the basic but advanced mechanics of pitching along with hitting and is using the information available on his opponents and verifying a game plan with his catchers. That seems like a man with a plan, even if his physical abilities sometimes are not cooperating. It appears he is very level headed and understands what he can and can't do and is trying to adapt to his physical aging.
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    It would not be worth anything to the Angels to make any trade that forces them to take BJ Upton. He is pure crap and has 3/$46 left on his contract.
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    They fit in well there since they both hate Jews.

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