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Mariners Sign Scott Baker


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For a minor league contract.  It's up there with the Mulder signing.  Great if it works out.  No big deal if it doesn't.

Now why the hell wouldn't we try to sign him for a minor league deal?????

He was one guy who I thought could be a comeback player.  It usually takes two years for full recovery of Tommy John Surgery.

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Minor league deal?

Someone needs to tell Dipoto that the rotation needs depth, not the damn infield!


Although I agree with your sentiment, there is also a possibility that a trade still occurs with Aybar or Kendrick (I'm thinking the former to the Mets) that would bring in starting pitching and would require us to have back up middle infielders to compete for the opening.


Of course I could be totally and completely wrong and your original statement would apply.


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M's also traded Carlos Peguero to the Royals.


Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that Mrs. Carlos Peguero charged $180K worth of clothes on Mrs. Felix Hernandez's charge account?




Mariners should have sided with Peguero, and shipped Hernandez to us.

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missed opportunities for depth in the rotation, that has become a hallmark for dipoto on his gm ledger. if he had a better history with signing good AAA depth and comeback guys, then i'd give him a pass, but alas he does not.


for my money, at the end of the 2014 season if the angels are on the outside of a wildcard, these non moves will be a big reason why.

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according to site, contract terms include, $1 million if he makes the team and then a $3.25 million (top value) contract if he meets specified incentives.


so essentially a 5th type rotation guy for $4.25 million.......not too bad in today's market.


Baker had some decent starts for Minnesota last year........not too flashy, not dominant.........in a good year could win 10-12 games from that fifth spot.


good year would be 12-5 or so, 4.50 ERA with 150 IP...........


not a bad pick up for Seattle..........but then F/A don't quite seem to work out for the M's, so, we'll see..........

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I think Baker has a better shot to succeed then Mulder,,. I was kind of hoping we signed Baker or Hammels... I had no idea that Baker would sign a minor league deal... Man JD is about as worthless as fly's on a Hogs ass... We need to get rid of him if we ever want the Angels in the playoffs again.

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