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AJ Burnett Going on Open Market


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Interesting to see what happens. If he just wants a 1-year deal you'd have to think his price would be somewhere in the ballpark of the $16.5MM he made last year? A 2-year deal might bring the AAV down but is that what Burnett wants?


This would be a good short-term option either way you split it.


EDIT: Actually Burnett could really make a case for a 1 year $15MM-20MM contract! Yikes!

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He is suddenly the best on the open market but it isnt really an open market.  Everything i see says he wants to be close to home.


He might not want more than a 1 year deal, but i doubt it comes cheap.


All that having been said im betting Washington as someone else said, or maybe back to NY.


My hope, NY gets him making Nova expendable for a Kendrick deal :)

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Ugh. The fact that this is our rotation -minus Burnett- scares me. 


I usually don't like picking up Yankee scraps, but for the right price ($6-$8 mill) I don't know why we wouldn't give him a shot.


it would make more sense if you talked about hamilton as if he was a ranger. it makes no sense to call him yankee scraps. he played there for three years during a 15 year career and that was two full seasons ago.


i do agree that he sucked balls in his short tenure there.

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Didn't Burnett veto a trade to the Angels a few years back while with the Yankees? If he refused a trade then why would he sign as a free agent? I don't see him as an option for the team unless the massively over paid, and even then, that might not be enough to bring him West.

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Was she afraid to fly when he was on the other four teams he pitched for?


You mean the 4 teams that played in Florida, Toronto, and New York?


And at least his contract he signed with the Blue Jays included the team paying for roundtrip limo rides for his wife to come up from their home in Maryland a handful of times a year.

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