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What to look for in Spring Training?


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Just curious, but what is everyone looking for in Spring Training to determine the success of the regular season? I'm anxious to see how the back end of the rotation plays out and am looking for quality outings from the rotation in the spring. We are three weeks away from pitchers and catchers reporting, time to gear up!

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Biggest thing for me is the starting pitching competition. I want to see how the back end of the rotation shakes out.

Is Skaggs ready to take on a 150 inning workload and be effective? Is Mulder actually feeling better and will it produce results?

And it's likely we have another starter by then so the competition will be interesting.

I'll be curious to see how Hamilton and Pujols look. Not that the games matter but we can see how Pujols is recovering from his injury and how Hamilton looks moving around with some new muscle added on.

I'm also going to look for the young bullpen guys like Alvarez, Morin and Bedrosian. I have a feeling one of those guys steps up big time and gets called up in April or makes the roster out of Spring.

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I only care what the young starters (Richards, Santiago, and Skaggs) and the young bullpen pitchers do in spring training. I don't care what the veteran players do in ST. There's a lot of players that have a great spring training, but have a bad year and there's players that have a bad ST, but have a great year. I just want the veteran players to stay healthy. I wish ST was at least a couple weeks shorter. 

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Debbie Downer:  Skaggs will be a non-factor for the Halos this year.  Kendrick, or Aybar will be packaged for a starter mid-spring training.  Hope I am wrong, but it just seems like we are in the beginning of a mid '80's - early 00's type of run.  Having said that, can't wait for the games to begin, no matter what happens.  Life sucks without daily baseball...

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Can't wait for the first y at end of name reference in ST.

Pool on who it is?

I'm guessing "The ball was coming out of Jeppy's hand well."

______ is not where he wants it to be at the moment. - MS

A) Albert's foot

B ) Burnett elbow

C) Trout's weight

D) Hamilton's swing

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