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Iraq slipping back into despair.

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hey we spent billions the past decade to help prime another country for al qaeda/extremist rule.


Its a war on terror, and we're our own worst enemy.


at least we're learning from our mistakes, though:



"With Iraqi casualty rates at their highest in five years, the United States has rushed to provide the Iraqi government with new missiles and surveillance drones to combat the resurgence of Al Qaeda."

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It boggles the mind that our leaders apparently never considered the possibility that if we removed a dictator, no matter how well intentioned that might be, every repressed group and even some outsiders would rush to fill the void as soon as that happened - and that not all of them would have benevolent intentions.

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I think its more amazing that some people respond better to a ruthless dictator forcing them to live their lives a certain way than by having "freedom." I spent roughly 27 months in Iraq and saw people who really have no idea what freedom or democracy is. They voted for leaders that only split the country instead of unting it. Religion rules the region and has destroyed any concept of free will. Just because we remove a tyrant doesnt mean we can change a culture that has been that way for thousands of years. Without a dominant power determining every aspect of the peoples lives, the country lives in chaos. Either by a group like al queda, a ruthless dictator, or by the pressure from the church, the only way these people will live peacefully is thru fear.  


Its a shame because there are millions of hard working people there who just want whats best for their families.



And anyone who believes this war was about WMD's, stopping a madman, or later preventing terrorism is a fool. This war was about generating cash for private companies at the expense of iraqi civilians and American troops. Its insane how much money Iraq made for a few elites.   

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At least 73 more people killed by bombs today in Iraq, and the government is losing more ground in some provinces to al-Qaeda.

Swell. A trillion dollars, 4000+ lives, and many more injured and permanently disabled for nothing.

You're missing some lost lives in your count there.

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