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OMB confessions


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This post is about the Old Message Board that many of us were members of.  I have a confession.


Probably ten years ago, Dinsle and some other people threw hissy fits whenever others rated their posts with a 1-star vote.  Posts could be rated from 1 to 5 stars.  I wrote a macro to automatically vote 1-star, delete the browser cookie, refresh the browser, and vote 1-star again.  One time I put the macro on an endless loop before going to bed.  When I woke up, one of Dinsle's posts had about 5000 one-star votes and he was going nuts about it.  LOL 


The funny part is that Dinsle was blaming some poor other guy for the macro.  Later, I fine tuned the macro to instantly vote 1-star as soon as a new thread was posted.  You'd press Submit and before the page even refreshed you had a 1-star vote waiting for you!  hahaha







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This thread is useless until we find out who N*gs was.


I can tell you exactly who he is, but won't start world war 3 in this thread.....over beers maybe, although I think everyone already knows the stories of everyone he has affected here.


I've had the pleasure of dealing with "Nugs" a few times. First encounter was Bruce and I were talking shit back and forth about the Chargers, or some dumb shit, and while at my office I get an AIM IM (yeah, that long ago) pop up where he hacked my work AIM and renamed it Tin Foil Halo, or something like that, and told me to leave Bruce alone because he was beloved, I'm an asshole, blah, blah, blah.


Then a little while later he decides to go through my Myspace friends list and messages every woman something along the lines of "Brandon ____ wants to f*ck you". This was interesting because while he sent it to everyone that meant family, personal friends, etc. it also meant legit chicks I dated and what not. The responses I got back were awesome. In general it was them forwarding the message to me and saying I have a stalker, but there were quite a few that responded to him with great rebuttles from "He already has" to "Oh really?"....to which opened the door and sealed the deal on girls on the potential list or set up dates. I remember there was 2-3 times he also tried to set up Myspace pages with my name, but I don't think he went far with them.


There was some other weird shit that I don't really remember and was convoluted because of people here at the time.


The last thing was a couple years ago he copied and pasted some post I did here and sent it to a lady friend, but doctored it a bit or some shit to make me look like an asshole and we laughed about it.


He was a pretty creative dude that for whatever reason had a liking to me. I had mod powers for a bit and saw his ip address, did some background and what not, but laughed at myself when I realized I was caught up looking for a stalker from an internet message board. Plus, the dude outted himself anyway a while after. When my sister was around here he texted her on a phone she only used for work, but it was from his "real" board persona and he tried to laugh and play it off, but the red flags went off. He bothered a bunch of people here and had a few different names that were identifiable.


The good old days.

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Where nugs, line, and rmunkee all the same?


This is actually pretty interesting and is making me laugh because I don't think any of them post alike at all.


The funny thing about Nugs is I don't ever really remember him posting. I thought it was just a name everyone gave him.


With Munkee, I'm trying to think if there has ever been a poster with such a hard on for any one thing or person here like he had with Vlad.


Line is a cool dude. I always thought he got a bad rap a long time ago.

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This is actually pretty interesting and is making me laugh because I don't think any of them post alike at all.


The funny thing about Nugs is I don't ever really remember him posting. I thought it was just a name everyone gave him.


I honestly don't remember a Nugs from the OMB so you may be onto something...

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