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Kohn vs. Salas vs. Jepsen

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Don't forget Rapada.


I also don't think JD is done bringing in players to compete for the final spot or two.







Last two spots:











Long man:







Obviously one of the long men will be the 5th starter leaving 4 others to fight it out or end up in AAA/released

You have 9 guys for two spots in the pen.  They may break camp with 8 total in the pen.   Play the hot hand.  You've got some guys who have had success at times so there is a baseline for a solid pen. 

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I think Kohn could be a little better next year. Some pitchers pitch poorly their first year off tommy john then rebound in the 2nd year.

I also want to see what Salas can do. His AAA numbers last year were awfully nice.

As far as I'm concerned, Jepsen can be released and I would be happy. He's been given plenty of chances here and has only put together 2 separate good half seasons.

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The Angels actually have a lot of depth in the bullpen this year. It might be relatively mediocre depth, but it gives some flexibility.


Not necessarily mediocre....if Smith duplicates his recent numbers, he will be solid....and if Burnett is healthy, his numbers have been consistently good....Frieri is inconsistent but, overall, has been pretty good....That's a pretty good start for the best pen we've had in awhile...

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Don't forget that if Dipoto signs Garza or brings in another starter than Santiago might be headed for the bullpen.


The Angels actually have a lot of depth in the bullpen this year. It might be relatively mediocre depth, but it gives some flexibility.


Which likely works to MS's strengths historically.  He's always done better when he had multiple options out of the pen, and used to be really good at getting matchups right.   In recent years he's seemingly had guys who were sure to blow up and guys who were reliant on other factors to succeed so he ultimately ended up going to the well with certain guys far too often.


The other thing about having so many BP options is that if they do carry extra pitchers, it likely means fewer early season lineup changes because we all know Mike likes to get everyone game time early in the year.


As a whole this is likely the least amount of redundancy among the position players we have seen in a long time.   Hamiliton seemingly is the full time LFer, Calhoun the RFer, Trout is locked into CF.   Shuck and Cowgill are clearly the back ups.. Ditto in the IF with Green, Romine, and Lucho.  Seems like the only place where there is an open competition is at C and DH, which likely bodes well for the team.   There is no need to get an aging OFer his at bats -- no argument over who should be the CFer.  There aren't two guys who have been displaced at 1B and need to fight for at bats at DH.  There is no need to experiment at 3B to again try to get a displaced player at bats.. 


There seems to be a set starter and clear back ups for once and even the back ups seem to have clear roles -- Romine, the glove, Green the best all around bat, Lucho likely the best power source among the IF back ups.  In the OF, Cowgill is the "power" guy, Shuck the Slappy McSlap -- neither guy is a slug on the basepaths.  They really are one pure power bat away from having a niche for everyone.

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I see the Angels signing another starting pitcher, having Skaggs start the year in AAA (maybe), Santiago start in the rotation, and Blanton as the long relief man. After about a month, I think Blanton gets released due to his "suckiness", Skaggs is promoted to the rotation, and Santiago moves to the bullpen. I really really like the flexibility that Santiago gives us, a starter or two will inevitably get hurt at some point in the season and having Santiago who can start and be effective as one is a necessity for a championship caliber team. Shoemaker, Moran, Morin, Sappington, Alvarez, and Maronde really need to step up to give us the quality depth we need. 

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