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Chavez over Ibanez?

Dave Saltzer

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Both are risks. One is injury prone. One is 41. Both are lefties. Of the two, I think Chavez could be had for less money than Ibanez. We don't have much depth at 3B. If we have to play Romine or Jimenez there, we would be back to a huge dropoff in production for the lineup in that spot. And, if we have to play Calhoun at 1B, we have to play Shuck back in the OF.


Given all of that, I could easily see the Angels going back and signing Chavez to backup both corner infield spots and get an occasional DH start.


What do you guys think?

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Chavez is going to get 2 years and 8-10 Million. Watch. It's still something I'd be wiling to commit to. He is injury prone, but he had a good year for the D'Backs last year and a good year for the Yankees the year before. It's not a huge investment. 


Raul Ibanez is going to ask for $3M. 


Kotchman can be had on a minor league deal.


Chavez in 80 games last year hit .281/.332/.478. He had 9 HR, 2 3B, and 14 2B. He was worth 0.1 WAR, but that's mainly because of his defense, in which he used to be elite, but had a negative dWar at -1.2 and his oWAR was 1.3.


Ibanez in 124 games last year hit .242/.306/.487. He had 29 HR, 2 3B, and 20 2B. 42 walks against 128 strikeouts. He was worth 0.4 WAR, also mainly because of his defense which was a really bad -2.6. His oWAR was 2.3.


Kotchman played in 6 games for the Marlins last year. He was 0 for 20. He had a bad year for Cleveland the year before, and a good year for Tampa the year before. For Tampa, he was worth 3.7 WAR. That player I'd be interested in, but there's no guarantee he can do that again.


Chavez is my pick. Kotchman can still be signed to a minor league deal then, and although Efren Navarro probably gives you the same amount of offense, it's not an awful contingency, despite his poor numbers the past few seasons.

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Jeff Fletcher of the OCR is speculating that the Angels are also interested in Lind, Overbay, and Reynolds. He must be wrong about Lind. It doesn't look like he's a free agent until 2015. 


Lind may be available in trade from the Blue Jays.

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Those guys are too old, in my opinion.  Too many chances to get injured.  And I wouldn't touch Ibanez, because of his age alone.  


What about Casey Kotchman on a low risk, high reward deal?  He could man 1B, and turn Albert into a DH.


Stew, love ya man, but you're stuck in a time warp, hanging out in 2007 if you think think Casey Kotchman is a good baseball player still.


I'm good with Ibanez or Chavez, but prefer Ibanez. We only need a 1 year deal for this spot. Cron is coming.


Chavez is going to get paid good $$$ by the Marlins to be their 3B.

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I would be willing to give Chavez 1-2 starts a week in the field between 3B and 1B.


He's younger than Ibanez so I wouldn't worry as much about him completely falling off. Ibanez's second half could either have just been a bad second half or it could be signaling the end of his career.

I'm still ok with signing either of these guys though.

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I prefer Chavez. His rate stats are better and, as someone pointed out, indicative of picky matchups - but I think that is how any DH would be used, so why not go for that. Plus he has a lot more defensive value. I'd like see Chavez get 300 PA, Cron get 200ish, and then Conger, Pujols, and Green get some time at DH.

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