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MLB bans home plate collisions starting in 2014


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No more running into walls either please. Sliding might hurt players knees, what about the defenseless short stop while trying to get a double play. The most over reaction call ever by MLB. Just another reason 90 year old white guys should stop running this sport. One guy gets seriously injured in the last 20 plus years in Posey a couple years ago and its time to get rid of this. 


I know something they should get away with how about the manager taking 5 plus minutes arguing a strike call or an out call that never ever gets reversed.

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This rule does not go far enough.


New rules that need to be enforced.


1. If the outfielder touches the wall in an effort to catch the ball, it is immediately determined to be a home run.

2. If the pitcher touches the ball first after the ball makes contact with the bat, the batter is considered out.

3. If a defender is in possession of the ball within 6 feet of the base to make a force out prior to the runner tagging the base, the out shall be awarded.

4. If 3 defenders touch the ball on a single basepath between 2 distinct bases that a single runner possesses, the runner shall be considered out.


Come one MLB, you need to protect the players. Get it done!

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A rule change that was long overdue. As an Angels' fan, I can remember being on both sides of the issue in the last several years. Teixeira giving Bobby Wilson a concussion in 2010 and Erstad basically ruining Johnny Estrada's career in 2005. Sorry, but I don't think in any sport it should be considered acceptable to run into another player at full speed when they are standing still or in a kneeling position.

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I don't think I like this rule change.  I'm not sure how tight the reigns will be (since it seems that the rule has not yet been drafted), but I can't see how over the course of time this will not necessarily produce timidity in the running game, give a major advantage to the catcher, and change the decision making process at third base.  It's called protecting the plate for a reason.

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