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Merry Seat Selection Day!

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By Ellen Bell, AngelsWin.com Staff Writer -  

Tis the Season that my husband and I head to Angels Stadium to pick out our season seats for the year. We gather with other fans and scan the empty ballpark, looking for white-papered seats that are newly available. We run-walk to the place we want to spend the summer watching baseball and imagine the possibilities of the season to come.

Each year we get to choose in order of seniority; grouped by when we first bought our seats. This year, we made it to group A...as in, we’re Ahead of all you suckers in groups B and C...

I know, I know..that’s pretty lame. But I haven’t had the chance to talk baseball smack in almost two years. I’m a little rusty.

We took our place near the front of the line and I thought of the ghosts of Seat Selection Day past. The Pujols Signing. The Josh Hamilton Surprise. Years and years of Angels baseball possibilities and expectations, wrapped up in one, off-season day when we try out our new view for the summer to come.

Most years we’ve changed our seats, inching ever closer to home plate, hoping to improve on the year before with a new perspective on things. This year, we decided to stay put; to remain faithful to the place we were before. Instead of switching things up to the latest and the greatest, we’ve decided to stick with our seats as we stand by our team.

In reality, Seat Selection Day happens at the perfect time. It’s the season of wish lists, and shiny new toys, and Christmas miracles. This is the perfect time for the baseball fan since we are the biggest dreamers of all. Every spring we scan the fresh, green field and hope for the best. We invest our hearts and believe that this could be our year, even if the lineup and baseball writers tell us otherwise.

So, as I sat in my familiar seat looking out over a very familiar field, I thought about my Christmas wishes for the Angels. A shiny, new left-handed ace on the mound, the latest and greatest young prospect to bloom in April, and a big, fat stocking full of cash to make Mike Trout giggle with glee.

It reminded me that one of the best gifts that baseball gives me this time of year is hope for a fresh start in the spring and sweet dreams for celebration in October.

What do you wish for?


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